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Start your engines ladies and gentlemen, the new iWork is available for download on the Mac App Store right now. The full suite of apps, which include Pages, Numbers, and the renowned presentation app Keynote, have all been updated with tons of new features as outlined in today’s iPad keynote.

Even better is the fact that all of the apps, including their iOS counterparts, have all gone free for those who have purchased Mac hardware. If you haven’t purchase new hardware, chances are you already own these wonderful apps anyway, and the updates are free.

The updates, which have been billed as version 5.0, bring a truckload of new features to a suite of apps that have been desperate need of a facelift for quite some time. The suite’s integration with iCloud bring it into the modern age, making it capable of going head-to-head with Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud based office suite.

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The feature rich, yet complicated inspector has been pushed aside for a simpler easy to use and content aware Format Panel. You’ll also notice a completely redesigned UI, updated templates, and animations.


One of the coolest features, for needs like us is the unified file format. This ensures that those annoying pop-up messages that occurred while editing documents between iOS and Mac devices are things of the past. The unified file format should make working between any device completely transparent.

Needless to say, all three apps included in the iWork suite have received absolutely gargantuan updates. We’ll be delving in-depth on each of these apps in the near future. For the time being, just take our word for it when we say that’s it’s absolutely ridiculous of Apple to give away such quality software for free. But, hey, we’re certainly not complaining.

Update: and just like that, the iOS updates were pushed out just a few minutes ago. So now we have updated apps on iOS, the Mac, and in the cloud via iCloud beta. This is good news, because documents converted to the new format aren’t compatible with previous versions of iWork.

The iOS updates bring stunning new redesigns to the mix to match the overall style of iOS 7. Many of the same new features available on the desktop versions of the apps — new templates, sharing, animations, etc. — are available on their small screen counterparts.

Like the desktop version of iWork, the iOS apps have also gone free for new hardware purchasers, and the updates are, as always, free for previous purchasers. Be sure to share your thoughts regarding the new iWork on the desktop, iWork on the web, and iWork on iOS in the comment section below.

  • Yujin

    Hope is not mad slow.

  • bd

    It shows I have to pay for it again?….

  • bd

    Says i have to pay for app again?

    • Jeff


      • bd

        Interesting, i have iWorks 09 that I installed from CD, but when I go to App store it shows no update and says just 19.99

      • Wyeth Dion

        I have the same problem. I’m just going to repurchase everything, over the next few weeks.

      • Eikast

        I’m having the same issue. iLife isn’t having any issues.

      • Abbas

        Hey Jeff, I bought a IPhone 5s last month and after the initial setup a screen gave me an option to download all apple apps free for my iPhone 5s but i passed on it at the time thinking i will do it later. Do you know how to get that list back so that i can download pages,numbers and keynotes free for IOS ?

      • TDD140

        I don’t think you can get the list back, however, you should just be able to search “Apple” and the apps should show in the AppStore and be free.

      • Mark A.

        Wasn’t for me. I already had Pages for iOS but the rest are $9.99. That sucks since I just got my 5S a few days ago. I hope there will be a way to get around this.

      • Robert Mathews

        Yeah same here I just refreshed the App Store and it worked like a charm I got them all for free.

  • Ryan James Christensen

    I think it’s kinda dumb that I still have to pay. I think it should go free for everybody.

  • Are upgrades not free?

  • נריה בן-דוד

    They are also avaliable in the iOS AppStore

  • CPVideoMaker101

    I have 5c and the free iwork apps dont show

    • Quang

      If you have new ios device, you get only the iwork for ios for free. You still have to pay for iwork for Mac OS.
      If you buy new Mac after Oct 1, you get the iwork for Mac for free.

  • Malay Mody

    i used the install disk and it seems like its gonna make me pay again

  • Matt

    And for iBooks and the rest of them…?

  • felixtaf

    Garageband is free for all!

    • felixtaf


      • Chris Holden

        bummer, no virtual drummer on ios

      • felixtaf

        I think they offer IAP!!!

  • JRaynor

    update ibooks apple!! looks like crap now using that on ios7

  • Wyeth Dion

    Pages for iOS isn’t updating for me. It shows as being updated on the App Store, but whenever I open the app, it shows as the old version. I tried deleting it from my phone, and reinstalling, but it still will only download the old version. Anyone else running in to this problem?

  • So the people that had iLife and iWork from before everything went digital gets no love with updates and might have to re-purchase them ALL!?

    • Wyeth Dion

      Yeah, that’s basically how it is. Which sucks. Because I am stuck in that situation.

      • bd

        There is a fix.

        1.Go to system preferences. 2.Open up User and Groups. 3.Unlock the lock. 4. Press Plus sign. 5.Create a new account and put TEST in the Full Name area. Change new account to an Administrator. Don’t put anything else in. Hit Create User. 6. Log out of your account and then log in to the new TEST account and enter your Apple ID when prompted. 7. Go to software update where the Apple is on the top left. You will now see iPhoto and iMovie. 8.You have to install Garageband separately and it does install separately then older Garageband. You can keep both installed. 8. Log out of the TEST account and log into your account. Delete the TEST account, and you are all done. Now you will have all new installed.

        Credit to dfine1996 on macrumors

      • It looks like I spoke too soon. I just opened up the App store and the new iLife and iWork suites were waiting for me to download.

  • mwpitt52

    I purchased an iPhone 5s downloaded pages and iPhoto for free. I was going to also get numbers and keynote thinking they would always be free but now I have to pay $9.99. Apple you blow!!!

  • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem

    so which means if i buy a 5s and download these apps for free I will be able to download them using the same Apple ID on my older devices right?

  • I dont know how, but I enter last nigth at 2:00am to AppStore Nicaragua with my iPhone 5 (bough in last April and updated to iOS7 in September with betas) and search “VPN”, then I download VPN Solution from AnchorFree…I back to main page of AppStore and see a banner ad for iLife, I touch on it and GarageBand goes free, inmediatly I proceed to download…then I touch in others tab (name, release date, featured) and iPhoto / iMovie in goin to apeer free and automatically download…

    • …going to download automatically for Free…probably is a error of The script

  • Raanor

    It should be stressed this is totally dependant on which iOS or Mac OS you’re using, in my opinion. I imagine they are (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) only free on devices running iOS 7. I’m running 6.1.2 for Jailbreak reasons and they are all $10 bucks a pop for me.

    Unless they just punishing me because I’m Canadian.