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Following Apple marketing boss Phil Schiller’s anti-Android comments on the eve of Galaxy S 4 launch and Apple’s new ‘Why iPhone’ web campaign, the CEO of BlackBerry has unsurprisingly launched a critique of Apple’s handset and its user interface, referring to the the fact that iOS now 5+ years old.

In his view, Apple is being out-innovated by others, right up to the point where the Cupertino company could get replaced “pretty quickly”. Of course, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins, like every other handset vendor in the ferociously competitive mobile market, is really drumming up his own platform by arguing that the iPhone is an old hat. Be that as it may, I’d choose my words carefully if I were Heins.

The struggling handset maker’s market share and capitalization have all but evaporated because of the iPhone and now stand in the single-digit range and below the $8 billion mark, respectively. That’s how much investors thought the entire BlackBerry biz was worth Monday morning. Now, contrast Blackberry’s market cap to Apple’s first-quarter net profit of $13.06 billion

Here’s a nice quote, from a report by The Australian Financial Times:

History repeats itself again I guess… The rate of innovation is so high in our industry that if you don’t innovate at that speed you can be replaced pretty quickly.

The user interface on the iPhone, with all due respect for what this invention was all about is now five years old.

Nevertheless, he praised Apple for giving the wireless industry a good kick in the you-know-what.

Apple did a fantastic job in bringing touch devices to market … They did a fantastic job with the user interface, they are a design icon. There is a reason why they were so successful, and we actually have to admit this and respect that.

BlackBerry won’t compete with Apple on tablets, though.

Kudos to Apple, I think they really managed to own that space, so it doesn’t make sense for me to just take this head on.

I need to figure out, for my enterprise customers, for my consumers, for my BB10 audience, what can I do that provides them a mobile computing experience in the form factor of a tablet, which goes beyond just the puristic tablet experience.

He’ll need to do a lot of figuring out because Apple – and Android to a smaller extent – is taking over BlackBerry’s home turf – big corporations, governments and businesses – with three out of four corporate devices bearing the Apple logo.

According to IDC, the BlackBerry smartphone shipments fell 36.4 percent for a 4.6 percent market share. Heins also didn’t mince words concerning the BlackBerry platform, saying that with new BlackBerry phones now out in the wild, his company needs “to win it”.

He adds that the new BlackBerry devices out-innovate Apple with true multitasking, “meaning that users could work in the same fashion on their smartphone as they liked to on a laptop.”

IDC 2012 smartphone shipments

I’m unsure about mainstream users picking BlackBerrys over iPhones on multitasking alone.

BlackBerry has long been written off in my book. The company is struggling for relevancy and may end up being sold in parts to the likes of Microsoft and Oracle. His remarks about the iPhone’s user interface, however, do have (some) merits.

After all, Apple’s been refining the iOS UI without changing the fundamentals: the familiar home screen, the grid of icons, Notification Center alerts and so forth. Some Apple fans feel it’s time to change the user interface completely, but I disagree.

I’m fine with the iOS UI, as it is now.

It’s simple, straightforward and gets the job done more effectively. To me, iOS is about using your device almost without any thinking involved, which couldn’t be said about other mobile OSs – and I’ve been using pretty much every major mobile platform out there.

Android? Widgets? Customization?

Android Widgets

Android is an UI mess.

It needs lots of customizing because Google in its attempts to replicate the Apple experience has created a powerful platform, but also one not designed for ordinary folk. Android is awesome if you’re a hard-core geek, but everyday people seem to get lost in Android most of the time.

And as an owner of Android devices, I can’t escape the feeling that very few people love their Android gadgets and are actually very satisfied with them.

That’s not to say that iOS shouldn’t change – it should, if a number of tweaks popular with jailbreakers are anything to go by.

The hope here is that Apple won’t rush the changes through the door for change’s sake. Fortunately, iOS seems to be in good hands now that its architect, SVP Scott Forstall, is gone.

I’m fairly certain that with Jony Ive now in charge of Apple’s user interface experiences, we’re gonna see welcomed changes for the better without introducing radical departments to the years of muscle memory training.

What’s your opinion about Thorsten Heins’s iPhone-is-old-hat words?

And how would you change iOS?

