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iOS 7 beta 2 is the first iOS 7 to feature support for Apple’s iconic tablet, and we’ve got a hands-on demonstration of how it looks and feels. The first word that came to my mind when I initially fired up iOS 7 on the iPad was “modern.” The iPad feels more spacious, and lightweight with iOS 7 installed. Whereas iOS 6 felt heavy and weighed down by skeuomorphism, iOS 7 feels light free.

I think you’re going to like the way that iOS 7 looks and performs on the iPad. Check out our full video demonstration inside…

Notification Center

iPad iOS 7 Notification Center

One of the best things about iOS 7 for the iPad is the fact that Notification Center is now finally full screen. No more do we have to deal with a Notification Pull down that only take up a portion of the screen space. This is a highly welcomed feature to the iPad, and it looks great with the blurred background effects present in iOS 7.

Control Center

iPad iOS 7 Control Center

Another big feature that you’ll notice is Control Center. This is a feature that’s on the small screen devices, but it appears to be much more suited for the larger iPad screen. On the iPhone, Control Center takes up the majority of the screen, while on the iPad, it only takes up a quarter of the screen while the device is in Portrait mode. The layout is much less confusing as well, with each feature sectioned off in thirds on the iPad. Media controls are located to the left, Toggles in the middle, and frequently used app shortcuts on the right.

App Switcher

iPad iOS 7 App Switcher

This is probably the most disappointing part of iOS 7 on the iPad. I know this is still a beta release, but Apple needs to tailor the App switcher for the larger screen, instead of just blowing it up to fill the screen on the iPad. Like the iPhone version, you can only see three running apps at once, which is just a poor use of available space.

Photo Booth

iPad iOS 7 Photo Booth

The iPad exclusive Photo Booth is here with a brand new app icon. The functionality of the app doesn’t appear to be altered, but the app icon has definitely received a makeover. You’ll also notice thinner grid lines separating the nine different effects, and iOS 7 styled buttons within the app.

Of course, iOS 7 is a huge difference when compared to previous iterations of iOS, regardless of what device you’re using. iOS 7 is a complete and total overhaul of Apple’s mobile operating system, so you should expect a huge departure from what you know when upgrading to iOS 7 on your iPad.

For me, iOS 7 on the iPad is perhaps the most compelling version of iOS 7. The extra real estate, and how Apple goes about managing the space shouldn’t be understated. Yes, it’s a bit disappointing that the app switcher didn’t receive special treatment, but I’m holding out hope that it will do things better with the next beta release. For now, having things like a full screen Notification Center is enough to hold me over until the next release.

What do you think about iOS 7 on the iPad?

  • jacob wolin

    not bad, to bad i sold my iPad 2 looks nice though

    • Kurt

      depends on what you bought with that money!

      • jacob wolin

        A nice vacation!

      • Now you don’t have an iPad to view the photos from the vacation. JK. 🙂

      • jacob wolin

        I have my iphone!! And my Mac running 10.9!

      • Fair enough. I think they’ll work just fine! 🙂

  • rosssimpson

    The thin-line based UI looks blurry on my iPad mini – Time to update to retina ready!

    • Mohammad Ridwan

      Turn on Bold text in…

      Settings-> general-> accessibility -> turn on bold text or increase the size of font with large dynamic font

  • Willie

    The clock icon has ditched the white background and got a black side which looks similar to ios 7 on the iPhone.

  • John

    The music app is better and worse.

    • John

      I was hoping it was going to look more like music in iTunes 11 or Apple’s Remote app for the AppleTV.

  • Sam Sproul

    wonder what Siri looks like on iPad. im predicting Control Centre-style drawer.

    • Matthew

      No it is actually full screen now.

      • Sam Sproul

        haha i updated my iPad mini, and yeah. i found it!

  • Andy

    Considering how much Apple likes promoting the camera capabilities of the iPhone it’s odd that they don’t incorporate Photo Booth functionality into the Camera app. They should also just streamline the apps used across all iOS devices, like add back in a Calculator and Weather for iPad. One app that I think most people would like gone is Stocks, Apple should just put it on the App Store as a free download instead.

