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The Oxford Dictionary just named “selfie” the word of the year. I’d say that just about sums up 2013. This year, social networking took on a whole new meaning and has become an enormous beast that is impossible to contain. Whether you share your personal life on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or all of the above, the Internet has made it possible for anyone to keep track of how many people like them.

The writers at iDownloadBlog have come up with a list of what they think are the 10 best social networking apps of 2013. Check out our favorites and then vote for the one you like best to be added to our Best Apps of 2013 list…

Tweetbot 3

Tweetbot 3Twitter’s most popular third-party client received a major update in 2013 that redesigned it from the ground up. The new user interface has been refreshed with an iOS 7 look and feel. With this app, users can receive native Push Notifications, activate Mute filters to block out certain hashtags, users, and keywords. Sync your timeline, direct message read status, and mute filters between devices. Save drafts, add locations, attach photos, and more. This app is on sale for $1.99.


VineThis year, Twitter decided to up its game in the social networking realm. This video sharing app allows users to make mini (micro, even) movies and share them to a feed very similar to Twitter’s design. It has become hugely popular in its short life and has also become a go-to service for launching teaser trailers, product commercials, and more. A person could spend hours just watching creative 6-second clips from the editor’s pick section. This app is available for free.


HangoutsGoogle’s social networking site may not have the forward momentum that Facebook has, but Google+ has a lot of cool features that most people just don’t take advantage of. Hangouts, for example, lets you easily have group video chats with others and it works better than most group video chat services. The app lets users have similar hangout sessions in a mobile capacity. You can share photos, add GIFs and animations, join Hangouts, participate in video calls with up to 10 people, and chat with others across platforms, including mobile and desktop devices. This app is available for free.

Osfoora 2

Osfoora 2Another hugely popular Twitter client that received a major update in 2013 came in the form of black. At a time when app developers have been producing flat, white apps, this new design is both refreshing and complimentary of iOS 7. It is nice to see that devs understand that the new look of Apple’s mobile devices is not so two-dimensional. This app offers background refresh, support for additional accounts, and lots of features native to Twitter’s service. You can also bookmark tweets, upload photos from Twitter,, Mobypicture, TwitPic, and CloudApp, and mute hashtags and users. This app is available for $1.99.


BBMSay what you will about Blackberry, this company is not giving up. They’ve gone from the top seller in mobile devices to so deep in the hole that they’ve almost been thrown out with the trash. At the same time that the world was turning its back on Blackberry, the company reinvented itself, launched a completely redesigned operating system, and finally made it possible for the rest of the world to communicate with its customers. The Blackberry Messenger app connects iOS with Blackberry users so they can communicate across devices without having to worry about text message overages. You can send chat, photos, files, voice notes and more. This app is available for free.


YonderSocial networking doesn’t have to take place behind a desk. Sometimes, getting out into the wilderness can be a great way to share your common likes with others. This app is designed to bring the outdoorsy types together. Thanks to other social users, find out about thousands of locations to have an adventure. You can upload photos and videos to share your activities with others. Filter your searches by rock climbing, biking, skiing, and much more. There may be an epic journey waiting for you right in your backyard. This app is available for free.

Flow for Instagram

FlowThis fun Instagram client for the iPad just came out recently and it is a big hit with fans of a darker-themed iOS 7 style. It has an elegant design, offers plenty of interactive social features that is native to Instagram, and gives your photo feed a whole new look. If you are ready for a big change in the way your Instagram pictures are displayed, this is a real treat on the eyes. The user interface offers a completely different take on scrolling through pictures. You access new pictures by swiping horizontally instead of vertically. This app is available for free.

Retro – Instagram viewer for iPad

RetroAfter gushing about how much I loved Flow, one of our readers mentioned that Retro was another great Instagram client for the iPad. Guess what, he was right (thanks Joey_Mousepad). This sleek-looking app is like the Ying to the Yang of Flow. It is bright and clean and has an iOS 7 design for your lighter mood. With it, you can access multiple accounts, change the view for quick or detailed viewing, download photos, and access many of Instagram’s native feature. This app is available for free.

Loop – Social Polling

LoopThis may seem like a silly social networking app, but it can be really helpful. Not only can you get great advice about what to do or who to choose, but you don’t even have to wait for your friends to tell you. You can ask a bunch of strangers, who will probably be a lot more honest than your friends, who don’t want to hurt your feelings. After you ask your question and get responses, you can see the results on a simple Infograph that shows you statistics based on gender or age group. This app is available for free.

