Last week we brought you a tutorial showing how the upcoming SemiRestore package will work once released. SemiRestore is a tool that you can use to restore your iOS device to an almost stock configuration.

A few of you in the comments brought up iLEX RAT, another tool — one that’s been around much longer than SemiRestore — that allows you to do something similar. I had tried iLEX RAT once before, and I experienced some issues with the early versions of the tool and gave up on it. At your urging, I decided to take the latest version of iLEX RAT for a spin. Here’s what I found.

Video walkthrough

Despite its questionable name, iLEX RAT is a pretty straightforward command line tool that’s ran directly on the iOS device. This is great for folks that don’t want to fool around with SSHing into their devices and perform some of the ssh commands that SemiRestore requires.

I can confirm that after using both tools extensively, iLEX RAT — in its current iteration at least — is the better of the two. It’s less complicated and it’s more successful when it comes to removing everything from your device. iLex RAT just works.

Installing iLEX RAT

Installing iLEX RAT is easy. You simply add a new repo to your Cydia sources, and install the iLEX RAT package. You’ll also need to install MobileTerminal, which makes it so that you have no need for a computer when running the restore.

To add the repo to your Cydia sources, open Cydia, click the Manage Tab, and tap Sources. Now tap Edit, Add, and type the following source URL into the dialogue box that appears:

Once that source is added, the necessary package will appear. You should see an iLEXiNFO source under your list of sources. Tap on that source, and install the iLEX R.A.T. package. By the way, R.A.T. stands for Remove All Tweaks, but as you’ll see, this tool handles much more than just tweaks.

After iLEX RAT is installed, you won’t see any new icons on your Home screen. Next up, you need to install MobileTerminal, which is available from the stock BigBoss repo. Once MobileTerminal is installed, you are now ready to restore your device with iLEX RAT.

Keep in mind, that while iLEX RAT can focus on just the Cydia aspects of your device, it is still capable of returning your entire device back to a stock nature. With that said, it’s imperative that you backup your device before performing any restores. Actually, iLEX RAT itself has a backup and restore tool, but that goes beyond the scope of this introductory tutorial.

Running iLEX RAT

To run iLEX RAT, open MobileTerminal, and type ‘rat’ (without the quotes) on the command line and tap enter. The iLEX RAT interface will load, and you’ll see a plethora of options. The option that we’re going to focus on for this tutorial is the full restore (option 12), because that’s most comparable to SemiRestore.

Select option 12, select yes, and the restore will be on its way. There’s nothing else for you to do but sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Eventually you’ll be prompted to reboot your device.

Once your device reboots, you’ll be greeted with the traditional iOS setup wizard to reconfigure your device. The only thing that will be left on your device after a restore is Cydia, along with the source for iLEX RAT, so that you may easily install it again.

The first version of iLEX RAT that I tried didn’t go so well for me, but this latest version is a solid tool for maintaining your iOS device. It even removed more items than the SemiRestore beta was able to do. If you’ve been suffering through sluggishness, or just want to get your device closer to stock, there’s really no reason to wait for SemiRestore. At this point, iLEX RAT is easier, self contained, and it works like nobody’s business. It’s a highly recommended tool for anyone wanting to maintain current firmware while venturing back to stock settings.

Have you used iLEX RAT? If so, what did you think about it?

  • RyanB

    This will come in very handy when I come to sell my jailbroken iPhone

  • Hamza Munir

    After semi restore every time I install a tweak my device gets into safemore and then it is not coming to normal mode even if I restart springboard….any help plz?