    • SimonReidy

      Agree entirely. Stocks is the first app I hide when jailbroken, and it shits me that Apple won’t let you uninstall any default apps (which as you say could be re-downloaded at any time from the App Store). I also wish we could change default browser and email client, but that complaint is as old as time itself.

      Have to say though – apart from a few awful icons, the look of iOS7 is definitely growing on me, and I think it looks even better on the iPad. The layered style of animations and transitions across iOS7 makes a lot of sense.

      Bit disappointed that Apple isn’t giving us a choice of what toggles to have in Control Centre though. But they have never been particularly good at giving users choice. I imagine one of the first iOS7 jailbreak tweaks to be made will be a tweak to modify the control centre (to incorporate the toggles we actually want! :)).

  • Damian W

    The app switcher is just horible . You can only see 3 apps at the time. Probably it is gonna stay like this for 3 years and then they gonna make another huge update and brag about making it 5 apps at the same time.

    • ɑղժɾҽա

      It’s not like you can’t scroll through it…

      • Damian W

        I want to see 6 or 7 apps at the same time. Plus we could switch from card view to grid view. It is so simple but too much for apple

      • Farbod

        Simplicity my friend.
        its not like apple cant add options and options to ios. its just they want something simple that everyone likes. most people dont even use more than the first app in the switcher

      • Damian W

        Not everyone likes what Apple makes. Thats why there is something called “Options”, unfortunately missing on iDevices.

      • bbooshay

        Not everyone likes what Apple makes. Thats why there is something called “Android”, unfortunately missing on iDevices.

      • Damian W

        Well yeah that’s an “option” too for more courageous character.

      • Sajana Indula

        I agree a grid would be better suited for the form factor of the the iPad. They should use all that space on the screen

    • Nipasaurus

      Some people talk about these things called “options”. I’m not sure what they are exactly, but they must be rare! Because i can’t find many on my apple devices…

      • Damian W

        Lol…so truth. Hopefully jailbreak will come to rescue us once again.

    • BoardDWorld

      It’s possibly to optimise battery life for this new multitasking.Llimiting the amount of apps that can be immediately selected could limit the amount of processes running in the background. For example the last 3 apps may well have a higher priority. Some seamless trickery, OR it’s just evil Apple handicapping needs by introducing an additional swipe.

    • House4life

      thats why its called a beta, to hear what people have to say so they can improve it at its final release, hopefully….

  • Dani Hayes

    I can’t to jailbreak it!!!

    • Damian W

      You mean “cant wait”?

      • Dani Hayes

        You see my excitement.

      • Damian W

        I see, therefore I can’t to jailbreak too

  • Hotrod

    Multi tasking is actually worse now

    • SimonReidy

      Agreed. There should be at least 4 apps visible. It doesn’t make sense just blowing up the iPhone’s multitasking view, with all that extra screen real estate available.

      • EpicFacepalm

        Yeah, it shouldn’t be “iPhone with bigger screen” in all areas. Sometimes we should use the advantages of bigger screen.
        Hopefully that will change in following versions.

  • Liam Mulcahy


  • Rudy

    I like it !!

  • David Villamizar

    It somehow feels like the new format jeff uses for videos was ready for iOS 7 redesign.

  • Gorgonphone

    This sucks amd i can tell IDB wants to stay on apples good side just incase lol….. Ios7 looks terrible on phone and pad

    • Edmond Koh

      You’re reading a blog relating directly to Apple. What would you expect iDB to cover? It may look terrible to you, but certainly not for others. I feel that iOS7 looks really vibrant and alive. Definitely a modern make-over from the past.

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        It looks like iOS got a bad makeover with Android and WebOS. iOS 7 looks childish.

        Can’t Innovate Anymore, My Ass.. My Ass

      • Edmond Koh

        No one is forcing you to stay on the platform that “can’t innovate anymore”. And if you’re not an iOS user, are you just here to troll?

