Prime makes it easier to identify recent calls


Well respected developers thekirbylover & rvirajm have collaborated on a new tweak, and it’s simple, but very much worth your time. The tweak is called Prime, and it allows you to easily tell the difference between missed calls, incoming calls, and outgoing calls.

By default, the iPhone highlights missed calls with a red font, but outgoing and incoming calls both retain a normal black font. This makes it difficult to quickly eye and identify what type of calls make up your recent calls list. Prime solves this issue by labeling incoming calls with a blue font and outgoing calls with a green font.

Like I said, it’s a simple tweak, but it’s one of the most practical Cydia releases I’ve seen in a while.

Prime Settings

Prime contains a preference panel in the Settings app that allows you to change the color of the date contained in the recent call log. Once the date colors are enabled via the toggle, you can select from a list of 11 different colors. To make the changes take place, simply kill the Phone app and restart it.

Prime Color

I really wish that Prime allowed users to assign specific colors to the missed calls, incoming calls, and outgoing calls as well. Perhaps the duo is holding out for a “pro” version sometime down the line.

Prime Date

Prime is available right now in Cydia’s ModMyi repo. Let me know what you think about it in the comment section below.