Safari 6.1 update prompt

In addition to a host of updates to its various iOS apps, Apple following today’s iPad keynote has released the Safari 6.1 update, bringing some of the features that are part of the free OS X Mavericks update to Mountain Lion Macs. These include the Shared Links feature, the new Sidebar and Power Saver which improves battery performance when browsing plug-in heavy web pages on notebook systems…

In addition to one-click bookmarking available via the plus sign to the left of the address bar, default third-party cookie blocking and built-in Yandex search engine support, the particular standout feature is Safari Power Saver which improves battery performance by only playing the plug-in content you want to see.

The full Safari 6.1 changelog:

• Shared Links. See links shared by people you follow on Twitter.
• Sidebar. See your Bookmarks, Reading List, and Shared Links in one convenient place.
• One-click bookmarking. Just click the (+) button to the left of the Smart Search Field to add a webpage to your Reading List. Click and hold to add it to the Favorites Bar or to your Bookmarks.
• Safari Power Saver. Increase energy efficiency by playing only the plug-in content you want to see.
• Third-party data blocking. By default, Safari blocks third-party websites from leaving cookies and other types of data that could be used to track your browsing.
• Built-in Yandex Search. Leading Russian search engine Yandex is now an option for Russian users.

To find out more about the new features in Safari for OS X Mavericks, visit Apple’s Safari web page. To update your existing installation of Safari through the Mac App Store, choose the Software Update… option from the Finder’s Mac menu.

Speaking of upgrades, Apple has made it clear today that the days of paid operating system upgrades are gone for good. Putting its money where its mouth is, the company has posted the free OS X Mavericks upgrade through the Mac App Store, no strings attached.

Additionally, Apple has updated the iWork suite for the Mac so you can download these updates via the Mac App Store as well.

  • Alex Marwaha

    Russian search engine?? YESS I’ve been waiting for this my whole life.

    • Vamos

      for Russian users.

  • marcus1324

    I hate the new Safari, well not hate it will take some getting used too because of the weird animation when opening a new tab and also when you right click a link it usually has open in a new window and then open in a new tab in that order, it’s inverted and frustrating. I have noticed Safari is more efficient though

    • Luiza

      I’m having the same issue. It’s driving me crazy

  • Norge12345

    How do you change the startup page? Right now i have “top sites” as my homepage, but i want google.. When i go in to settings, it says i have google as my homepage. I don’t know how to change…anyone?

    • TomStenson

      Simple: just go to Preferences under Safari in the menu bar, and under the General tab you change “New windows open with:” from “Top Sites” to “Homepage”.

      I just wish Apple would allow people to keep the old look of Top Sites instead of forcing the new minimalistic version on us. I don’t like the grey background and flat web pages. Let me keep the black and the curved web pages if I want that. It’s just a graphic look, after all.

      • I agree, the new look of the Top Sites page is awful — looks worse than Chrome, and loses one of the most attractive features of the old Safari.

      • CKONE

        I absolutely cannot STAND the new Top Sites design. I noticed it instantly and all it looks like to me is an Apple version of Windows ..I understand it has to do with saving battery life for laptops, but shouldn’t the user at least have a choice to switch back to it, especially one using a desktop that doesn’t rely on battery life?
        I cannot stand this new version…anyone know of a way to get it back??

  • megadroid

    Safari 6.1 is out, brings Shared Links, Power Saver, Sidebar and more to Mountain Lion…
    …and takes away Bookmarks preferences pane (with no option to remove Reading List and Top SItes icons), introduces a worse Bookmarks Sidebar (too much line height, big font makes it hard to browse and no Command-clicking on a link to open on a new tab anymore), removes options in the Reset Safari menu option, and probably some more unwanted stuff I’m yet to discover.

    Apple giveth and Apple taketh away.