        It’s just how technology is nowadays. Inspirations are obtained from everywhere. True innovation doesn’t happen when big companies are expected to unveil a new product in less than a year.

        Truth is, we don’t see Android users complaining when their devices share a lot of features similar to Apple in the past til now. Oh, the rubber banding scroll feature on my Android device? Nah, it’s cool. But people make an ass out of everything when Apple does something resembling to other platforms.

        It’s barely a year since Jony took the lead in the software design department and looking at the overhaul, it surely proves that it’s not done half-assed.

        Like it or not, Apple is still the leading company in the world in terms of worth and value.

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        “we don’t see Android users complaining…”
        Probably cause Android allows choices to change the way things are…

        There is no way I can change these hello kitty icons, eye-aching translucency and blinding white spaces throughout the OS without jailbreaking.. and the future of jailbreaking still in doubt…

        With iOS everything is pretty much set in stone.

        BTW, Remember when M$ was the leading company in the world in terms of worth and value ?

      • EpicFacepalm

        “And if you’re not an iOS user, are you just here to troll?”

        Stereotypes… Anyone who has an iDevice must like everything Apple does (sarcasm alert), else he/she will be a retarted troll. Not even 99.9%, we must love 100% of iOS.

        > iOS 7 looks childish
        >> Get out of this iForum you scumbag Fandroid! %#@?!

    • Chee Yuyang

      what do you expect iDB to post besides apple news..?

    • inf3rn0

      Just to stay on Apple’s good side? I’d like to direct you to the bottom of the page…Copyright iDownload Blog 2013 by Sebastien Page. *This website is not affiliated with Apple.*

  • Osama Muhammed

    it looks good on mini, must look horrible on the big ones

  • Dominik Odobašić

    Why is calendar taking up the entire display while showing ZERO appointments? Since when do dots represent signal strength? Why do folders on a HUGE display still only show up to 9 apps? Why is there so much wasted space all over the OS???

    • SimonReidy

      Its a valid question. I do like iOS7, but its a bit ‘Android-like’, in that there is very little differentiation between the iPad and iPhone interface. 3rd party apps make much better use of available space than Android of course , but for the most part Apple seem to be content with just scaling up their default iPhone apps to fill the larger iPad screen.

      The folder view being limited to 9 apps at a time is particularly bad on the iPad. Doesn’t make any sense with all that room available.

  • J. Rockwell

    Best looking UI in the game!

  • Amp

    I’m selling UDID activations for $5 if anybody is interested

  • Alonso

    The beta 2 kinda has a lag on my iPad Mini. but other than that. its awesome. cant wait till fall 😀

  • Their is an issue in Photo App, when u try to upload image on FB account or any linked support, the App crashes quite frequently…

  • Ady

    What about weather app.

    • Nicolas

      Can’t find it either

  • Ariel

    The Mac OSX multitasking looks amazing and is super functional as well.
    Is it too much to ask, at least on the iPad’s big screen, to get this multitasking functionality instead of a android copy?
    also on the iPad, so much space is wasted, maybe its time to consider another icon row/bigger icons, just to get rid of that space.

    a feature iv noticed is the option to toggle the parallax effect through accessibility.

  • Arjan Vlek

    Has anybody an idea about porting the iPhone 4 iOS 7 to the iPod Touch 4G or is this already happening?

    • EpicFacepalm

      FYI, it’s almost impossible, harder than jailbreaking it. If we could make a custom firmware, there would be no use of jailbreaking.

  • 2Vini

    is there a way, to customise the toggles in control center?
    i constantly use the data and vpn toggle in sbsettings.
    (university wifi only works with vpn)

  • pero

    Really Ugly! I still prefer ios6.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Looks like a stretched out version of the iPhone… Something Apple makes fun of the Android… oh the irony..

  • Kyle Duguay

    It’s just a zoomed in iPhone the only thing different is the control center, they need to change the multitasking layout, and folder layout so there is more icons in one page and I’m not really sure about the notification panel taking up the whole screen seems like a waste of space exotically on the big iPads..

