MiniPlayer 2.3 Featured

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m quite fond of MiniPlayer. It’s an app that started off a little homely looking, but has transformed itself into one of the better jailbreak tweaks that you’ll find on iOS.

The dynamic duo behind the tweak — Surenix and MPow — have been obsessively refining MiniPlayer over the last few weeks; so much so that I’m beginning to worry about them a bit. Guys, it’s really okay if you want to take a break. Remember, deep breathes.

At any rate, the end users have reaped the benefit of the development team’s obsessive level of detail and thought. I once said that MiniPlayer 2.2 was the defining moment of the tweak, but let me restate that, MiniPlayer 2.3 is the defining moment of the tweak. That is, of course, until MiniPlayer 2.4 appears with lasers and its own built-in coffee bean grinder.

But seriously, MiniPlayer 2.3 brings quite a few new (and quite useful) features to the proverbial table. For starters, there’s a new tap gesture to reveal repeat options, sharing options, and shuffling. There’s also a great new addition that allows you to add an iTunes inspired ‘Up Next’ (here dubbed Play Next) track, along with the ability to rearrange the playing order of the tracks in your MiniPlayer queue.

Take a peek inside, as I step through a few of the most outstanding new MiniPlayer features in our video walkthrough.

Although it’s not as useful as the ‘Play Next’ feature, which I’ll talk about in a bit, my favorite new MiniPlayer feature is the share option. By performing a tap and hold gesture on the currently playing song’s track details, you can bring up a new menu with repeat, sharing, and shuffle options. The repeat and shuffle options are nice additions, but pretty standard fare. The real outstanding feature in this grouping is the share button.

MiniPlayer 2.3 sharing

Tapping the share button invoke’s iOS’ stock share sheet, featuring Twitter, Facebook, Mail, and the like. The cool thing about MiniPlayer’s sharing options is that it not only shares your now playing song title, artist, etc, but it also includes a screenshot of the actual MiniPlayer, which further emphasizes your usage of the tweak. It’s a great marketing ploy on the part of the development team, and it looks good to boot.

The next, and perhaps most outstanding new feature-set included with MiniPlayer, is the ability to add a ‘Play Next’ track, and rearrange upcoming music by means of simple drag handles. After searching for a song via MiniPlayer’s search interface, you can tap and hold on a found song to add it to the queue to play next. If you don’t particularly enjoy the order of you queue, a tap of the album artwork will reveal a list of your upcoming songs that can be easily rearranged to suit your needs. It’s an extremely useful feature on iTunes, and as you would imagine, it’s just as useful when used with MiniPlayer.

There are other more subtle additions to the updated MiniPlayer as well. You’ll find the ability to search for full albums this time around, along with support for Rdio, and the Podcast library. All in all, this is an awesome update, one that would be normally reserved for a major release. But I think Surenix and MPow have proved that they’re anything but normal — at least when it comes to maintaining their apps. But hey, their users benefit mightily, and I’m surely not complaining.

If you’ve already purchased MiniPlayer, then the 2.3 version is a free update. For those of you that haven’t, you can still find MiniPlayer for $1.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. What do you think about MiniPlayer’s frequent and prolific updates? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

  • David Gitman

    I love this tweak! So simple and awesome!

  • Adil Hussain

    Hmm the decision is now between this or Cyueue, the only downside with MiniPlayer is that you have to type in/search for the track/album you want to queue to ‘Play Next’.

    • Surenix

      Right. Cyueue works within only.

      MiniPlayer works system wide and with Spotify, Podcast, Rdio and many great features.

      • Damian W

        IntelliscreenX 6 does not work with miniplayer on lockscreen. Could you fix this?

      • Surenix

        Can you email us your situation please?

      • MPow

        When you drag mini player on lockscreen te nc go down, i have emailed intelliborn (because is their fault) and they didn’t reply

      • Damian W

        To be honest they never reply except the time of initial release. If you want to fix this issue, you should not count on guys from intelli. They will probably wake up in 6 months to fix it

  • Nipplesourus

    Keep up the updates, i love um.

  • Andy

    One more thing for MiniPlayer to be perfect.

    I have an issue with their ‘Play Next’ feature is that when that ‘Play Next’ list finishes, it doesn’t go back to my previous playlist like how iTunes does it.

    Anyone else finds this kinda annoying?

