iphone 5s burst mode

It’s only been a month or so since Apple seeded iOS 7 to the public, and it’s already posted 3 updates. Now, these updates haven’t been very significant in terms of new features, but they have include several bug fixes and improvements.

In fact, one of those improvements only just came to light. GottaBeMobile reports today that with iOS 7.0.2, Apple quietly added Burst Mode enhancements to the iPhone 5s, making the feature more useful while helping save space…

GottaBeMobile‘s Josh Smith:

“Apple delivered a new enhancement to the burst mode feature that is exclusive to the iPhone 5s. Users on iOS 7.0.2 and iOS 7.0.3 can pick their favorite photos and easily delete the rest.

This feature rounds out the burst mode feature on the iPhone 5s that is capable of taking 10 photos per second. The iPhone 5 can take multiple photos, but it is not as fast as the iPhone 5s and it is not the same as burst mode on the iPhone 5s.”

Before 7.0.2, Burst Mode allowed users to save their favorite shots, but it wouldn’t delete the whole roll. Now, when users are prompted to choose to save their favorites, they are given the option to delete the rest of the photos in the burst.

Apple released iOS 7.0.2 on September 26 with a fix for a Lock screen security bug. Burst Mode was introduced in iOS 7.

  • chumawumba

    And we noticed more than a month later?

    • Better later than never 🙂

      • iavengers


  • iPhoneApple5s

    They really need to add an option to save a slo-mo video directly to pc ……

    • Javier Salinas

      Edit your video in iMovie then you can save it

    • Joonyaboy

      TruSloMo in App store

  • Jonathan

    Whoa whoa whoa…. Apple can push silent updates to our devices without us knowing it? Uh-oh for the jailbreak community…

    • Aniket Bhatt

      No he means they didn’t write the change on the 7.0.2 update log you still have to manually update also I thnk the jailbreak prevents a software update from working automatically…correct me if I’m wrong

      • chumawumba

        You are correct. Once jailbroken, the software update feature is disabled.

      • Jonathan

        Ohhhhh… okay. 🙂 I thought it meant Apple pushed a tiny update and it self updated without us knowing.

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    Yet the Fast Camera app is still 2.6 times faster and can take 26 photos per second…

  • Tom Brady

    my gold 5s is arriving tomorrow!! hallelujah

    • mrhs

      Good for you!
      my silver 32GB 5s will arrive nxt year!