On Let’s Talk Jailbreak episode number eight, Sebastien and Jeff discuss some of their favorite jailbreak tweaks to run on the iPad. The pair discusses hot topics like Facebook Chat Heads on iOS, and biteSMS’ upcoming new feature. As always, we talk about some of the top tweaks from the past week, and take some of your questions.

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  • Happy anniversary Sebastian!!!!!

  • my motivasion

  • i am looking forward to a big Let’s Talk Jailbreak ep 10

  • Francisco Herrera

    My favorite podcast of all time. Keep them coming.

    • Thanks, much appreciated. Please make sure to rate the podcast in iTunes 🙂

  • Sentry

    It’s been a steady start but I’m really enjoying how the show is becoming more free flowing and conversational with each episode.

    • We’re still learning

      • J_W97

        Well, your learning pretty fast. Keep up the good work Seb’

  • Fil

    Hey seb. Who can i contact to get my ideas published into a tweak or app to improve jailbreaking ?

    • You can contact some of your favorite jailbreak developers

      • Adam Bowman

        Hello Sebastien,

        Check out what I found:

        If I recall correctly, on a fairly recent podcast you and Jeff were discussing tweaks that you would like to see. You mentioned how you would like to see a tweak that gave you full accessibility to camera features from the lockscreen camera (such as the ability to access the camera roll and send photos through messages without having to unlock your phone). Well, I was browsing around Cydia… and I discovered something that might fit your needs. Check out a tweak called “FullLockCamera.” I haven’t downloaded it yet, but, judging from the description, it seems to be what you are looking for.

        By the way, I’ve been listening for a couple of weeks now, and I really like to podcast. Keep up the great work.


        Adam Bowman
        New York

      • Hey Adam,

        Yes I came across this tweak a while ago but unfortunately it doesn’t work with iOS 6, so I’m still out of luck 🙁

      • Fil

        What was that called

    • Reddit let the people vote 🙂

      • Fil

        About to post tons and tons of tweak requests check for [25+ Tweak Request]

  • When the Evasi0n Jailbreak came out, SwipeSelection was one of the first tweaks I installed on my iPhone 5. Amazing stuff.

  • Excellent podcast
    Can’t wait for velox!!!

  • Ian

    I would love for an episode on themes. Your favorite themes, most icons themed, etc.
    If you do, a theme suggestion, Glasklart. Love it, and am not leaving it.

    • Jeff & Sebastien have said before that they aren’t really into theming that much but if you were to ask me what my favourite themes are I would tell you (in no particular order):

      Ayecon, Jaku, Newport, Glasklart.

      In terms of iPad you really only have two options (in my opinion) and they are either Ayecon for iPad or the just recently released Jaku for iPad (if its anything near as good as the iPhone version as I haven’t had a chance to buy it yet).

      • Ian

        Thank you for your suggestions, but I just crashed my iPod hours after my post, and was force to restore. AGH. Well, there’s my iPod 4… 🙂

  • Uggh i am so behind on these. I need to catch up

  • JS3

    +1 for velox!! idk why i want that tweak so bad but i do lol…

  • sam445

    can i save my SHSH file with TinyUmbrella but its give me some error message that try to save your SHSH file with cydia.

    • Try using RedSn0w if I’m not mistaken it also has features to save SHSH…

      • Guest

        its give me this message

  • Sebastien like Jeff I also went through a phase where I used Google Chrome as the default browser however I stopped as I was surprised to find no “Open in” support for documents. Maybe one of the download managers in Cydia provides this functionality (if it does someone please jump in and tell me with a comment). With that in mind I don’t think Chrome is that usable for me as it hinders my productivity forcing me to click in the URL bar for Chrome, select the entire URL, copy it, close Chrome, open Safari, select the URL bar in Safari, Paste the URL into Safari, hit “Go”, Select “Open in”, choose the relevant app. I was honestly surprised “Open in” support wasn’t provided in Google Chrome by default…