FastFeed for Tumblr

Fastfeed for Tumblr MainTumblr has been around since 2007, but has only really taken off as a major contender in the social networking sphere. Users share quotes, pictures, and text in a micro-blogging style. This app makes viewing your Tumblr feed smooth, convenient, and very attractive. Navigate between accounts using multi-tab views. Instead of having to tap the back button eight times to get back to the first Tumblr account you were reading, just select from one of the tabs that automatically opens every time you tap a link. When you don’t want to see the messy collection of tabs, just scroll down and it will disappear until you need it again. This app is available for free.

Cast your vote

We are also taking a poll from our readers on the top apps in each category. Out of the 10 apps we presented today, please cast your vote on which one is the very best. The winning app will be included on a list of the top 10 readers’ choice apps for 2013. Please take a moment to make your voice heard and tell us which social networking app from the list above is your favorite.

Make sure to check out and vote for our other best apps of the year:

  • I completely disagree with you guys on Tweetbot 3. Bought it, used it for a week or so and removed it.

    • Sorry to hear that. It truly is a great application but obviously people do have different tastes. Which twitter client do you prefer?

      • Sean Clark

        I personally use Twitterrific because it is a universal app.

      • I’m currently using the official Twitter app, it’s pretty good and looks great. But don’t ge me wrong, I LOVED Tweetbot 2, but Tweetbot 3 isn’t just my thing I guess.

  • jocastro

    Tweetbot 3 obviously…. Some of these I haven’t even heard of lol

  • kevin chang

    idownloadblog team i need a list of the top 20 tweaks for ios 7 in the next 5-7 days 🙂 thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • marcus1324

      5-7 days? MobileSubstrate hasn’t even been updated and there was no notice on when the jailbreak would be released, and there wasn’t a tether. Give it a month and half for some good tweaks to arrive.

      • kevin chang

        actually theres some new tweaks that works really great on ios 7 without the MobileSubstrate updated like Sicarius, you can try it 😉

      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

        Or 3 months. since holidays.

    • kevin chang

      adds cool new Animations, lets you kill all apps, Respring from App switcher 🙂

  • Christopher Garcia

    No Twitterrific?? That’s disappointing, best Twitter client IMO.

    • I agree Twitterific is a really good app. I frequently switch between Tweetbot and Twitterific.

  • Carlos Maanuel

    I think the best one is whatsapp

    • ConduciveMammal

      I wouldn’t really class that as “Social Networking”

      • Guest

        why not? you’re being social by contacting friends via the network

      • ConduciveMammal

        Hmmm but by that logic, text messaging is Social Networking. I suppose technically it could be, but not in the generic sense in which we speak of.

  • Luism27

    are there any good tweaks working on the iPhone 5S?

  • Pez Tickles


    • They said “best” applications. While Facebook is the largest social network, the app has a lot to be desired. I am curious why they haven’t bought a company (like Path) to make an app for them. Path’s application is beautiful but lacks users.

  • Joey_Mousepad

    Hey thanks for the shoutout ; )

  • Barry

    I honestly consider YouTube as a social network. The iOS app works pretty good, and I hope others kinda look upon it as a social-network.

  • Good collection of Social Media Networking apps. Most of them seems to be new one but looks great. And I am looking to check these new apps as well.

    Thanks for the list btw!

  • Oscar Alaniz


  • Henry’s World

    what about path

  • Chris Gilmore

    honestly, i don’t use any of these. Tweetbot never really seemed all that wonderful when i downloaded it a few months back.

  • Jay Kay

    Flipboard All in one

  • LetsApp

    You miss LetsApp

  • standrean

    I voted for Vine – it makes me feel less guilty about procrastination. My justification? The videos are short, which means it’s not enough time for it to be considered procrastination. 🙂

  • Vine and Instagram are the two apps that I am using on my regular life. And now using them as social media marketing strategy for my own company!

  • Bubbly Share Your Voice

    Amazing Article! I really appreciate Vine the most preferable platform for sharing videos but for voice blog sharing -stick to bubbly.

  • Dear Lory Gil, any update for 2016?

  • Yes! it’s still now working and has been changed little bit …

  • Very nice tutorial. Well explained & easy to learn to crate an idea. Thanks for share this wonderful post. 🙂