iWatch concept (Maps, Martin Hajek 004)

Renowned 3D artist Martin Hajek today shared a new batch of interesting conceptual renderings that strive to envision how Apple’s rumored iWatch might seemingly lend itself to maps, which have long been the killer app category on mobile devices.

Indeed, with power-savvy Bluetooth Smart technology and iOS allegedly powering the device, a smartwatch from the people that brought you the iPhone could theoretically retrieve a user’s geographical location by tapping the iPhone’s GPS sensor, simply acting as a second screen for turn-by-turn directions…

Check out the renderings and meet us in comments.

iWatch concept (Maps, Martin Hajek 005)

The curved glass and aluminum design looks business.

iWatch concept (Maps, Martin Hajek 003)

I love the iPhone-like power/sleep button on the left side, by the way.

Martin has additional renderings over at his blog and on Flickr.

According to well-respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, we may not see the iWatch until late-2014 because the technology isn’t there yet and Apple just isn’t feeling confident enough to throw its brand behind such a gizmo.

While earlier rumors zeroed in on various fitness applications, Kuo thinks the Apple smartwatch will incorporate biometrics – not only for heightened security features, but to enable broader health-related applications.

Bloomberg in March claimed the iWatch would house a pedometer for counting steps and sensors for monitoring health-related data, such as heart rates.

And just last week, the reliable Japanese blog Macotakara reported Foxconn had received orders for the iWatch, offering such specifics as a 1.5-inch display powered by OLED technology. The Taiwanese manufacturer was reportedly gearing up for a trial production run of a thousand units.

Anyway, what’s your take?

Could the iWatch + maps combo be a winner?

  • Prasoon Singh

    This looks really nice.

  • It’s look nice but I don’t think it needs to be curved like everyone is making a concept of. The iPod nano looks great as a watch so I really don’t think Apple needs to use curved glass.
    All these concepts are trying to be too futuristic and less reality of what we are going to see.

  • Stijn

    I don’t know what I am thinking about the leather yet but further it is super nice

  • Gróf Attila

    too thick for me

  • onebyone_

    facetime over iwatch would be funny (all time with your hand on the air)
    maybe they will need a special camera with a micro-system to detect your face (actually done and implemented) and MOVE fisically the camera (like your eyes) to your face. Sounds like a little creepy eye on your iwatch 😛 jeje

    • Lol I’m guessing an iWatch would handle phone calls via bluetooth (with a raise your watch to your ear to answer or shake your arm to decline gesture would be cool) but that’s about it…

      • onebyone_


  • truly revolutionary

  • Jamie Tilden

    Are people actually interested in the ‘iWatch’? I’m not sure how I feel. Never liked wearing a watch and I don’t see the purpose, since I have an iPhone already, but then again, I’m a sucker for anything Apple.

  • Dat worn leather with apple logo looks sexy

    • The stitches put me off it though apart from that it is the first iWatch concept I actually like

  • Vitaliy T

    that looks really good actually..amazing work

  • I’m watch beat everybody by making the curved glass already too bad the company is run by absolute fng morons!

  • Dan

    Looks better than the rest, but I find it too thick

  • yah i agree that there is no need for curved glass, it might make more room for internals but while looking at the glass the glare that you might be able to see will be far greater, as curved glass reflects light from all angles, and there would be no biological improvement in terms of function – i think a flat thin watch with a sleep button on the left side is a great idea though

  • inf3rn0

    Might be a bit thick for my liking, but probably necessary to maintain battery life.

  • Hyr3m

    The iWatch : because now hipdouches are too lazy to pull their phones out of their pockets.