  • felixtaf

    Good to hear… Blackberry TALKING about innovation!

  • RarestName

    Shut up with this stupid word “innovation”! Overused!

    • TesticularFortitude

      It’s the latest buzz word… lol

  • philadelphia

    Yeah.. Because Blackberry is in any position to deliver criticism or advice.

    • Well, they are right. The interface hasn’t changed since the release of the first iPhone.

  • Boss

    Jailbreak is the only think keeping me on iPhone 5

    • Then u should get a android.. A JB shouldnt be ur reason to have an iphone. I am jailbroken also but i changed from android to ios a couple of years ago and i chose my iphone(s) for simplicity, security, and reliability. Thats me personally. Any changes later in UI or customization is a plus but not my main concern.

  • The irony… it kills me.

  • Damian W

    I played with blackberry new OS, and it does deliver quality. Multitasking is great, and iOS after that feels very obsolete.

    • it does indeed, I have a Z10 and a Nokia Lumia, trust me, the BB10 system is true multitask, very smooth. Is in my opinion a mix between iOs and Android.

      • Damian W

        and the best part is, it acts like all time favourite tweak Zephyr.

    • When a system can only deliver imported apps from Android and not running them natively… I can’t say that it’s better than any OS yet…

      • Apple is the worst thing to develop. Ask any developers out there. easiest is Windows Phone (using C and VS2012).

      • No, its not. Windows Phone is easier only for Windows developers who are used to VS and never used ObjC and XCode before. But I can tell you for sure that most Devs love Apple Dev tools. Well, all the AppStore is the big proof of that.

      • Damian W

        if we compare everything in terms of apps then Apple will always win for the next 100 years. They have had the biggest support for the lat 5 years. And to be honest, I and many others, probably use only 7+ apps on a daily basis. You dont need 50 or more apps.

  • BlackBerry CEO is right. The UI hasn’t evolved at all since 2007. This being said, I still don’t understand how Apple is being “out-innovated”.

    Is making 13 different phones with different specs considered innovating? If so, Samsung sure is innovating. As far as I can tell though, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry and Nokia haven’t created anything new that Apple hadn’t already created 6 years ago.

    To be clear, a UI refresh is not innovation. It’s merely a visual improvement. A 52 core processor is not innovation. It’s a spec bump. Innovation is when you create something new, which no phone maker has done since Apple unveiled the iPhone in 2007.

    • TesticularFortitude

      I love this guy. No homo.

      • sambuzzlight

        me too! but no its true that we still see the same plain homescreen UI of ios since 2007 but it freakin love it have no complains

    • felixtaf

      Talk about te PPI bump bro… 326 was unimaginable to others when apple introduced it in retina! Now, they r jumping that 441 (Innovation)!!!

      • Not sure about that. There comes a point when you won’t even notice a difference.

      • felixtaf

        Yes… 336 is more than enuf! I can understand about the resolution. But, ppi bump is overused!

      • Well, you know I think 326 is enough, or do you hold your cellphone 30 cm distant or less of your eyes?(for most people it is even 20 cm or sth.)! The point is that it may is even bad! The processor and the RAM will be more utilized, while Android isn’t power efficient anyway. Also developers will have to make new Graphics(and really: Developers are normally going with Apple and it’s resolution)…

        It all comes down to the normal, static Samsung-feeling of making everything bigger and greater and just more… Without thinking about consequences or if it even is useful…

      • felixtaf


      • AMB_07

        You laugh about it now but I remember in 2010 fanboys calling the retina display an innovation. While it was something totally amazing, it was not an innovation and bumping the PPI today is still great, but still not an innovation.

      • it was a innovation, because apple didn’t make “high resolution” only but kept the aspect ratio, giving us more detailed text and images, that’s why all devs needed to make new icons for retina displays.

        in the other hand, other companies only increased the resolution but kept increasing the stuff using upscaling technics only… without any conscious about the details… or like the old Microsoft that only gave us bigger resolutions but icons and text instead of keeping the same size.. they decreased the size.

        That’s the difference between “retina display” and “bigger resolution only…”

      • AMB_07

        This was not an innovation my friend, Apple didn’t create new tech or a new idea here so I don’t see how this qualify as innovation. It is simply a spec bump (a superb one) but nothing new.