  • Hamish

    Does anyone know how multitasking gestures on the ipad will work with this new multitasking setup?

  • Charles

    I notice my iPhone 5 battery lasts longer with beta 2. Im glad they fixed it.

    • Andy

      so happy to hear that.. That’s the only thing holding me back.

  • q34t

    i wonder which phone wil copy all this awesome stuff..and come back to tell that apple copied from them..

  • Hyr3m

    Dat fugly dock xD

  • Falk M.

    I wish they made more use of the screen real estate.
    Now would be a great time to give iPad some multi-window action as well.
    (Think Quasar)

    One could also implement multiple window “modes” (think iTunes 11 Miniplayer) that devs could use to let you do more at once.
    A notes app could be shrunk in size a bit to open a browser side by side whilst having media player with a video running somewhere.

    Battery impact? Sure, but if I actually get to do more at once I’ll shorten my session by quite a bit and probably help battery life in that regard.
    Then there’s still the possibility of working like that with the cord plugged in.

    iOS – at least on the iPad – needs to be more productive.
    Right now iOS 7 on iPad looks good, but pretty much just like a stretched iPhone version, which is okay, because it’s an early beta and the first beta for iPad. Give it time, but boy, there are some things on the checklist that need some tender love from Cupertino. 😉

  • Grande PHD

    On iphones the dock is less transparent = ugly.

  • Se7en

    the lock screen walpaper looks awesome! Where cn i download that?

  • Klaus Jacobsen

    Does anyone know if the iPad Ebay app works ?, the iPhone app does not work on Beta1+2–

  • Ian

    Now I really want an iPad Mini..

  • Tim smith

    Yay I think there is a camera shortcut on the locks deem now

  • gianluca federici

    Hi Jeff,what software do you use to record that videos with ipad?they’re very good…Thanks!

  • NP

    What is wrong with you people ios7 is a disaster and it looks even worse on the ipad, nothing fits and the features they added are just basic features that don’t really do anything new. If they weren’t so over priced i’d be fine with it but after charging people hundreds of dollars for their products i expected something much better.and the fact that they still didn’t give us some type of file management other then iCloud apple can kiss my ass – have fun playing with your bubbles

  • rosssimpson

    Anyone else having wifi issues with beta 2? Both iPad Mini and iPhone 5?

  • Tim smith

    I feel that alot of people don’t really care about thd iPad. Millions of people have one yet when was the last time you saw something designed for it. How many jailbreak tweaks where designed just for the iPad compared to how many where designed for the iPhone. Most of the ones with iPad compatibility are just cheap blown up versions that don’t run well. I think apple and tweak makers don’t put a lot of thought into the iPad. I hope you’d changes. Btw if there are iPad versions of tweaks we have to wait forever for them. Take auxo for instance we had to wait six months!!!!!
    Okay I’m done 🙂

  • insanley beautiful .. just WOW (beta 2 version) on iPad & iPhone ..
    now I just cannot wait for the final release version.
    Safari is so bug free .. it actually dosn’t crash using facebook in desktop mode any more!
    Sure there are changes to be made & it is sluggish .. but hey .. that’s called ‘BETA’ .. lol
    * 2 words .. GAME CHANGER!

  • Sajana Indula

    It looks … meh

  • Am I the only one that thinks iOS 7 beta 2 on the pad needs a volume boost? And No way to enlarge the cover art of a playing song in the music player larger than a mini postage stamp?

  • LH2613

    now the ipad lock screen has a camera grabber.

  • Alexander Boudreau

    I’d really like to know why the calculator and weather app aren’t on the iPad.

  • Will Magruder

    how do i tell which ios 7 beta to download for my ipad 2, one says rev a and one doesn’t

    • Will Magruder

      does the amount of storage matter

  • ajay71

    Crashes a lot and I keep getting a dropped wifi signal. Not worth installing on a regularly used iPad unless you are a developer, and doesn’t care trying Beta for App development.

  • samp1800

    My ipad has been resprining alot with beta 2

  • To bad i have no ios 7 yet on my ipad