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In another attempt to chip away market share from Apple’s iPad, Microsoft is now running an iPad trade-in offer. Yup, you read that right. As in, trade in your iPad and increase productivity. The software maker is tempting switchers to bring in their iPad for a $200 credit, redeemable against the purchase of a Surface “or other cool products at the Microsoft Store”.

Only the “gently used” iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4 are eligible. Jump past the fold for the full breakdown…

Microsoft has been promoting the iPad trade-in in an email campaign like crazy.

The offer is not available online so you’re required to visit one of Microsoft retail stores in the United States US (including Puerto Rico) and Canada.

Upon closer inspection of your iPad, a store employee will determine the trade-in value and put the credits on a Microsoft Store gift card. All trade-ins are final and subject to Microsoft’s discretion and manager approval.

The campaign is actually part of the company’s Recycle for Rewards program provided by CExchange so other terms and conditions may apply.

“To be eligible for trade-in, device should include power cord, if available, and device cannot be password protected,” Microsoft says.

Surface Pro $100 cheaper

The deal is limited to one device per customer and expires on October 27, 2013.

The ‘get-rid-of-your-iPad’ program is part of Microsoft’s broader efforts to derail the iPad as training wheels of sorts for the Surface. The problem is, no one is taking the Microsoft tablet seriously even though it has some solid features and smooth OS.

An example of Microsoft’s relentlessness: the company is poking fun of the iPad in ads even after it was discovered it wrote off $900 million of unsold Surface inventory.

Back in July, it was estimated the firm moved less than two million units since launch. Soon after, Redmond permanently cut the Surface prices by $100. Last week, Microsoft confirmed it would unveil a second-generation Surface and Surface Pro at a New York City media event on September 23.

We’re expecting new iPads in October so perhaps Microsoft should have extended the trade-in offer until year’s end. In the meantime, Apple during Tuesday’s keynote announced that all paid iLife/iWork apps for iOS devices will be now offered as free downloads to users as part of the iOS 7 setup procedure – enough to give Microsoft something to think about.

So, who’s trading in their iPad for a Surface?

  • Christian Mejía


  • Abdl

    Seriously??! NO!!

  • chumawumba

    How dumb can they get?

    • Joseph

      I bet you didn’t properly think through that some people will want to do this, did you? It’s called business, and some people prefer Surface over the iPad.

      • drewstone

        it shows. Microsoft will write-off close to $1B due to “the device that prefer over iPad”. i would buy a Samsung or even a HP Touchpad over a Surface any day. thanks for you spamming.

      • Joseph

        For me spamming because I pointed out that some people prefer it, huh? Makes a lot of sense.

      • drewstone

        what did you point out exactly? that the people that want a ipad is Microsoft? you make no sense. can you prove any surface sales that are in any way in favor to Microsoft?

      • BoardDWorld

        For many it will be more of a case of being bored. It will be a little cheaper to try something new now except they wont have anything to fall back on if the decide they don’t like the surface. It would likely be a huge loss in resale of the surface too…

      • Joseph

        Finally, someone willing to carry a proper conversation.

        I get your point, but this technically exists for all devices like Android and iOS devices, unless you’ve tried them out and are confident. It’d be money spent and gone if you decide you didn’t like it. The situation definitely isn’t limited to trade-ins.

    • Benchmark Apps

      So true.

  • Julian Gigola

    these guys are desperate! lol

    • Joseph

      Uh, no. Desperate for what? They already dominate the PC space and they know that this isn’t a surefire way to get people to get Surface. On that note, that leads me to think as to what they’re doing…

      Desperate for tablet sales, anyway, but they already admitted defeat in terms of sales. I don’t see your point.

      • drewstone

        microsoft might be dominant in PC sales, how are they doing in mobile sales? microsoft is doing $hit in terms of mobile sales, but they bought Nokia,yeah, that’ll help, because people in the 1st world are still using Nokia phones. right?!

    • Just like Apple was in the desktop space…hence why they made over 60 ads trying to trash-talk Windows.

      • jdjd

        So? You’re the desperate one now, slamming Microsoft and Apple at the same time. You’re so badass.

      • John714

        cry good son

      • jdjd

        yes, but you chose to watch this instead.

  • Microdumb

    LOL THIS IS R3TARDED! It actually makes NO sense. Even if I wanted to to buy a Surface AND get rid of my iPad, WHY would I trade it in for $200 when I can get more in CASH by selling it on eBay?

    • Joseph

      Because this is instant cash.

      • drewstone

        actually, if you had learned to read, it’s an instant $200, plus or minus, gift card. A gift card that depends on a Microsoft employee to comparing the customers iPad to the Microsoft employees iPad.

      • Joseph

        I think you know what I meant.

      • drewstone

        yeah, you meant that the surface, is it RT or pro, i can’t remember, is a piece of crap, but, you stick to it. Stay hot, don’t change a thing!

      • This is instant cash for the lazy…just like every trade-in program.

