Microsoft reorganizes as Nokia unveils new 41MP phone

By , Jul 11, 2013


Seemingly taking a page from Apple’s playbook, Microsoft announced a major reorganization this morning. It’s calling the move ‘One Microsoft,’ as it looks to rally behind a single strategy as one company, instead of a collection of separate divisional strategies.

The company says that moving forward, it will continue to release new devices and services. And this new approach will allow it to innovate with greater speed, efficiency and capability in a “fast-changing world,” while helping them execute better than ever…

Steve Balmer made the official announcement this morning:

“Our brand must reflect this plan and its employees — personal, valued, inspired and forward-looking. We will take our products and our customers to new places. We will be on a new path centered around delivering high-value activities on a family of devices with integrated services. We will all be working in new ways together to meet new challenges. But our spirit and values are the same enduring ones that launched this company. Our North Star may be new, but our mission of helping people to realize their full potential through technology remains the same.”

Microsoft hopes the move will enhance collaboration between its divisions, which have seen various levels of success over the years. While the Xbox 360 has been wildly popular, the Surface tablet and Windows Phone have continued to struggle to gain traction.

But the company’s restructuring plan wasn’t the only big news on the Microsoft front today. Nokia also unveiled the Lumia 1020, its new flagship Windows phone, this morning. The handset has a staggering 41-megapixel camera and a 4.5-inch AMOLED display.


The phone comes with a ‘Pro’ camera app, which offers a slew of advanced controls for shutterbugs. Initial reaction to the phone, specifically its photo-taking abilities, has been positive. It’ll be interesting to see what Apple has done, camera-wise, with the iPhone 5S.

Additionally, it’ll be interesting to see what, if any, kind of impact Microsoft’s restructuring has on its future products. Apple executed a similar shakeup last fall, and although we have yet to see any new products since the move, iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks look promising.

What do you think about Microsoft’s reorganization? Nokia’s new 41MP phone?

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  • Christian Mejía

    That’s crazy how Nokia has the best cameras. Apple is years behind the competition when it comes to cameras

    • felixtaf

      The BEST is according to personal opinion. Nothing is best and nothing can replace a camera. While Lumia 920 excells in low light, its on par in overall image quality among others (including iPhone). Having a 41 mp camera in a phone doesnt mean iPhone camera is years behind…

      • Christian Mejía

        Well apple only updates the camera every 2 years come on. We are still on 8MP it’s going to be a while .

      • felixtaf

        Megapixels doesnt matter… Its the image quality… HTC One has 4 Ultrapixels (its 4 mp with an improved sensor). Its still one of the best cameras in a phone.. An entry level DSLR has 10mp sensors. Does it mean its bad? No..

      • Martin

        Yeah but new Nokia have a really good optic, OIS, Zeiss lens f/2.2 I mean – look at old Nokia 808 – stunning photos. And this one is more advance so… apple lose this one.

      • felixtaf

        Totally agree. Never said that Nokia’s optics are bad… iPhone’s take good pictures, but Apple is not inot the game yet.. If they do that, good for consumers…

      • Kurt

        image quality is best on Nokia 808. If you look in the shadows, the amount of detail is better than the lumia 920 as the 920 has a fixed contrast.

      • felixtaf

        Thats the sensor, I think… 808 had 1/1.2″ BSI Sensor (Dono exactly what the tech behind)

      • JT

        Nokias camera technique is overall the best. Impossible to argue about it

      • felixtaf

        Thats a subjective opinion. Nokia’s tech is good. But it doesnt excels in all areas of photography. Low light photos are very good. But colour reproduction, image quality are not the best. Try the reviews by non-biased blogs/videos. 920 is a very good camera phone. One of the best, but not only the best…

      • JT

        Not talking about a phone. Talking about nokias optics

      • felixtaf

        The optics is used in phones, right?

      • mehrab

        Just watch iphone 5 vs nokia lumia 920 by tech feed on YouTube

      • Kurt

        Lumia was better. hands down. There’s a post on IDB that clearly shows this also.