    • Surenix

      What it should be doing:
      When you’re playing a song (after searching for it), it plays the entire album. When you put a song in Play Next, that song will play. After the Play Next song finishes, it should resume to the album you previously had playing.

      Can you walk me though how you’re using MiniPlayer what its doing please?

      • Dylan Ledbetter

        It seems as though the Play Next feature is only available with music selected using MiniPlayer. It would be immensely more useful if we were able to search for Artists, Albums and Playlists from within MiniPlayer. What Andy is saying is that if we use the Music app to play through the Recently Added playlist, then use MiniPlayer to add a song, playback stops at the end of the song chosen. Either way, great update.

      • Surenix

        Currently, you can search for Artists and Albums.

      • Guest

        I guess what I was inferring is that if I search for “The Beatles”, I can’t choose to play all music by them, I have to choose a certain song from a certain album and play only that album.

      • Andy

        I normally listen to music using playlists. Sometimes in between I have “cravings” for a song. If I use MiniPlayer and add the song to the ‘Up Next’ queue, it works as promised. However after the selected song ends, it doesn’t resume the playlist I was listening to.

        Cyueue seems to be able to work properly, whenever the Cyeue lists finishes, it jumps back to my original playlist like how iTunes handle it.

  • Kurt

    Great looking tweak, with useful features.

  • David Barajas

    I purchased the application but it doesn’t seem to support MOG for searching. I figured since it can look up albums I have on my device it would be able to do so with MOG.

  • Pranav Shankar

    the only reason i stopped using mini player is the lack of fluidity when you swipe it away from the screen….:/

    • Surenix

      Something we’re looking deeply into.

      • Pranav Shankar

        glad to hear that..:)

    • MPow

      Not really a lag, is like a magnetic collapse, but someone don’t like and someone like…. Working on it

      • Pranav Shankar

        i know what youre saying…it feels like its gonna move then after a sec it swipes out….it annoyed me so much that i removed the tweak!…i’m a stickler for details..:P

  • Please add Rdio support

    • Surenix

      I thought we do have Rdio support. Make sure you’re on the latest version (2.3.2).

      • It works perfectly fine with Rdio, but it doesn’t search your Collection (I hope it is possible)

      • MPow

        When you search you can search in rdio

      • I figured out what was happening. I have proxies set up on the network I’m connected to and it blocks some repositories.
        Now I got the latest update. Thanks!

  • Imahottguy

    This tweak keeps getting better yet. My only criticism is that I would rather it continue on with the playlist I was in after the queue runs out instead of the album, an option in the settings for what to continue would be sweet (continue artist, album, playlist, genre…) Great work guys!

    • Andy

      Same goes for me. It doesn’t resume previous playlist that was playing.

  • It’s keeps getting better and better. One thing needs to be improved though; scrubbing is a bit “laggy” and there’s a slight delay. Overall, it’s a must-have.

    • MPow

      As I said is not a lag, but a magnetic effect. I can remove if many don’t like

  • NaoDarkness

    My Friend got this and I thought it was nice, but there are 2 things that might be stopping me from getting it.

    1: It doesn’t support landscape.

    2: It doesn’t pause what you’er doing(like when you pull down on NC).

    But other than that I still may download it because it’s still cool.

    • Surenix

      1. Something we’re working on next

      2. Of course it doesn’t. Imagine the pauses when you close the app and launch another app.

      • Ahuuu

        Yoo whadap.
        Got a question. Miniplayer on ipad has scroll function, and has the shuffle and repeat buttons. But on my iphone i dont have a scrol thing for searching music, and i only got the share button,no shuffle and replay.

  • Samdagha

    I just installed this and it crashed the phone :-(. Is there any way to get past the Apple logo screen without restoring (and losing) the jailbreak?

  • Ag0os

    I’ve installed mini player in my iPhone and iPad. So far, so good. The sharing option is great! What I don’ t like is that when I look for an album, the songs in the album show up in alphabetical order. I usually listen to full albums and would love to see that actual song order of the album. iTunes mini player search is great because it show different sections for albums songs etc. I’d love to see that on mini player. Keep up the good work!

  • Erutnevda Emit

    I’ve noticed more than once that when the opportunity is given, Utada Hikaru makes her way here. Its pretty cool to see “Jeff” likes her music too.