ios 7 concept quick reply

With WWDC now just a few weeks away, and more details about iOS 7 coming light, anticipation for Apple’s next-gen mobile operating system is  almost through the roof. Everyone wants to know what the company has planned for the future of its platform.

Well if these two designers get their way, iOS 7 will include a number of new features like support for panoramic wallpapers and quick reply for messages. Here’s a new iOS 7 concept from Christian Lue of ChanluChannel and Ran Avni of ConceptsiPhone…

Overall I really like the ideas proposed in the concept. I’ve been longing for a stock quick reply feature for a long time, and who doesn’t want to see new Siri features added? I also like the idea of redesigned folder icons and action menus in the Music app.

As for panoramic wallpaper support, it’s never been on my personal wish list. But I know that it’s been on Android for quite a while, and a lot of folks have been asking for it on iOS. The good news is, rumor has it that Apple has finally added it this time around.

And as for the rest of iOS 7, it’s expected to look substantially different from its predecessors with less skeuomorphism and more of a flat UI design. Of course, we won’t know anything for sure until Apple unveils the new mobile OS at WWDC next month.

What are your thoughts on today’s concept?

  • ZeRoLiMiT

    thats not good at all! I really hope IOS7 DOES NOT!! look like this

  • Im so tired of these ugly concepts…

    • onebyone_

      me too,
      most of the concepts are same as the ugly METRO UI.
      I hope, that next iOS comes more flat an with minimal glass and a little bit transparent or whatever but diferent.

    • iosPixel

      Heres a concept…No more concepts please.

      • kevin9794

        Agree with the no exposure part. Why do we even care about what some random concept depicts. This is no news/report/article: it’s just something you’d share on Twitter.

  • im not sure about ‘call me a taxi’ one, its way to sophisticated for siri and she might just end up changing your name to taxi

    • Andrew Roth

      She does stuff like that all the time to me. Also after a few requests in the same chat she’ll get stuck on one of her previous responses. I know, I know. She’s still in beta…

    • Ian

      You can kind of already do it. I have an iPod, so I don’t know what “call me a taxi” does. But, say “I’m drunk” then press the taxi. It will locate taxis near you.
      Also, in the video, he said “call be a taxi” and Siri instantly called a taxi to his location. It should also confirm the call, because what if it misunderstood the user or something?

  • Andrew

    The best of this was the music

    • TeddyBearStand

      Made the video feel 10x longer.

  • Ashley Armstrong

    This work for iPhone 4 too??? When come out??

    • Mathi_11


    • Jason Forker Ruoff

      u don’t read much do u…..

    • mrloko

      Go to cydia and search ” i am blonde please give me ios 7 right now”
      Then install for free..

      • Ian


    • Seere Petrova

      Dont be so rude on her Guys… Hehe

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    I thought the flat icons look best out of all the iOS7 concepts I seen. With that said, I do agree with everyone else that I’m tired of all these ugly concepts. I hope for sure Apple at least remove the black shadows on the lock screen.

    • Must be a Mac user…I’ve only heard you Mac guys talk positive about flat, Lego-pile GUI’s; I hate ’em.

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        I’m Windows and Mac User with an iPhone and love for Android, and I’m not all that positive for flat icons. Just thought look the best out all the “OTHER” (key word) Flat Icons I seen. I want a bigger iPhone screen and Great, not just good or ok, but GREAT SOFTWARE to go with it. iOS software is NOT lacking its Boring, there lyes the different. I can say you must never change your underwear you like the softwear that much.

  • Sentry

    For the love of god I know these iOS 7 concepts get hits for the site Cody and you cover them well, but it’s gotten to be a little bit excessive by this point.

    (Not to mention none of the ideas presented are exactly new in any way. In fact, the quick reply one is sort of a blatant copy of an old concept.)

    • mrloko

      Lets just wait for a week and see whats coming in real instead of concepts lol

  • TeddyBearStand

    This is horrible!

  • onebyone_

    Good effort, but doesn’t like me.

  • Avery Massenburg

    Good ideas, poor graphics and animations.. :/

    The Panorama wallpaper is nice, but too much like Android… I’d prefer if it was automatically scrolling without turning the pages.