      • mehrab

        Are you blind or biased? The iohone 5 overally won. Did you even watch the video?

      • Kurt

        Try watching non biased videos. The guy had a oil on the lens of the lumia. It wasn’t properly cleaned from a finger print. Then he talks about lens flair. Unbelievable. I’ve seen many vids comparing the two, and Lumia won each one. Even IDB wrote an article stating and proven lumia 920 has a better camera.

      • mehrab

        I saw the post. It was a low light test. And the lumia won except for that the iphone 5 wins everywhere so shut up and stop being biased and face the real facts and no that guy hates apple fyi. He prefers android from day one. Just see the video again all or recommend me one to watch

      • Sean Cua

        Dude if he was being biased about it then he would have said iPhone 5 is better because this is an apple biased site. Only trolls would be nokia or samsung biased here.

      • mehrab

        Youtube then search Iphone 5 vs nokia lumia 920 tech feed

      • Kurt

        Go see the IDB article. Go to youtube and see many videos on this. Sorry, iphone is not the best in everything, every time. Thats just the way it is. Don’t take it so personal. When Apple does something great, you didn’t do something great. When Apple does something terrible it doesn’t reflect on your either. You are a nobody, just like me.

  • Q_Q

    Only a true idiot would buy into the gimmick of a 41MP phone. Just buy a DSLR.

    • felixtaf

      Disagree. Its like asking people to buy a telephone to make phone calls…

    • Kurt

      It’s a really great camera. You can record in 8K if you wish. Why would you? because you can keep the camera still. Record. Then edit by zooming and panning all around and it will be crystal clear. It’s very cool! Also, if this is like the symbian phone from last year, the detail in shadows is excellent.

      BTW, what DSLR can you put in your pocket? This phone is for people who are into videos. Check them out on YouTube Nokia 808? It will change your troll mind.

      • Markus Hudobnik

        Then you add “troll” and make your argument less valuable. You could have left that part out.I would have literally said to my self “wow, some valid points” until I saw the troll. You sound like a troll by saying he was a troll.

      • nick

        The processor in the phone would not be able to record 8K…

      • Kurt


        Time lapse in 8K. Perhaps its only able to in time lapse? Here they zoom and pan around with no loss in quality in post production. If you are into videos, this is amazing

  • Martin

    I really need a good camera in my phone. I was thinking about nokia 808 some time ago but – symbian 🙁 Now I really think about switching my iPhone on Nokia 1020. Windows Phone is really smooth. Moreover – IMHO is more elegant than new iOS7

    • Kurt

      I love tiles.

      • mehrab

        Believe me a stack on icons and a motivation centre is better then tiles after a period of time

      • Kurt

        motivation center? What’s that?

      • mehrab

        *notification centre

    • Boss

      I really wish there was more apps on the Windows Phone I could see it being a lot better than Android if it had most of the main ones

      • mehrab

        No windows phone can’t dre about beating android

  • Dani Hayes

    Have people forgotten about Sony’s Xperia line of phones?? They have the second best cameras in a smart phone compared to Nokia. The Exmor lens are even better in low-light than Pure View.

    • Kurt

      really?? …heading to youtube now

      Edit: watch?v=RabVSwQZxwQ shows Lumia was better and by a lot

      • mehrab

        Okay YouTube and just watch this iphone 5 vs nokia 920 tech feed camera

      • Kurt

        Lumia is much better

      • mehrab

        Your drunk aren’t you? May you state some reasons why the nokia was better expect the low light image?

      • Kurt

        I did a two beers 🙂

        Try watching non biased videos. The guy had a oil on the lens of the
        lumia. It wasn’t properly cleaned from a finger print. Then he talks
        about lens flair. Unbelievable. I’ve seen many vids comparing the two,
        and Lumia won each one. Even IDB wrote an article stating and proven
        lumia 920 has a better camera.

