iOS 7.0.2

Apple quietly improved Burst Mode for iPhone 5s with iOS 7.0.2

It's only been a month or so since Apple seeded iOS 7 to the public, and it's already posted 3 updates. Now, these updates haven't been very significant in terms of new features, but they have include several bug fixes and improvements.

In fact, one of those improvements only just came to light. GottaBeMobile reports today that with iOS 7.0.2, Apple quietly added Burst Mode enhancements to the iPhone 5s, making the feature more useful while helping save space...

MuscleNerd green lights iOS 7.0.2 update

In case you're thinking about holding out on iOS 7.0.2 for jailbreak reasons, there's no need to worry; MuscleNerd has confirmed that iOS 7.0.2 is safe for potential future jailbreaks.

The update, which was released earlier in the day, eliminates the Lock screen bypass issue that reared its head not long after iOS 7 went public.

Apple releases iOS 7.0.2 fixing Lock screen security vulnerability

Apple has just released iOS 7.0.2 (build 11A501) as an over-the-air update for the supported iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.

Release notes for the software indicate the firmware update fixed bugs that could let nefarious users bypass your Lock screen passcode.

As recently detailed by YouTube user Jose Rodriguez, the security vulnerability involves a series of complex taps on the iOS Lock screen to gain access to a bunch of stock apps containing personal data like photos, email, text messages, Facebook and Twitter accounts and much more...