Samsung Galaxy S 4 (white, three up, front, profile, back)

Gadget resellers such as Gazelle may have been eagerly awaiting Samsung’s new Galaxy S 4 in the hope that Apple fans will jump ship and trade-in their iPhones. Thus far, this hasn’t been the case. Quite the contrary – the vast majority of post-S4 trade-ins are for other Galaxy smartphones, not iPhones.

Specifically, Gazelle’s CEO said Monday his company has seen a cool 168 percent increase in the number of the Galaxy S III trade-ins compared to the number of Galaxy S II trade-ins, both observed during the same post-launch timeframe for each device…

Speaking to CNBC’s Squawk on the Street today, Gazelle co-founder and CEO Israel Ganot said most of the trade-in increase his company observed has been driven by customers who already own Samsung phones.

This data point is an indication that the South Korean conglomerate likely won’t see a significant number of converts from the iPhone.

By comparison, shortly after Apple launched its new handset last year, Gazelle saw “an unprecedented spike” in iPhone sales as exiting users scrambled to cash in on their iPhone and upgrade to the new model.

All told, Gazelle saw an 800 percent spike in smartphone trade-ins following Apple’s September 2012 iPhone 5 announcement. This is nearly seven times the increase in Gazelle trade-ins contributed to the Galaxy S 4 announcement.

One caveat: iPhone-related trade-ins usually explode post-announcement because Apple’s handset usually tends to go on sale up to a week and a half after it is announced, while Samsung’s Galaxy S4 won’t become available until end of April.

He also noted (via AppleInsider) people can trade-in a number of Samsung and Apple devices on the Gazelle web site, including iPads, iPods and Mac notebooks and desktops.

Gazelle Samsung smartphone tradeins

In what could be explained as an acknowledgment of the threat of Samsung, Apple on the eve of Galaxy S 4 launch dispatched its marketing honcho to pooh-pooh Android and dismiss Samsung’s new baby.

And that extends to the news we are hearing this week that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is being rumored to ship with an OS that is nearly a year old. Customers will have to wait to get an update.

I understand Apple’s PR has to work “a little harder” to get its message out in a time of intensifying smartphone competition, but Schiller unfortunately didn’t stop there and instead went on to speculate that the S4 won’t run the latest Android Jelly Bean version.

why iphone ad 2

Samsung during the unveiling confirmed the device will ship with Android 4.2.2 so Schiller’s unforced error has clearly backfired.

Shouldn’t Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing know better than make moot points based on rumors alone?

Apple also countered the S4 threat with a new ‘Why iPhone’ campaign comprised of a dedicate web page explaining why people love their iPhones and a corresponding email message sent out to fans.

Did you ever cash in on a used device on Gazelle?

What was your experience like?

  • bigzjoseph

    Apple 4 life

    • im with you there buddy

    • ap3604

      When you only allow yourself one option that sure makes it easier to decide…

    • Apple really don’t have much to worry about.. No threat from the Samsung devices.

    • shar

      I was thinking to jump ship with the next galaxy perhaps (ie, galaxy 5) and I thought I would start gathering apps until the day comes, but then I realized, I have invested so much in my iphone, app purchases, in-app-purchases, whether work related or learning related, etc.. and all their data in the cloud that I think it will be more logical for me to stay with apple, so Apple 4 life…….

      • Jeremy

        Ha, the same thing applied to me. I was considering going to a GS4 or maybe GS5 from my 4S but only after Apple released the 5S but then I realized the same thing that I’ve invested so much in Apple like with apps, in-app purchases, and iTunes purchases that it would be hell for me to start investing in android.

  • It very impressive. Time to shop around I think. Seriously I love my iphone but I just want a bigger screen.

    • Me too. I’m actually bored of the UI, and I can’t have lots of tweaks because my old iPhone 4 gets a bit buggy. I think I’m giving Android a chance, and I’m buying a Nexus4 (the only android device I think it’s almost as good as an iPhone). At least a new iPhone with new things appear.

      • Dan

        If you don’t mind the size, Note 2 runs really smooth

      • He said a phone not a tablet

      • Dan

        If you reread my comment, you will notice that I said ‘if you don’t mind the size’. Obviously it’s not for everyone. Imo, if it fits in my pocket it’s not a tablet.

      • Doesn’t fit in mine

      • Kurt

        don’t wear gay skinny jeans trying to show off your curves.

      • regkilla


      • Dan

        lol thought the same thing

      • The note 2 would still look big in the pockets of MC Hammers pants.

      • Kurt

        In a four year old’s MC Hammer pants

      • Well, take your little sisters pants off and it will!…

      • I tested a Note2 but I don’t really like Samsung devices though. I like Nexus because of it’s pure Android experience and fast upgrades. I would not tolerate a device that cannot upgrade due to it’s manufacturer or carrier!