  • geekinit

    Ok, 41 MP does indeed sound awesome but just think about the storage requirements to save a single JPEG file… My DSLR is 4 MB for a 16 MP. So we’re talking over 12 MB per photo.

    • It would be dumb if they didn’t have an option to “rescale” the image…

  • jayk151

    Yea that’s pretty dumb in my opinion, cameras on most phones are good nowadays, 41 mp is just too much. Apple need to have more app to app inter ration, I hate when I share something I have to click share to message, copy it then open the app a really want to share it too… Been thinking of leaving Apple bcus I want a more customizable advanced phone, not a easy to use old person work phone.

  • Kevin Guzman

    I didn’t like using the Windows device, but I do have to say, their cameras are simply stunning. The best pictures I have ever taken with a mobile device. Now this, this is amazing. Will definitely have to check it out once its released.

    • Clement Yeo

      Its not about Windows OS ~ i believe u meant Nokia

      • Kevin Guzman

        The Nokia device runs on Windows OS, I’m simply stating I don’t like the device very much because I don’t like the OS its running on. I do like the clarity of the pictures when taken with the Nokia phone.

      • Clement Yeo

        well said

  • Markus Hudobnik

    I still don’t see the point of a 41-megapixel camera. They are trying to push the “megapixels are everything” card when any camera lover knows it’s not always about the megapixels

  • Biken Dangol

    It is not the megapixels that count_________ Plays a small role, but the sensor! A 6 megapixel Nikon D70s will take better images than a 12 megapixel compact ixus for example.

    It is not the pixels that give a great image, but a good sensor gives a good image.

    Look at the sensor size, not the pixel size

    BIGGER sensor is what you want. NOT more pixels!

  • Roger Riekki


  • JL

    So what? Who cares!! I got an iphone 5 camera very powerfull all the time.. Thanks.

  • William

    Grow up NOKIA, 41MP camera?! so what? improve your touch and other things.

  • nick

    At a certain point more megapixels does not mean better photos, this is too far.

  • iRaj

    Not impressed !!!

  • R4

    41 is pretty good but its not all about the megapixels, for example a 4MP HTC One’s picture quality is much better than 13MP Camera on Xperia Z

  • SimonReidy

    There are so many misunderstandings about Nokia’s new Lumia 1020 with 41mp sensor. It’s true that just upping the megapixel count alone can do nothing to improve picture quality, but that’s not how Nokia’s technology works, and doesn’t explain the benefits. It all comes down to a technique called oversampling. From Wikipedia:

    PureView is the combination of a 1/1.2″ large,[11] very high resolution 41Mpx image sensor with high performance Carl Zeiss optics. The large sensor enables pixel oversampling, which means the combination of many sensor pixels into one image pixel. PureView imaging technology delivers high image quality, lossless zoom, and improved low light performance. It dispenses with the usual scaling/interpolation model of digital zoom used in virtually all smartphones, as well as optical zoom used in most digital cameras, where a series of lens elements moves back and forth to vary the magnification and field of view. In both video and stills, this technique provides greater zoom levels as the output picture size reduces, enabling 4x zoom in full HD 1080p video, 6x lossless zoom for 720p HD, and 12x zoom for nHD (640×360) video.

    So its not about taking 41mp shots (although you do have the option to take 38mp stills at “full zoom”) but it comes down to far superior quality pixels combined to create stunning 5mp shots. In addition the 1020 also has optical image stabilisation, a xenon flash (much brighter and faster than LED) and a mechanical shutter (much faster response time to shut out light).

    I’m no fan of Windows Phone, and love my jailbroken iPhone5, but the camera in this smartphone is a complete beast and leaves all other smartphone cameras for dead. That’s why the hump is so huge, just to house the optics. If you still need convincing Google – Lumia 1020 sample photos (or given its a bit new you can also see examples of its quality by looking at Nokia Pureview 808 photos as the 41mp sensor and optics are very similar).