  • Taf Khan

    Desperate measures by MS. Would never happen in reverse. Why not just knock off $200 of the purchase price of the MS Tablet instead. It would make more sense.

  • badtaco

    Uh, no. Screw you microshit. What an f’n ripoff.

    • Joseph

      …How so? Some people prefer it. It’s fanboys like you that turn me off to Apple in general, and it’s a wonder that I’m still going to buy an iPad and be in the same crowd as people like you…

      • You are stupid.

        That’s quite sad viewpoint lol. So basically: Your use of a product is defined by said products fanbase and not by it’s usability and features. How pathetic.

      • Joseph

        Yes, because it’s the fanboys of said products that have such an attitude. If using a product by one company makes them automatically resent another without even trying it, then… Well, you get the point.

      • badtaco

        Yo gluebag, its the offer that makes microshut look, well like shit. A used iPad 2 base model can easily grab 325 on kijiji or Craig’s list, while an iPad 4 base model is averaging 450.
        I say the same thing to and about other scammers like gazelle. Leeches to society they are.

      • richrich

        I see quite an attitude on you, actually.

      • jdjd

        You have a point. It’s on the top of your head.

  • 1st, we can sell our ipads for more than $200, very easily.

    and 2nd, why.. just why selling an iPad to get a Surface…?

    3rd, in this article, seeing “Steve Ballmer admits Surface defeat” on the “We recommend” section it’s just priceless.

    • bob


    • 1st true

      2nd ’cause it’s a more flexible dumbed-down tablet

      3rd defeated due to terrible marketing. I’ve come across several who were looking to get the iPad ’cause of what they saw on TV and the fact that they’ve seen others carrying it. Simply telling them about the flexibility offered by the Surface RT over the iPad changed their thoughts of getting the iPad. However, I instead suggested they get an intel atom tablet (like the Asus VivoTab), as it offers significantly more for the same price.

  • Royce Otero

    Omg 200 for a gently used iPad? Lol wtf kind of credit is that. His trade should be 2 for 1.

  • Michael Crabtree

    This is a bad business move for Microsoft. Even if I wanted a Surface why would I tried my $400 iPad for a $200 just to pay $149, ie now you are down $549. I would really have to hate my iPad, and the evidence doesn’t support any one does (that much). It just makes them look desperate.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      They are desperate. $200 is better than nothing I suppose if you were actually considering a Surface but for the majority of people I can’t see this being worthwhile…

  • Maxim∑

    When a tablet has a fan in it I loose interest automatically

    • Joseph

      Then you must be interested in Surface; as far as I’m aware (and according to the Wikipedia article), there is no fan in Surface.

  • no

  • Gell Flores

    hell no

  • CaffeinePizza

    wtf is ballmer thinking??

    • omrishtam

      he isnt…he is desperet

  • drewstone

    can someone remind me what this “Surface” is Christian speaks of? haha

    • Joseph

      Something that a person would have to be ignorant to not have heard of.

      • drewstone

        my buddy just called me and told me it’s known as “POS” in the real world, i am sorry for not knowing it bu it’s undercover name, i apologize Joey.

      • Joseph

        Fair enough, but we don’t use your slang anywhere else in the real world.

      • drewstone

        i was referring to things like, “Kit-Kat”, “Ice cream sandwich”, etc, you know, things that are a threat to Apple when it comes to mobile devices. But, then again, you probably do not, sorry.

  • Ted Forbes

    No thanks, i’ll just keep my iPad no matter how old it gets, I don’t want a Surface, in fact I wouldn’t know what to do with it! But it seems they know what to do with my iPad if they get their hands on it. I wonder what they want it for? Hummm!

    • Joseph

      To sell it again, probably, but maybe not… They can buy their own if they want to disassemble it (or just check iFixIt), and they share some patents with Apple, anyway.

      • felixtaf

        Y you have to call everyone idiot and fanboy, when they say no to this? Surface is a good device with windows not with RT. And 200$ for a gently used iPad is a ripoff, like other resellers.

        May be you can read this… Apple licenced some iPhone and iPad patents with anti-clone contract to Microsoft. appleinsider dot com/articles/12/08/13/apple_licensed_iphone_ipad_patents_to_microsoft_with_anti_clone_restriction

        Btw a seller in ebay sold refurbished 32gb Surface Rt with touch cover for 199$ and he sold nearly 6000 in a day…

      • Joseph

        I don’t recall calling anybody a fanboy in that comment, and definitely not an idiot. If you’re referring to other comments, I define fanboyism by the defense of a product under any condition and calling everything else made by everyone else shitty. Lifehacker made an article regarding fanboyism today. I suggest you all go read it.

      • felixtaf

        Dono y u r getting hurt bcoz of fanboys. You are what, a fanboy-hunter?

        Some people think that they are elite and they kno things better than others. There is also a trend that talking ‘technically’ against Apple, make some people feel elite among others. Every blog will have people like you, who think they are elite and call others fanboys.

