T-Mobile (iPhone 5 d, Pipe)

In his now legendary attempt to criticize an amendment that would have prohibited service providers from charging for a tiered Internet structure, former Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens in 2006 likened the web to a series of tubes. “The Internet is not a big truck,” he famously said, “It’s a series of tubes.”

Tapping that meme, T-Mobile USA on Wednesday posted its third iPhone 5 commercial that literally depicts its network as a sewage pipe which pumps out twice as many gak compared to its rivals. The message couldn’t be clearer: T-Mobile’s pipes aren’t as clogged up as its competitors’ are.

I’ll be revisiting that commercial in a year or so to check how clogged up T-Mobile’s tube gets after data-hungry smartphone users crowd its LTE network. As for the commercial, T-Mobile won the Internet for today. Your video is right after the break…

Here’s the commercial.


From YouTube description:

While overcrowded networks can slow your data down, T-Mobile’s nationwide network has the room to let unlimited data flow freely.

With 50 percent more bandwidth than other carriers, only T-Mobile lets your iPhone 5 be as great as an iPhone 5.

It’s worth reminding about Senator Stevens’s take on the Interwebs.

T-Mobile’s other iPhone ads include a rather interesting inaugural commercial featuring Jimi Hendrixs’ version of the U.S. national anthem and another one aptly named ‘Moustraps,’ basically a critique of existing wireless contracts compared to T-Mobile’s Uncarrier approach.



So, how did you like the ‘Pipes’ commercial?

Do you think average Joes will get the message?

  • Jerry

    I honestly can’t wait to leave at&t. I wish my current at&t model was fully compatible with t-mobile.

  • Is it bad that I want to drink that pink Goo? 🙁

    • Gorgonphone

      yeah its very midtown

  • What about this… make it full refund if we don’t get that pink pipe? LOL

    And how much is the actual # for that pink pipe?

  • I have my iPhone 5 Verizon with t-mobile and I got to say I LOVE IT 😀 T-Mobile is the best carrier out there 🙂

    • Gorgonphone

      no voice and data for you…lol

      • Gorgonphone

        hold on you have a verison iphone running n tmo network???

      • Yea and it work fine with everything on it 4G and voice and data -_- my phone work fine plust with AT&T too

  • Ernie Marin

    Well I would switch, but where I live T-mobile has the worst support, to almost none at all, their signal is 3g at best and so far there are no signs of any improvement. So I guess I’ll stick With AT&T, I just wish Centennial had never gone bankrupt and sold to AT&T, maybe if T-mobile had bought them their service would be better.

    • Gorgonphone

      tmobile should hav stuck with android and see where that got them…

  • Brenda

    Sprints LTE unlimited data for 65 a month is the best!

    • Gorgonphone

      sprint iphone5 still cannot do voice and data sooo it can o to hell

      • Brenda

        dude, its way faster than my wifi speed at home.. want voice and data? download texnow have everyone call u there since its a data mobil app and u can do voice and data just like i do.

      • Gorgonphone

        umm nah i will just stick to AT&T and now tmobile which have the iphone 5 with full voice and data simultaneous features…