  • 83Miked

    i am having an ongoing issue with my Iphone 5 running 6.1 (its been about 5 days now).. i signed out of imessage because it was running slow, but it was working.. but now i can’t sign back in.. it asks for my username and password for my apple ID.. which i enter.. but then it tells me that one or both or incorrect.. but i know 100% they are not incorrect. i am in an area for work that only has wifi, so imessage is must, i have literally done everything i could find in any blog or forum that has anything to do with this issue (looks like its common) the only thing i havent done is wipe it, which im reluctant to because i dont want to loose my jailbreak and everything i have put into tweaking it. Does anyone know of or had any issues like this ? could it be because i dont have a cell signal and am relying on wifi alone to activate imsg?

    side note.. imessage still works on my macbook pro and my iPad .. both i tested and i can sign in and out of them, and it works every time

    Once i wipe it with this program.. restoring from a back up on itunes its just as straight forward as it should be..right?

  • carlangas21

    i have an ipad 2, 6.1.2 , and i did all this step by step and it doesnt work to me , i want to delete some tweaks i have , and also i have a proble my cydia tweaks doesnt appear in the ipad settings , not even 1 of them , what can i do , i have already respring , i have also reinstalled the jailbreak , and nothing works

  • [RΞCØИ1]

    This changed my firmware from 6.1.2 to 6.1 …..

  • leart za jmi

    Yeah your right

  • Diego

    Im stuck on apple logo with load bar!!!
    don’t pass from that

    need help

    iPhone 4S

    • mo

      i have the same problem
      did u solve it?

      • Diego

        no, I’ve try everything, no sucess,
        has to restore and update to 6.1.3 and lose the jailbreak,
        Now I’m using the ios 7

      • Diego

        No, try everything, and nothing works
        Need to restore and install 6.1.3 and lose jailbreak. -.-
        I Hate this programs, I should wait for the semi-restore
        Now I’m using iOS 7

  • Max

    Anyone having problems after the install because my Cydia is empty? Source are empty and I’m hitting reload but it’s not loading any packages. Ideas?

    • Chad Glidewell

      if you don’t have any sources, then no packages will load. you’ll have to manually add the sources back in

  • Adrian Rodriguez

    this work on iPad mini?

  • Chad Glidewell

    I used this and it seemed to work just fine. But now when i go into Cydia, there are 15-20 packages installed that I’m assuming came from iLEX RAT… can I delete them now, or will it F up my phone?

    4S running 6.1.2

  • arianml

    Hi, I m using a jailbroken iPhone 4s on v6.1. I have restored my device with iLEX RAT and now I m facing terrible battery drainage. before, my battery used to last for the whole day, but now I m losing more than 80% of the battery within 3-4 hours!!

    Does anybody have a solution for that? Thanks

  • Om

    Is it possible to access MobileTerminal in Safe Mode?

  • Royce Otero

    Semi restore sounds like a better option. This ilex rat only removed the tweaks and its a waste of time because now I have to get them back. I tried it over 20 times on three phones and it does not replace or move files or remove files that don’t belong. If you don’t believe me try it and then get ifile and check yourself. You will see the same old folders of tweaks and apps that were there before. Also if your having apple loop or your cydia was deleted check out my video on YouTube look up Royceotero.

  • Kev

    Jeff, what is that lockscreen clock you are using?

  • muaz

    hi..does this works with ipad mini?

  • Dixon

    wtf i used this tool on my girlfriends Iphone 4s since it crasshed alot of times. she was on ios 5.0.1 so there was no other way …no dont even the cydia icon i on the screen .. i tried to reinstall the jailbreak but Absinthe tells me there is stil la jailbreak on the phone … and with redsnow it tells me Jailbreak succses but there is no cydia .. tried it 5 times now.. can anyone help ??

  • Ashu


    • genXhippie

      I typed in “PREFERENCE LOADER”, nothing. Which repo,please?

  • Ashu


  • genXhippie

    Which firmwares does this work on exactly?

  • who cares

    i see please wait for hour, shit dont work!

  • iMak

    It’s working flawlessly. I tried it successfully on iPhone 4 6.1.2 and iPhone 4S 6.1.1.

