iPhone 5c pre-orders to begin Friday at 12:01 am Pacific Time

blue white pink iPhone 5c side by side

Looking to grab Apple’s new iPhone 5c? Then you better keep your credit card handy. It appears that pre-orders for the new handset are set to begin Friday, September 13—that’s tomorrow—at 12:01 am Pacific Time.

The information comes from U.S. carrier partners Verizon and Sprint, who have both posted pre-order info on their websites. Apple hasn’t confirmed the time yet, but it has in year’s past coordinated with the providers…

MacRumors points to the “Why Verizon?” tab located on Verizon’s iPhone 5s/5c feature page, which allows customers to sign up for updates on availability. And as you can see, the text reads ‘pre-order begins at 3:01 am.’

vzw 5c preorder

That’s 3:01 am Eastern Standard Time, which is 3 hours ahead of the Pacific Time Zone Apple typically uses. Also note that it doesn’t specify if this is for the iPhone 5s or 5c, although we have heard there will be no 5s pre-orders.

Sprint has posted a similar message on its website, calling for a 2:00 am Central Time (or again, 12:00 am Pacific Time) launch for pre-orders. It, however, is careful to point out that advanced orders are for the iPhone 5c only.

sprint 5c preorder

If you’re wondering if you’ll be able to pre-order an iPhone 5c this Friday, click here to view a list of the initial launch countries. And if you’d like to learn more about Apple’s new handsets, click here for a complete rundown.

So, who plans on pre-ordering an iPhone 5c tomorrow?