Apple, AT&T online stores go down ahead of iPhone 5c pre-orders

By , Sep 12, 2013

iPhone 5c pre-order

Both Apple and AT&T have taken down their online stores this evening, in preparation for the launch of iPhone 5c pre-orders. AT&T, in fact, seems to have taken down most of its website and replaced it with a landing page that has a countdown timer counting down to midnight PST…

Verizon and Sprint websites and stores still seem to be functioning as normal, but both indicated earlier today that they too would be offering online pre-orders of the iPhone 5c starting at 12:00 am Friday morning (Pacific Standard Time). That’s 2:00 am Central Time, and 3:00 am Eastern.

apple store be back

Apple unveiled the iPhone 5c, alongside the new iPhone 5s at a media event on Tuesday. The all-new handset features a polycarbonate casing, an A6 chip and other specs in-line with the iPhone 5. And it will be available in a variety of bright colors including red, blue, pink, green and yellow.

If you’re thinking about pre-ordering tonight, make sure you check back with us around midnight PST for an update on iPhone 5c availability. Until then, check out some of our more notable 5c posts from the past few days:

So, who’s planning on pre-ordering a 5c?

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  • Jay Won

    If someone offered this phone to me for free with paid service as well,
    I would say no.

    • Chris Holden


    • Jay, I had the joy of browsing through your constructive comments, and I must admire your trolling capabilities exceeded my expectations.

      • Guest

        haha, even for free haha

    • leart za jmi

      why should one give you something for free? hahaha

  • Arthur

    Ok.. So here’s the thing. Apple made an iPhone 5c and they say is the “Cheaper” option.. My b*alls! What Apple is doing is just discontinue the iPhone 5 and make the people that doesn’t research about Apple think that it’s a brand new iPhone when it’s not! It’s just an iPhone 5 with the C at the end, made out of plastic and crappy colors. Plus a $99 with contract? Really? That’s the iPhone 5. $549 without a contract? That would be the iPhone 5 at any Apple Store. Apple never losses money and never will. Same processor, camera, ram. Apple do something interesting with your products! And I’m writing this from my iPhone 5 and I totally love it! But I hate when Apple does these type of things.

    • Aniket Bhatt

      So ur saying you hate it when apple uses marketing strategies to compete? I wouldn’t buy this ever but I’m just saying
      -typed on my iPhone 5

      • Well, they could have still made the iPhone 5 in colours, they are actually just getting getting more profit by making the same product with cheaper manufacture. I just can’t like it, unless it means some weird strategy to lower the price drastically in the next 3 to 6 months?

      • Rowan09

        I believe the price will drop but if you notice the subpar Droids that are running China, India m, etc can’t work with the new Android OS, well at least the majority of them. The 5c is the iPhone 5 with colors nothing is wrong with that especially since your getting a premium phone with the last IOS and support. I’m getting the 5s but not everyone believe it or not want to spend more than $99 on a phone, especially people that knows nothing about them.

    • Chris Holden

      apple NEVER said they were gonna release a ”low cost” iphone lol, and dude no one is forcing you to buy it, u want a cheap phone? samsung is for you

      • Brandon

        Samsung is for you? Way to be an apple fan boy like there is no one else in the world that can make a better phone. The iPhone 5c is barely worthy of being called a new phone. What the huge improvement in the camera qualify? Get out of here dude if you want to be little someone do it else where I’m with Arthur who actually has some sense…

      • Aniket Bhatt

        Saying Samsung is cheap doesnt make him a fanboy…HTC and Motorola definitely make higher quality phones than Samsung…

      • Jacob S

        in which terms you mean samsung is cheap? quality or price? I would say quality, but price wise their latest version s4 is no way cheaper than iPhone 5, prove me wrong!

      • Brandon

        What Jacob S said. Who actually has some sense as well.

      • Kurt

        quality? just because the backing is plastic? They have the newest and best innards. Note 3 is the best phone coming out hands down.

      • Jacob S

        putting things like NFC and 3 kinds of processors and RAM for the same phone for different markets with the same name (S4) doesn’t make the phone worthy. Quality also depends on performance along with parts. It seems like you already knew its plastic body is “cheap” lol

        I had to return 3 of them to settle down with HTC One. Samsung my a**!

      • Kurt

        I prefer plastic over metal. but Glass is best. Glossy plastic is the worst of the worst. At least this faux leather feels premium which is all that matters. I can always buy a different backing and snap it on. Note 3 is better than the HTC One and iPhone 5. but of course, HTC One is much older. I’m looking forward to my first Android handset. Thanks for the downvote

      • Jacob S

        lol You sure that was me who downvoted? Well, HTC One is not that old, it was released in Feb 2013 a month before S4. (5 months after iPhone 5) Anyways, I prefer metal casing on the phone. Glass is my second choice. Cheap plastic like the one on S4 is a no no for me. Will see how Note 3 performs, price wise and quality (build) wise.

      • Kurt

        Price wise the Note 3 here is more than 1,000. I’m in Korean and they love to jack up the price of their electronics here and sell it cheaper in other markets. Its a better phone here and they give you an additional battery and external battery charger but its still a rip off. I might wait a month and buy it when they reduce the price. I really like the feel of the HTC one because of the metal but I don’t like metal for the scratches. Glass is stronger, thats why you can sharpen a knife with side of glass. They should make all phones with replaceable backs but made with metal/glass so we can buy replacements when they get scratched up. I don’t like cases. My 4S looks nearly 100% perfect. No case on it for more than a year and half. I agree, cheap plastic like the iphone 5c and S4, vomit.

      • Or HTC. 🙂

  • Kurt

    Are people really that excited about a plastic iPhone 5?

    • Jacob S

      There are people who get excited and take any thing that AAPL poops including iPhone 5c(heap)

    • Maxim∑

      I’m excited for the 5S only, what android phone are you getting?

      • Kurt

        Good job. If you can’t afford the 5S, then just wait a little bit and save a little more for it. It’s a much better phone. People will hate the feel of it. Glossy plastic is awful. I’m getting the note 3. I expected it to have that awful glossy plastic so I was going to buy a different backing. Now I don’t need to. I really like the faux leather looking and supposedly by reviews it feels premium. Will you put a case on your 5S?

      • Maxim∑

        Yeah I was going to buy the leather case from apple. But I also was looking AT&T he note 3 as a phone but the unlocked price is more expensive I think

    • leart za jmi

      yes they are, now you can start to explain how good is samsung galaxy 4s

      • Kurt

        get excited about a metal iphone 5, not a plastic one

    • Aniket Bhatt

      Some people are because they can afford it (as they would if the 5 was cheaper)
      Some are excited because it has colors
      i personally dont care

  • Guest

    iPhone 5crapple

  • abdullah575

    but I hate when I buy I phone and another phone relalsed !!!

    • You have 30 days to return any Apple product.

  • dan

    nice I might get this one to my 2 years old nephew since this fuckin shit looks like a toy

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  • Joseph A. Ahmad

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