Apple, AT&T online stores go down ahead of iPhone 5c pre-orders

iPhone 5c pre-order

Both Apple and AT&T have taken down their online stores this evening, in preparation for the launch of iPhone 5c pre-orders. AT&T, in fact, seems to have taken down most of its website and replaced it with a landing page that has a countdown timer counting down to midnight PST…

Verizon and Sprint websites and stores still seem to be functioning as normal, but both indicated earlier today that they too would be offering online pre-orders of the iPhone 5c starting at 12:00 am Friday morning (Pacific Standard Time). That’s 2:00 am Central Time, and 3:00 am Eastern.

apple store be back

Apple unveiled the iPhone 5c, alongside the new iPhone 5s at a media event on Tuesday. The all-new handset features a polycarbonate casing, an A6 chip and other specs in-line with the iPhone 5. And it will be available in a variety of bright colors including red, blue, pink, green and yellow.

If you’re thinking about pre-ordering tonight, make sure you check back with us around midnight PST for an update on iPhone 5c availability. Until then, check out some of our more notable 5c posts from the past few days:

So, who’s planning on pre-ordering a 5c?