    The rest of the UI is too scrunched together and has a poor choice of fonts…

    There wasn’t much change in the UI other than the Icons, which actually look like/inspired by Sam Beckett’s Icons to me…

  • Paul Dunahoo

    Will you PLEASE stop sharing concepts? Thanks.

    • Dan

      just stop clicking on them

  • Joseph Smith Jr.

    why would i want my first page to have the same icons as my dock? concept FAIL

  • Chris Miller

    Apple would be shit if they don’t make that if they don’t I am Switching to the HTC one

    • TeddyBearStand

    • Kenny Woodard

      Htc One has been my personal fav for a while now. It and gs4 has iPhone 5 whooped. And iPhone 5s won’t stand a chance unless everything about the 5 is upgraded majorly.

      • bloodshed

        Android!..i don’t think so.

      • Kenny Woodard

        I’ve been using iPhone for several years now. It’s boring. Jail breaking voids warranties an that’s the only way to have an enjoyable iPhone.

      • Kurt

        even with a jailbreak the iphone is just too small. Most tweaks are just so gimmicky anyways. No true multitasking anymore 🙁

      • Kurt

        Android is a much better OS. iOS is a glorified app launcher. Which is why I’m gonna buy a Note 3 and never return to the iphone. But Ill stick around with the iPads as they have the best apps. But a baby screen and baby software on the iphone is ridiculous at this point in time where all other OSes are so advanced.

      • bloodshed

        with all due respect, Android is all about inefficiency, complexity and lots of freakin ads. Come’on?!
        do you call that an app store?..not even half of iphone apps can be found in there! do you realise how boring a smartphone can be without apps and games to bring it to life? let alone quality apps and games (ios only)..thay still don’t know what that even means, android users.
        can you name a game, or app, on playstore but not on the appstore that would make me jealous?..i don’t think so..emm, you want my list! just say it.
        and btw, it’s hard to suit your taste and the rest of the “phablet” guys need something, but sadly it’s not a let others “phone users” use their human-sized phones peacefully.
        oh and i agree ios isn’t much, not to the level of calling it a baby though..but with jb it’s got all the power one would need, and more.
        *without jb even, i’m still sticking with ios..sry hate is all i feel towards android, yeah i know i’m sick.

      • Kurt

        Here most phones are phablets. Larger screens are just much better than 3.5 in and 4 in. Some apps just look better on iOS and have more features, ie. Yahoo weather. Not that I need the other features but I do like them. Today I used the radar to make a decision to bring my umbrella for an hour walk or not. There are some real advantages to iOS but all of them are 3rd party based for me. iOS is just too crappy of an phone OS to keep me. But for tablets, apps reign, so I’m sticking with the best choice, iPad. But iPhone can’t compare to galaxy S line or Note line. They are so much better phones. I’ll be hooking mine up to my 42in tv and hooking up my 360 controllers to play games with my wife. Not that i need to, but note 3 can play 5 videos at the same time, 6 video begins lag. It’s so much better of a phone. Watch videos on what it can do, you won’t be an apple fanboy anymore.

      • Zam Zar

        You can have HDMI out on iPhone/iPad too, plus there are plenty of gamepads supported (plus even more if you jailbreak). A lot of games even support AirPlay, which doesn’t have a mainstream equivalent on Android (Miracast is getting there).

        I don’t see why you would ever want to play 5 videos simultaneously on your phone, but if you did want to, you could do so on iOS on a web page with 5 videos or if you make an app that does so (perhaps it already exists; I have not checked because it has no practical use).

        PS: There is no Galaxy Note 3 yet, so I’m not quite sure what phone you’re referring to.

      • Kurt

        Yes i said, “note 3” but you couldn’t figure out that i meant note 2? or you were being rude? Note 2 can play 5 vids at the same time. Safari can’t do that. Plus, the 5 vids were all visible. Just an example of the power of that phone. iPhone and iPad can’t fill up the screen of a TV. There’s black lines on the sides. Only for vids, which isn’t important to me since I have a computer hooked up too. Also, my iphone/ipad can’t have multiple wireless controllers hooked up to it. Perhaps with a jailbreak, but again, the game, or app doesn’t fill out the TV.