        Also what you said about the other companies doesn’t make sense, as they have also been improving their displays much in the same way as Apple and some have also outdone Apple in that area (see: HTC).

        Also about Microsoft, it’s a software comp. and yes they did have displays but what you said doesn’t have anything to do with anything. Windows works remarkably well with close to any display resolution and it looks sharp.

      • You should check “innovation” on the dictionary

      • AMB_07

        I would highly suggest you do the same. I still maintain that it is not an innovation as it is not a new idea or something done differently. It was an amazing bump nonetheless.

        And of course app developers had to update their apps to support the new ppi because Apple created a fragmentation with the iPhone 4. That fragmentation is largely a thing of the past now but on a platform as popular and lucrative as iOS you’d have to expect the devs to adapt quickly to any change.

      • Fragmented? Are you serious? All apps still work fine, doesn’t matter if you have a retina display iPhone or not. The only thing that they need to make (to take advantage of the retina display) is adding the new stuff. That’s not fragmentation, at all.

        You can only say that if all retina display apps worked ONLY on retina display iPhones, and non retina display apps, on non-retina display iPhones only.

      • AMB_07

        No insult intended but when you’re done looking up the definition of innovation you might want to do the same for the word fragmentation. Apple did in fact create a fragmentation with the retina display but also with the multitasking feature on iOS4 ( or at least what Apple likes to call “multitasking”).

        As I said it is now largely a thing of the past as most devs have adapted their apps to the change. If you think abt it Apple created another fragmentation with the iPhone 5. It is a lesser one than in 2010 thought.

      • lollololololl

      • yeah 441 PPI is great …tooo bad androids still cant scroll smoothly


    • Agree 100%
      Plus he is in no position to talk about innovation.

    • The guy above got it.

    • Well said

    • max

      He didn’t say making 13 different phones and no one said a spec bump is innovation. If you can take the apple blinders off for a second. Yes apple did revolutionize smartphone but, all they have done after that is just bump up the internals and slaps a retina display and steal some innovations from the jailbreak community and call it over 200 ios features and proclaim it’s the best iPhone ever.
      People…you included, wait for months and months to jailbreak their devices so they buy tweaks and themes to change the look. I think we can all agree that apple has some serious competition.

      • I never said Apple didn’t have some serious competition. The fact is that no one (including Apple) has innovated since 2007. Not Apple, not Samsung, not Nokia, and not BlackBerry

      • ^^^FACT

      • AMB_07

        That’s a rather bold claim…

      • It’s quite true though.

    • But still there are some people who will believe on his trash talking…

    • Irfan Tarique

      Anyone who’s got the chance to actually see the home screen of the blackberry smartphone in person will find that its not very different from the home screen on IOS. I think i think its the same grid and the dock that blackberry is trying to prove as “innovative”.

    • 100% correct. Android is just an improved version of iOS. I don’t know why people belive that apple ran out out of innovation while samsung and others are being called innovative just because they have improved os and big screen, ram, cpu cores etc.

    • Seb you got it right. But would two different screen sizes hurt iPhone? Cant they branch out and explore the more radical sizes? I know to some the Note 2 is ridiculous but I look at this screen everyday and the diehard Apple fanboy in me says “If this thing was running Jailbroken IOS id be in heaven”. Hell they could even cook up an Iphone/ipad hybrid UI to run on it and id be satisfied.

      • Two different screen sizes probably wouldn’t hurt the iPhone, but it might hurt manufacturing costs of the iPhone, making it more expensive to make (because they would make two different models), thus hurting Apple’s bottomline. Now I’m not saying Apple will not do this. I think they will figure out if there is a real demand for a bigger screen, and if there is, they likely will make one. Just like they did with the iPad mini when they realized a smaller tablet was in demand.

      • Agreed!

      • it wont hurt iphone but i think developers will be more frustrated because they have to create two versions of apps and most of the devolopers will only enlarge their smaller size app and wont use the most out of the screen size

      • regkilla

        Note 2 with a better screen resolution as well. That would have been better.

    • amazing well said

  • felixtaf

    They were the one with same old UI and same old Devices with a crappy plan for years… They introduced new UI, but that will work only on BB10 devices (Same old crap is still out there). