Quick Compose Widget

Well, it’s not exactly what we were expecting, but it’s still pretty intriguing. biteSMS version 7.6.1 is here, and it brings with it a new Quick Compose widget, that, for a time, was referred to as Text Heads.

It’s a far cry from the Facebook Home inspired Chat Heads tweak brought to us recently by Adam Bell, but it’ll no doubt still be a welcomed feature for hardcore bite fans.

Quick Compose Widget Notifications

To enable the Quick Compose Widget, go to the Settings app > Notifications > Quick Compose Widget > and toggle Notification Center to on. You must have favorite contacts with valid forms of contact and a photo established in the Contacts app in order for them to show up in the Quick Compose Widget.

Once everything is setup, simply swipe down on your status bar to invoke Notification Center, and tap the contact photo of the person you wish to send a message to. Once you do, the Quick Compose pop up for biteSMS will load, and you’ll be able to quickly converse with the desired contact.

Here is the change log for biteSMS 7.6 beta 1:

NEW: Quick Compose Widget. Just a simple convenient way to launch a Quick Compose with a favorite contact (managed via Phone > Favorites). It’s a Notification Center Widget (managed via Apple > Settings > Notifications > Quick Compose Widget).

If you’d like to give it a shot, then make sure you add biteSMS’ beta repo to your Cydia sources: http://cydia.bitesms.com.

What do you think about the new Quick Compose widget? Excited? Disappointed? Indifferent? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Hani Mikhail

    Eh… I’m not complaining. Probably won’t actually use it though.

  • Text heads really

  • weztimonial

    Wont use it probably. Used to tapping on the volume box

  • um…if one has bitesms, that means they are jailbroken right? And if they are jailbroken, the probably have and use Activator right? so why don’t you just program an Activator gesture to invoke quick reply…which induces your favorites right in the menu? #redundentfeature

    • My thoughts exactly.

    • this is soooo completely weak – i feel like it was just riding on the hype of Chat Heads to increase d/l’s and ad revenue as a result – bogus bogus bogus bogus bogus

  • Soo disappointed. Only because I was hyped up by the “text heads” nonsense name. But they need this chat head feature. C’mon.

    PS the bitesms full license is on sale in case no one noticed.

  • Now we just need another jailbreak tweak that’ll pull those out of the NC & put them anywhere on the homescreen.

  • Jason

    not seeing it in the notifications list here. do i need to enable in the app first before it will show in the settings/notifications section to turn on?

    • Jason

      not that i’m likely to use it, but still want to have a look 🙂

  • Updated to check it out. Now can’t rid of the update badge notification.

    • Same here. Wtf.

      • I ended up deleting the bitesms repo. That worked.

    • same here, but for me it’s TypeStatus…always showing an update…over and over. must be a cydia bug.

      • Steroc

        That was a bug with TypeStatus that has now supposedly been sorted

  • wonderboydave

    pull Notification center down, tap on bottom right..

  • Unimpressed. It doesn’t speed messaging up noticeably; it’s not much slower to use the default QC and type the first letter of a contact’s name. When LockInfo added a similar option, I never utilized it.

    Real Talk Heads would’ve been very practical for multitask conversing in a fast passed manner.

    Too much hype for so little. If they really wanna do something awesome, how about giving Quick Reply for Whatsapp for free to paid users of BiteSMS or give a one time charge option?

  • Max Rojas


  • isnt there a million other tweaks that do the exact same thing?

  • So disappointing

  • SebestyenSzabo

    Bit disappointed, but useful anyway.

  • Wish the devs would stop wasting thier time with this and make the quick reply more functional like messages+, so i can see the whole of the chat while im typing

  • Sahil

    It makes no sense.. BiteSMS already had this feature.. In the compose pop-up.. When u click on the star it would open ur favorites and message them directly.. The name ‘text heads’ got a lot of hype.. It’s a redundant feature.. And I won’t use it cuz m too use to using the volume key!!

  • Bite, that was a failed attemt. However as a long time fan of Bitesms i stand by the tweak. Now… Can someone please give us a TRUE texthead tweak. Thats all i got to say about that.

  • The name is misleading don’t like it at all.

  • Nick

    There’s a tweak called favorite contacts that I use it does the same thing, works with Bitmesms but also let’s you compose an email and a phone call.

  • Francisco Herrera

    Was excited about this feature. After reading the commentery not so sure if i should download the beta.

  • This is a huge disappointment… If BiteSMS made the facebook chat heads for texts… that would be… amazing…

  • Chuck Finley

    Someone remind me what the point of this is?

    I mean, with BiteSMS you can assign quick compose to a key via Activator, and you can just type in the contact you want to text in the to field? It’s not like people are forgetting their friends names and only recognise them by face are they?

    Also screw the BiteSMS team for using the misleading term “Text Heads” and coming out with something that’s completely useless, pointless and utterly underwhelming. I was actually excited about using a feature similar to Chat Heads.

    • Dude you hit the nail right on the head! They should have never used text heads as there adding name ! Ridiculous man