Nokia’s PureView camera expert joins Apple

Ari Partinen, Nokia's expert who worked on the Lumia PureView imaging technology has joined Apple, presumably to work on the iPhone's camera. According to a pair of tweets issued by Partinen himself, today marks his last day on the job.

A graduate of Helsinki University of Technology, Partinen was Lumia Photography Lead at the Finnish company and was instrumental in the development of the Nokia 808 PureView 41-megapixel sensor with unmatched low-light sensitivity...

Microsoft reorganizes as Nokia unveils new 41MP phone

Seemingly taking a page from Apple's playbook, Microsoft announced a major reorganization this morning. It's calling the move 'One Microsoft,' as it looks to rally behind a single strategy as one company, instead of a collection of separate divisional strategies.

The company says that moving forward, it will continue to release new devices and services. And this new approach will allow it to innovate with greater speed, efficiency and capability in a "fast-changing world," while helping them execute better than ever...

New Nokia video pits PureView camera against iPhone 5, Galaxy S3

Nokia has yet to find an answer to the iPhone or Samsung's Galaxy line, but it's hoping it's getting closer. The Finnish phone-maker is expected to release a new flagship handset, the Lumia 928, within the next few months featuring its patented PureView technology.

Adding to the speculation, Nokia posted a new video yesterday on the Lumia's landing page of video shot with the 928's PureView camera, and compared with footage taken with the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy SIII. And I'll give you one guess who comes out on top...

Deceptive advertising: Nokia admits to faking the PureView ad

Nokia has always been the smartphone imaging king so no wonder the ailing cell phone giant emphasized advanced camera capabilities as the headline feature of its new flagship Lumia 920 smartphone, launched earlier today.

PureView technology debuted last year on Nokia's Symbian-driven PureView 808 handset. It's based on a pixel oversampling technique which reduces an image taken at full resolution into a lower resolution variant in order to enable lossless zoom and improve light sensitivity and crispness.

Though the new Lumia 920 only has a 8,x-megapixel sensor versus a whopping 41-megapixel on the PureView 808, it still takes in five times more light than other camera phones and taps image signal processor for some cool image stabilization technology (the iPhone 4S also does that).

Unfortunately, Nokia has gone too far in promoting PureView's ability to stabilize shaky video, as proven by its latest commercial...