      • you dont have to wait for anyone…if you root it.

      • So, you need a hack even to upgrade the software? Dude, that’s a huge dependence on a 3rd party software!

      • John Young

        I switched from an iPhone 4 to nexus 4 and im loving it

      • Is the camera better? Because I’ve read some stuff that said the camera, although being an 8mp one, was as not as good. I also have some doubts, because I would miss some stuff from iOS like iCloud, AirPlay or Find my iPhone, and that kind of functionalities…

      • there are replacements for that stuff in the Play Store

      • SoCoMagNuM

        i switched from iPhone 4 to galaxy S 3 and this phone is a monster compared to the iPhone UI. Gonna take alot to wow me to go back to iPhones. Im however interested to see how the iPad mini 2 with retina screen will turn out. i do want one of those.

      • Tom be aware your ‘laggy’ iPhone 4 with tweaks is faster than the Nexus4!XD

      • Are you sure? :S Damn, I don’t know what to do. I love widgets, and to make matters worse Dashboard X crashes on my device every 5 minutes!

      • I don’t think so

      • NinjaCEO

        I don’t like Touchwiz. I prefer the look and feel of Sense 5 on the HTC One

    • Buy a bigger screen phone and after a while you won’t want it anymore, the os is more important. I had a one x, very nice screen but android sucked. It was my seconded phone, I would never be without an iPhone. Don’t make that mistake. That my honest advice base on first hand experience.

      • Dan

        Depends on the user, I had an iPhone for years. Got bored and bought a Note 2 (android 4.1.2), run perfect and don’t plan on getting an iPhone again anytime soon. So many things you can customize and great not having to worry about losing my jailbreak.

      • Kurt

        Note 2 works well with a mouse and keyboard. especially when hooked up to a large tv. real multitasking at it’s best

  • ap3604

    I’ll wait and see what Anandtech has to say about it before considering it. If it has the proper battery life (which I doubt it does) then I might look into it. I don’t really trust any other “reviews” on the web.

  • jilex

    as i have been saying a lot of times, if you want true android, you get a nexus, other devices are allways behind the nexus on software

    • iRabz

      Does it support LTE?

  • seyss

    what can you expect from a Gazelle….

  • samsung is taking a bite out of samsung…lol the only phone that beats the iphone is the new iPhone..lolol

  • Its going to happen again when Apple releases the new IPhone, weather that be the 5s or 6

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  • Apple for ever n ever

  • S3 ppl more likely to trade in for an iPhone 5… No point in getting a silly S4, no real improvement.

  • moofer

    Do you think that maybe, just maybe, it’s actually because the phone doesn’t go on sale until April? Do you know anyone who can go a month without their cell phone? Re-write this story in may when it’s true.

    • Kurt

      plus gazelle gives crap money for devices. iPhones are extremely easy to sell and will give you back the most money. If you are uninformed you sell via gazelle. Otherwise you would never use their service for iPhones

  • M Last

    anyone knows why the middle picture is upside down?(first picture white color)

  • Isa Altintas

    I’ll stick with iOS as long as it’s system remain as stable as it is now like on my iphone 5. Been on android 3 years non stop, followed every upgrade step by step but there was also some kind of lag or small bugs. Stability will always be priority for me.

    • Kurt

      you were just holding it wrong

      • Hey wanna help me upgrade my sII to jelly bean? Oh wait you can’t

      • actually…you can…Google it….should check your facts before making yourself look dumb.

  • I love both

  • lkn4akll

    1. Bored with the UI.
    2. Screen too small.

    Not enough reasons to make the switch to Android.

  • NinjaCEO

    No, but I’ll be trading in my iPhone 5 for the HTC One!!!

    IOS is boring me to sleep.

  • Hyr3m

    Folks making generalizing statements out of anecdotal evidence following Samsung’s next big thing announcement.

  • regkilla

    Gazelle sucks

  • Based on the topic of this thread, its very logical that apple fans are waiting for Apple’s counter attack in the consumer world of smartphones. In my opinion, if Apple sells the 5S with the exact iOS as they have for 5 yrs with simply a faster processor then I think we all must agree Steve Jobs is gone for good.

    Im all about the cool and different things you can DO with your phone. I mean if you want to purchase a 1977 mercedes just to show off that you have a mercedes then do it. That new Kia looks pretty dope tho.

  • The_Blueblood

    Apple has lost it’s luster and ‘waiting’ 4 weeks for my icons to download (doing everything from standing on one foot while patting my head and rubbing my belly)
    is just too much. Apple wants $19.00 to discuss a fix FOR THEIR BUG!
    So yeah, I’m ready to cross to the Dark Side…