Obama iPad case

According to a report from Politico, President Barack Obama met with Apple CEO Tim Cook and a number of other tech executives yesterday for a closed-door discussion on government surveillance. The site says this was the second meeting of its kind this week.

Cook was joined by the likes of AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, Google’s chief Internet evangelist Vint Cerf, and Public Knowledge President Gigi Sohn, to talk about various surveillance strategies and tother topics such as the recent NSA PRISM program scandal…

Here’s Tony Romm from Politico:

“President Barack Obama hosted Apple CEO Tim Cook, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, Google computer scientist Vint Cerf and other tech executives and civil liberties leaders on Thursday for a closed-door meeting about government surveillance, sources tell POLITICO.

The session, which Obama attended himself, followed a similar gathering earlier this week between top administration officials, tech-industry lobbyists and leading privacy hawks, the sources said. Those earlier, off-the-record discussions centered on the controversy surrounding the NSA as well as commercial privacy issues such as online tracking of consumers.”

Both the White House and the executives that attended the meetings declined to comment on what was talked about. But sources close to the site say the meetings were in response to the president’s directive to have more national dialogue about privacy protection.

Tim Cook’s attendance is particularly of note because Apple was one of the 9 companies named in the PRISM scandal that was first brought to light in June. The far-reaching program is said to allow the NSA to access private user data without the need for a warrant.

Apple, like most of the named tech firms, has denied allegations that it was ever involved in such a program. In July, the iPad maker joined an alliance of over 60 companies to call upon the US government to allow them to report more specifically on security requests.

  • Ruud Dé Brûíñ

    U.S. Patent No. 8,254,902, “Apparatus and methods for enforcement of policies upon a wireless device.” …………………

    • Antzboogie

      Wow, A Situationally Aware Phone? This spooks me out seriously. People say if your not doing anything why should we worry, but the thing is our freedom is on the line. F$&@ that!

      • Too bad most will not realise it until they’re a victim…

      • Kurt

        For innocent people, they will use their information against them. Specifically, they have all your emails so they will use it as black mail to get you to do something for them. Everyone has something embarrassing or something you don’t want known, and that will be used again you.

        infowars dot com

  • Part of the inspiration to make “Frequent Locations” in iOS 7? Perhaps the data could be used to better enforce this (http://zd net/13onluR) location geofence patent…a situation where data-value changes from “map improvement” to “surveillance enforcement”.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      As far as I know frequent locations is opt-in, although I may be wrong. Even then all Apple does is store the locations in an anonymous form that could not identify anything about you (at least that’s what they’re telling us)…

    • Rowan09

      The Opt-in thing is by choice but at least we have some knowledge of it instead of not knowing about it at all. We are in the age of surveillance since 9-11 happened (governments work) we the citizens allowed this to happen. We let the Patriot Act pass which ushered in all we see today, cameras on every corner, recording of calls, emails, etc and all without a warrant and probable cause. We need to pat ourselves on the back because its our own faults for not speaking up as a nation. (I’m assuming you live in the US).

  • Ted Forbes

    This is only more confirmation of what we already knew. Our governments love us so much that they are looking out for us. Love like a predator devouring its prey. Yeah that kind of love. WOW!

    Look every government is doing this. This is a part to the race for world dominance and control of the masses. Masses! What masses? The masses of other governments, other countries which through other governments already are in control and dominating their populations.

    HiTech and materiality is our uncontrollable appetites and cravings. And I am not talking about the mouth and the belly no. I am talking about the the pocket, the living room, the car, the street, the airport, the supermarket and every thing and every-where-else.

    There is no escape, this desire, this love affair, this craving is to strong. Each of us are consciously and yet uncontrollably hundreds of millions at a time are walking obediently into this trap.

  • D.

    All your data are belong to us

    • Gorgonphone

      it always has

    • Annie Leonhardt

      I know. I gave it to you when I posted on the internet 😀

  • Gorgonphone

    they helped apple so now apple must help them