      • Zam Zar

        I wasn’t aware whether Safari could play multiple videos, and after checking, it does indeed pause the first one when you play a new video. However, I really doubt this is a technical limitation. It’s just behavior that Apple put into Safari because, as you said in your original post, there is no reason you would want to play five videos at once. I’m sure it’s possible to program an app that plays multiple videos at once. It’s not a matter of how powerful the phone is.

        iPhone 5 has the same aspect ratio as an HDTV, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t fill the edges. If you don’t want mirroring, some apps support HDMI output or AirPlay at a resolution native to the TV.

        I think it is true that you can’t have multiple controller with an iOS device (that aren’t other iOS devices connected over Bluetooth or WiFi) because most controllers without jailbreak are pretending to be keyboards. There might be native support in iOS 7, but obviously you’re talking about current status. (Definitely you could via jailbreak though.) I’ll give you that one. 🙂 There are still far better devices for playing games on your TV though. 😉 (Not sure what you’d play on your TV with multiple wireless controllers on Android except perhaps emulated games.)

      • Juan Herrera

        why even compare two brand new phones to a phone aged close to a year already?

      • Kenny Woodard

        That’s why I mentioned the iPhone 5s needing to stand out. It’s gonna take way more than iOS 7 to keep me using an iPhone.

      • Kurt

        closer to half a year than a year 😛

      • Kenny Woodard

        This is true

      • Juan Herrera

        Kurt really in june it’ll be 9 months since release so definitely closer to a year 😛

      • Juan Herrera

        we’re basically in June.. July and august will breeze by and september will bring the new iDevices hopefully tastefully done.

      • The iphone 5 still has the “better design” as far as camera better low/daylight and better video oh the iphone 5 is also faster and has the brightest most color acurate disolay of thentwo 🙂

      • Kurt

        chips, scratches and bent iphone 5s are not attractive. sony xperia has a better design as its back is glass. thats the best design. no worries about scratches. and iphone 4/4S the back can be easily replaced if scratched or shattered, and cheaply. metal backing is crap as it scratches so quickly. Which results in a ugly old looking phone.

      • Ny iphone 5 just has a small nick after 6 months of using it idk what your talking about glass designs are the best lol okay? The iphone 5 is the most durable smartphone out there see drop tests and such and by best desing i meant the most valuable and intellegent design that diamond cut chamfered edge that crystal lens cover that brushed aluminiand the top and bottom glass were chosen out of almost 700 cuts and thats only for one iphone 5

      • Kurt

        iPhone 5 is not the most durable smart phone. it bends. go to you tube and search iphone 5 bent. aluminum is a bad material choice. glass is superior. 4S, it cost me 8 bucks to replace the back and a min of my time. aluminum, scratches so easily and once damaged you are stuck with it. iphone 5 is crap, so is any other aluminum phone. They feel good in the hand, big whoop. To keep it looking new you need to put a case on it. not something I’ll do. I’ll take plastic over aluminum, but prefer glass over plastic.

  • mehrab


  • Markus Hudobnik

    I really like the lockscreen and quick reply…

  • Dixon

    Well I would love to see this features in iOS since android has this since ages … But, there is nothing special … The new iOS need something what we haven’t seen yet and something what is new and not copied from android !!! We need something that gives us an advantage against android so apple is again number 1 …

  • bloodshed

    after seeing all these concepts recently, i’m starting to think “just leave it as it is for god’s sake”.

  • Liam Mulcahy

    that’s the worst one so far

  • Good concept love it but i hate the font siZe

  • rockdude094

    I hate flat icons ! why dont they just work on top of what they have now ? Huge waste of resources

  • JoeCoxon

    This is the only concept i’ve seen that i haven’t liked so far. It looks very very cheap. Flats designs usually look classy and modern.

  • Maaz

    Cant wait for the iOS 7

  • I miss the days when Apple’s announcements were surrounded by a shroud of mystery, not a shroud of guesses. YOU’RE RUINING THE EXPERIENCE! It’ll be great, just chill out…

  • noksucow

    I must be the only one that actually likes these concept videos.

  • disqus_DYirGSHU5i

    I feel like these ugly concepts are made to let people “Really” like iOS7, so these concepts will stick in their minds and they will compare iOS7 with these “ugly” concepts