Control Center, as expected, has been the subject of quite a few new jailbreak tweaks ever since the iOS 7 jailbreak was released. But one of the best tweaks for Control Center, and one of the best tweaks that I’ve ever tested in some regards, is CCControls.

CCControls is a new jailbreak tweak that takes Control Center toggle customization to the next level. Have a look at our full video walkthrough, which appears after the fold, to see what I mean.

CCControls features a nice array of options, but it primarily focuses on customizing the shortcut toggles that appear at the top of the Control Center menu overlay. These toggles can be customized by means of the FlipSwitch framework, which adds a ton of additional toggles to the mix, along with the ability to quickly rearrange, reorder, and disable specific toggles. All of this can be performed on the fly, in real time, and the changes take place immediately without the need to respring.

The best part of CCControls is its preference panel. Earlier, I stated that CCControls was one of the best jailbreak tweaks that I’ve ever reviewed, and this is why. Developer, Dany Lisiansky, went above and beyond the call of duty when designing the preferences for this tweak. If you listened to the last episode of Let’s Talk Jailbreak, you probably heard me rave about a tweak that I was beta testing, and CCControls is that tweak.

The preferences for CCControls are just ridiculously well-thought out and well-designed. Usually, the preferences for jailbreak tweaks and apps seem like mere afterthoughts, only added because of necessity. CCControl’s preferences seem like the primary portion of the tweak, the part most concentrated on when bringing the tweak to fruition. Lisiansky actually verified that this was true in a conversation I had with him.

CCControls 02

CCControls features a few built in themes that can be enabled directly from the tweak, no WinterBoard or third party theming controls necessary. Each of the themes, iOS 7, Filled Circle, Square, Filled Square, and Bottomline, are visually appealing. The cool thing about CCControls, is that when you switch a theme, the updated theme is then reflected throughout the tweak’s preferences. This is the type of attention to detail that’s not at all necessary, but again, it shows that the developer went the extra mile and actually cared enough to do so.

Lastly, you’ll find a section to restrict certain toggles from being used on the Lock screen, and a section for establishing paging preferences. All in all, CCControls doesn’t do anything groundbreaking that you’ve never seen before, but its presentation, design, and usability makes it one of the must have tweaks of the iOS 7 jailbreak’s young tenure. Better yet, CCControls is a free download on Cydia’s ModMyi repo.

If you’ve tried CCControls, I’m interested to hear what you think about the tweak. Were you as impressed with its preferences as I was, or do you think I’m overstating how good it is? Share your thoughts and impressions in the comments down below.

  • queen_ir3ne

    Amazing Tweak!

  • Josh1991

    i think idb should contact a developer to fix the “this accessory may not be supported” in iOS 7 if a tweak can over ride it ? Thoughts ?

  • Matthew Leung

    Anyone having a problem with the tweak where the CCControl buttons are overlapping the stock buttons on control center?

    • Aleandro green

      im having an issue with my buttons just disapparing i have to respring to get them back

  • JoshuaSmiley

    Anything like this available for the 5S?

  • JoshuaSmiley

    Nevermind I found FlipControlCenter

  • UAE

    Yup it still not compatible with iPhone 5s

  • Christopher Ablaza

    I want this on 5s. This + FlipLaunch + transparent dock = HIDDEN DOCK in control center. Anyone know the tweak to get rid of the pagination dots?

  • thanos kotos

    It doesn’t work perfect in my iPad mini 1st gen.

  • Nick

    Awesome tip. Was waiting for something like this :)! Finally, customise the control center =D!

  • Golan

    Finally!!!! Almost flushed my iphone in the toilet when i saw SBSettings is not supported on ios7 after updating T_T

    cool tweak, thumbs up!

  • german gonzales

    Make my 4s ios7.04 crash, Cydia crash. Had to unistall it and now everything works fine. Non full compatible I guess.

  • So, FlipControlCenter + Flipswitch or CCControls + CCQuick?

  • George V

    It keeps re-springing my iPhone 5… No idea why and it was the first tweak I installed on a fresh restore and jailbreak

    • Arne Schaper

      …same here, only stock toggles like Wifi are working…

  • NetNut 404

    can you add custom toggles like
    in cctoggles (have you used cctoggles?) I wanted to add a invert
    colors toggle but havent had the time to figure out how yet

  • Marcus

    Does it work for the iPad 3?

  • bring_it_on

    How does one get transparency in the control center..?