        If you dont like the comment, hit dislike and move on. Dont have to reply for every post like Joe Jenson aka Gorhonphone…

        You can defend all you want. But this deal is a ripoff like Gazelle trade-in and soon to be announced Apple trade-in. Surface RT is a failure and not worthy to trade an iPad for it.

      • Kinda being hypocritical there…why don’t you just hit dislike and move on?

        Eitherways, definitely agree it’s a ripoff, just like every other trade-in program. It’s typical business tatic for lazy-a55es.

      • felixtaf

        You didnt see the second sentence.. I said dont have to reply for every comment. Am not doing it and I never hit the dislike button..
        Yeah. Instant cash/gift card is for people who cant wait for few days… In Ebay, the buyer have to pay within 48 hours and amount will be credited in paypal accountas soon as the buyer pays.. But people dont think about that and fell for sites like USELL (NO:1 ripoff buyers)…

      • Taf Khan

        Very true.

      • Taf Khan

        I’ve been called a fanboy thousands of times, even been interviewed for a feature on Gizmodo UK on this very subject, i don’t think your viewpoint on fanboys applies to the majority of people. I know most of what I say is said in jest, some people take things far too seriously. I have made negative comments about Android many times however it never stopped me buying a HTC One for the wife or a tablet for my 5 year old. Would I also purchase a MS Surface Pro? Yes for sure at the right price! You can never have too much tech in my opinion, and buying different tech platforms keeps thing interesting, never let the views of others dictate what you should or should not buy… Rant over.

  • Joseph

    To all of you people commenting shit, let me say this; Microsoft is doing this for people who *want* to trade in their iPad for money towards a Surface tablet. I hardly see how it’s a bad idea, considering the fact that it’s the customer’s decision, and they have no disadvantage in doing this.

    • Rowan09

      I agree this is a genius idea, because any of those iPads can be sold for more than $200 and you would just be giving them anyway at that price.

  • Matthew Cooper

    Microsoft is doing this so they can own iPads. Secretly even they dont want their shitty Surface and would rather use an iPad. Bam trade in offer is born, best idea they had yet.

    • felixtaf

      No, they will get this for 200$ and sell them as bulk to resellers or sell them in their “No name” stores and make money out of it…

      • Matthew Cooper

        U ruin my half ass joke with your facts! Haha

      • felixtaf

        lol… not intentional….

  • Good idea, rip off price, just like every trade-in program. As always, better off selling it on kijiji/eBay, these trade-in programs are for the lazy-a55es who can’t afford spending 10 minutes to create a free listing/ad.

  • Benchmark Apps

    I would never do this. First of all, my iPad cost $369 (Australian) dollars. Why would I give it for $200 dollars?

    Secondly, I love my iPad to death, especially with iOS 7 on it.

    This comment is my overall opinion, don’t fight against it please. 🙂

  • omrishtam

    lmao microfail

  • Jeroen Woltjes

    Well, to be honest, as I have been using an iPad 2 for over two years, I have to say that it’s features are quite limited. The only stylusses that work are the bubly ones or connected in some way to the device, it features no additional ports out of the box, and the connection kit is quite useless without a jailbreak. I experienced that in the longterm jailbreaking your device makes it way slower. All in all, I would opt for a surface Pro tablet if I wanted to use such a device more professionally. As a design student, I am digging the wacom digitizer and touch control. But im short on money, so maybe I will go for the second gereration of this thing.

  • leart za jmi

    Haha, smell like desperation

  • richrich

    nice try, microsoft.

  • Tom

    Even if I had an iPad 2, I wouldn’t bother. Why would I want to downgrade?

  • omrishtam

    i think steve ballmer is drunk again….

  • Al

    This isn’t gonna end well for me! Do you still think I’m pretty??—Surface

  • maverickmax

    hahahahahahahahahah…this is just hilarious 😀

  • Tarek

    I would trade my iPad 2 in for a MS at a low price. Then I would also buy a new iPad when they come out in October.

    I want to have both. Partly because of the need for the Office Suite and the multitasking. This is provided I can get a sweet deal for a low price. But not for full price.

  • anonymous

    this seems ridiculous, but i think the new surface or other windows
    based tablets(like asus) are going to be full fledged windows,, do any
    one remember the last time we used a tablet, and wanted a feature to be
    included like say a usb port, or software that’s present in windows to
    be integrated in ios or android, well me , a lot of the time, full
    fledged windows brings back all the freedom, and games no need to ask,
    windows have a strong arsenal of graphical games compared to ios or
    android,so we might be able to play graphical games released before
    maybe 2008 , which by the way is a lot, 2ndly when hybrid laptops with
    premium graphics are going to be cheaper, android and ios will have a
    really hard time, what seemed like a defeat for microsoft is turning
    into a retaliation. ios titles like mordern combat comes nowhere to call
    of duty or battlefield and that time no one will remember infinity
    blade when u can all the latest console offering , anyone hoping to see
    this in like two year, i think it may be even closer.

  • John714

    no thanks 🙂