RunKeeper Pebble integration

RunKeeper, the popular mobile fitness and GPS tracking app, received an update Tuesday which allows for some interesting Pebble smartwatch features. Thanks to deep integration with the Bluetooth Smart-enabled E-paper wrist device, RunKeeper users can keep track of their workout stats on their Pebble.

This includes the stuff like displaying elapsed time, distance and pace or using the wrist device to pause and resume RunKeeper. The application also supports an additional seven languages and includes the obligatory bug fixes.

RunKeeper also said future updates will enable even deeper Pebble integration. I’ve included a nice promotional video and more details for you, right past the fold…

According to TechCrunch which spoke to RunKeeper CEO Jason Jacobs, additional Pebble-related functionality will be added by way of future updates.

The upcoming features may include setting pace on the smart watch, setting distance targets and more.

“RunKeeper also worked closely with Pebble to get this particular integration developed, and says we’ll see similar UI elements used as other fitness tracking apps come on board,” the technology publication writes.

Here’s your pretty nice promo video.

Release notes for RunKeeper version 3.3 specify the following changes:

Support for new languages!
You can now use everything from goals to audio coaching in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese!

Track your runs with your Pebble watch!
– Use your Pebble watch to view your stats while working out.
– Pause and resume RunKeeper right from your wrist.

Lots of other improvements and fixes for bugs that you hopefully never noticed!

RunKeeper is free to download for iOS and Android from the App Store and Google’s Play store. The free Pebble companion app is also available on iOS and Android.

Although the Pebble smartwatch is literally unrepairable, it has a software development kit to allow programmers to extend its stock capabilities with new features.

A recent Pebble OS update has resolved power-savings issues on iOS devices. More interesting than that is support for third-party watchfaces created by the watchface SDK.

RunKeeper Pebble integration (teaser 002)

If you already own a Pebble and are jailbroken, you can use the BTNotificationEnabler tweak to send all iOS Notification Center alerts to the device. Released mid-April, the Pebble smartwatch is available for pre-order through Kickstarter.

In my view, RunKeeper’s Pebble integration gives us a nice insight into how Apple’s rumored smartwatch might integrate with the broader iOS ecosystem.

And should Apple provide an iWatch SDK for third-party support via Bluetooth, apps like RunKeeper and health accessories such as Nike’s upcoming second-generation Nike+ FuelBand could similarly add new functionality outside Apple’s stock features.

Bloomberg heard the Apple smartwatch will run iOS, so there’s hope it could be jailbreakable like Apple’s existing iOS devices are.

And that alone could easily become the iWatch’s most important game-changing feature…

  • Joonyaboy

    Ok, NOW I’m interested in a Pebble. Before this I was gonna leave Runkeeper and get the Nike+ Sportwatch GPS, but this might be a problem solver

  • deepdvd

    Watch Cydia for Pebble+ as well. The developer claims he submitted it to the BigBoss repo yesterday and will charge 3.99 for it. Some of its features…
    Status: shows current weather information and iPhone battery status
    Calendar: shows next appointment with time/date and location
    Bitcoin: shows the current bitcoin exchange rate from motgx (including high/low)
    GPS: shows current location (either as lat/lon or street name), altitude or distance travelled, and current speed
    Music: starts/stops the regular music playback
    Volume: control your iPhone’s volume
    Camera: launch the iPhone camera and take a picture
    Siri: launch Siri