If you are looking to pickup an iPad mini with Retina display, you’re going to want to head over to your Apple web store as soon as possible. The highly anticipated tablet just went on sale, starting at $399.

The move has caught both tech pundits and consumers off guard, as up until now, Apple has maintained that the new mini’s launch date would be ‘later in November.’ Well, Christmas came early this year…

ipad mini with retina order

As you can see from this screenshot, early reports of limited inventory were spot-on. Instead of being available immediately, most models show 5-10 day shipping times, with just two showing 1-3 days.

In fact, it’s likely that this odd, unannounced launch of the Retina iPad mini is the result of constrained supplies. Perhaps Apple didn’t want millions of people trying to simultaneously purchase the tablet.

Anyway, tonight’s release comes shortly after a post on an internal Apple site called for an early debut. It’s worth noting that at this time, in-store pickup isn’t available and there’s no word on retail launch.

For more info on the iPad mini with Retina display, see:

Be sure to let us know if you order an iPad mini tonight and when it’s estimated to ship by!

  • JJ

    I just ordered mine. Gray 128GB Mini with RD. ATT…

  • Matthew Cleveland

    Just ordered one. Estimated shipping November 20-22nd. This is my first iPad. Excited!

  • rubeN

    Wonder if the apple stores are going to sell them on Tuesday

  • Here is my order 🙂

    • Ben R

      Nice – I am getting one too.

    • Nirvana

      So you still prefer the non-cellular guy

    • FreeRunner9616

      thank for somebody whos smart and supports the space grey side 🙂

  • William Melendez

    Ordered mine too . I’m officially broke . Too many electronics that I want and buy! : /

  • Max Kas


  • A P Plause

    Getting 5-10 business days in the NZ store, oh well. Still bloody excited!

  • ryan

    got mine as well! 32gb wifi

  • Bomber

    I just ordered one, it said 2-3 days to ship.

  • Rakesh

    Is the iPad Mini Unlocked

    • bn326160


  • bn326160

    Thanks to this article and the first class I skipped I was able to order one!

  • Arsanny Lintang

    why buy an iPad mini when you can buy PS4 coming out on 15 November? isn’t better, but i’m just saying

    • CPVideoMaker101

      Because this is iDownload Blog, not a Microsoft related fan news page.

      • Arsanny Lintang

        well Microshiet doesn’t own Playstation and Xbox is like a piece of card box just being found in the garbage.

      • Abdl

        Why are you comparing an iPad with a game console?? Smh!!

      • Sokrates

        PS4 belongs to Sony. And the XBox is one of the most successful consumer products of the recent decade.

      • CPVideoMaker101

        sorry, it was late when i wrote the reply and I messed up 😛

    • kenzie t

      I can’t bring PS4 into toilet

    • NSA

      You cannot compare Ps4 or Xbox one to iPad. the Ps4 or Xbox one is totally different category than iPad. Moreover, the iPad is more powerful than Ps4 or Xbox one, because you can do a lot of things with iPad.

    • bn326160

      Why not both? 🙂

      • Arsanny Lintang

        i can only choose one, but i’ve collecting money for the PS4 though so maybe in the next couple of months i’ll buy the iPad mini with the retina display.

  • Noah Mospan

    Just ordered my 32gb gray with smart case. I saw this post on my phone and ran to my computer. Cant wait!!

  • Mike Colacone Saal

    It has to be constrained supplies, right? Nobody else has it available to order yet; not even cellular carriers.

  • Taf Khan

    So now that I got a mini retina arriving short lye what’s my iPad 3 going to be worth.. .?

  • Yunsar

    So jailbreak should be here by 22?

  • Paul Lopez

    Just ordered mine! 🙂

    • Taf Khan

      I see the dates are now slipping.. .

      • Paul Lopez

        i think its different shipping depending on GB size. mostly everyone want the 16gb or 32gb so get those out ASAP.

  • MrShutEmDown

    I’ll wait until I can walk into the store or it says store availability. I wont get paid until Friday so they threw a curveball with this tuesday availability.

    • Al

      Yeah, I plan on waiting until store availability to pick one up as well… And yeah, it was a stealth release… it’s obvious they don’t have many available now..

      • MrShutEmDown

        Agreed. I was hoping for a Friday at least so I can jump the gun, but 5-10 days to wait for shipping and my impatience wouldn’t work. I can see them now “saying” 5-10 day delivery, then on Friday they will be available for pickup. That would piss me off to have to sit and wait while folks can walk up and have theirs. Plus two weeks prior to Black Friday, I dont want to take my chances with FedEx & UPS with my new ipad.

  • Osama Hamdy El-Sharnoby

    Hey .. I wanna order an iPad mini Retina display with WiFi and Cellular to use it here in Egypt .. Can I get one without a contract?

  • JulianZH

    Was going to get one but too expensive for the 32gb 🙁

  • Lance Baker

    Just ordered mine. 1-3 days shipping time. Space Gray 16GB with Wifi. I’ve always had at least 32GB but decided that I wouldn’t need all my music and movies on it. Never watched movies on the old one and I’ve got all my music on my phone. Exciting! Haven’t liked my iPad Mini since iOS 7 was released. Looked terrible without retina and the processor just couldn’t keep up.

  • Truffol

    This is the most low-key Apple product launch ever. Guess they are REALLY low on inventory!