  • J-Kutcher

    Jeff Benjamin may be new review?
    NEW iLEX R.A.T.!!!
    Update: iLEX R.A.T. v.1.10-122
    EASILY Restore Your iDevice!
    NEW iLEX R.A.T. – Adding Icons to the Springboard for Easy Access!
    NEW! – Work without a MobileTerminal, iTunes, PC!

  • J-Kutcher

    Jeff Benjamin may be new review?
    NEW iLEX R.A.T.!
    Update: iLEX R.A.T. v.1.10-122
    EASILY Restore Your iDevice!
    NEW iLEX R.A.T. – Adding Icons to the Springboard for Easy Access!
    NEW! – Work without a MobileTerminal, iTunes, PC!

  • Brack

    I just did this on my 4s. How long should it be at the apple logo with loading bar underneath. I have the 16gb 4s, and it was completely full. Does it take it a while, or am I screwed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • darylc

    worked perfectly for my iphone 5

  • Jennifer

    what about the app I’ve downloaded ? After the restore, will the apps come back ?

  • Shubham Mittal

    can you please provide .deb link of ilex R.A.T 1.10-125 for manual installation

  • simran singh

    mine iphone 5 is locked to orange uk and using in india thru R-sim, will ilex rat work with my iphone without any problem

  • kusumo86

    hey… my cydia won’t open. when i try to open it always flash and won’t open at all. can anyone help?

  • Daniel Traub

    It worked for me already 5 times
    Thanks jeff

  • Pro fun user

    cool cool! like iT!!!

  • bbby

    so, i used ilex rat and on my ip4 and went for the full restore but leaving cydia. and now my phone is in boot loop. i know there are ways to work on it. any suggestions?

  • swooshme13

    Worked fine for me. Just used it on my iPhone 5 64GB Jailbroken on 6.1.2. Sold it on ebay and wanted to keep the jailbreak, but erase all my data. I choose the 2nd option that does just that. And it worked fine.

  • kenneth engø

    Do it the easy way get ANDROID SYSTEM;) no need for jailbreaking or all that crap;)

  • Phong Vu

    I.L.E.X RAT Worked like a charm,it did like it said is restore,they deleted all my tweaks and left over files,it worked great,you guys suck,don’t know how to use it then said that it broke my iphone

  • Gajdos Rajmond

    no icons. this is not good to repair.

  • Smeltn

    so I used this which was updated for iOS7 but it removed the cydia icon.. How can I get it back?

  • Roanna Moore

    I bought an iPhone 4 that is jail broke, I have been trying to install ilexrat but its not installing. Its there in sources but when I tap it the page is blank. Also will it affect the jailbreak when I switch the sim card to mine?

  • V.G. Varun

    This works. 5/26/2014 on my iPhone 5 running iOS 7.0.4. Saved me my jailbreak when my iPhone got screwed up and almost forced me to restore to iOS 7.1 through iTunes!

  • Valkens

    Why i´ve to install mobile terminal? iLex R.A.T is running without it

  • Spriyal

    I need .deb file for this package..
    Please help….

  • Alin Blaow

    i have done everything on on my iphone it finished restoring but when it tells me to slide to upgrade i enter my passcode but the iphone shuts down by itself when i hard reset it comes back to slide to upgrade>
    pleeeeeaaaaase help

  • Zakh

    my ilex rat is not showing option # 12

    • Phoen1x1

      Did u ever find a fix for that i have the same issue..also do you know how to uninstall ilex rat? I want to install the iOS 7 version but there is a conflict since I mistakenly installed the original version first.

  • Jasnoor singh ahuja

    For those who have missing icons and don’t want to delete all their stuff i have a fix just go to safari and type the applications name and add (://) without spaces For e.g. cydia://

  • Dillon Arvanetes

    I did it wrong and now my phone just tries to turn on forever. Anyway to fix this or is my phone broken ?

  • Alan Thomas

    Ilex RAT will not install on my Iphone 3GS Why?