Popular Trade-In Service Gazelle Sees “Unprecedented” Spike in Used iPhone Sales

Apple is expected to hold its iPhone announcement in the next two weeks, and popular online trade-in service Gazelle has seen a huge boost in people trying to sell their used iPhones in exchange for cash.

Gazelle has seen a 84% spike in iPhone submissions during the last two weeks. If you’re wanting to sell your current iPhone before the next generation is revealed, now is the time to act…

CNET reports:

“This launch has been so delayed and overdue, there’s definitely a lot more of a hype,” said Anthony Scarsella, Gazelle’s “chief gadget officer” in a phone interview. “For us, this is really an unprecedented behavior, as gadget owners always wait–usually until a new product is announced–to trade in.”

“This is especially true with mobile phones, because you can’t really trade in your phone and go without it. With a tablet, and other categories, you can trade in your camera, wait two months, and buy a new camera. But with a cell phone, it’s kind of like you need one on you at all times,” Scarsella said.”

We already knew that there was unprecedented demand for the iPhone 5, so it’s no surprise that people are trying to get rid of their soon-to-be-outdated smartphones. Gazelle is noticing a mixed blend of iPhone 4, 3GS and 3G submissions. All kinds of iPhone users are awaiting the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S.

The iPhone is currently Gazelle’s top trade-in, and there’s a banner on the site’s homepage inviting users to trade-in their old iPhone. Gazelle gets around 2,500 iPhone trade-ins a week.

“Last year we were getting about 100 a day pre-announcement, and it spiked to about 2,000 per day post-announcement. So we haven’t even hit it yet and we’re almost at 2,500 this week,” Scarsella said.

Gazelle offers a 30-day lock on whatever offer you get for your iPhone. This means that customers get a guaranteed price for their trade-in no matter what for 30 days. Gazelle will even give customers a higher offer if the price goes up within the 30-day offer window.

For iPhone users awaiting the next Apple announcement, this is obviously an attractive way to get a guaranteed offer on your current iPhone that you can decide on after the Apple keynote. If you end up not wanting the iPhone 5/4S as much as you thought, than you can keep your iPhone 4. Customers that actually need their iPhones for the next two weeks will also find Gazelle’s price lock appealing. You don’t have to actually give your current iPhone up until 30 days after Gazelle gives you your quote.

If you plan on trading in your used iPhone in anticipation of whatever Apple has planned next, it’s time to do so now. Check out our handy article on how to get your iPhone ready for resale for more information.