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  • jalen springfield


    • omrishtam

      Can’t wait!!!

  • Dev

    WWDC !!

  • Ian

    Am I able to watch the WWDC live with the app, or do I have to wait for it to be published?

    • Kurt

      Good questions…and what time will it be? 10pm PST? It’s Monday here, but it will be Tuesday morning, maybe 2am, when WWDC starts. I’m pretty excited to see something DIFFERENT. I don’t care if it’s butt ugly, I’m going to be happy for a change.

  • MDM

    Thumbs Up If You Can’t Wait ‘Till Tomorrow !!!

  • Can any one tell me the time zones to comply with WWDC, I live in GMT +5 time zone…

    • bloodshed

      goo. gl/nnjKG

      • Thank you bundles… 🙂

  • Benjamin Lopez

    Nice work, as usual … Keep going !!!

  • Benjamin Lopez

    Will it be in live stream ?

    • MDM

      i think so !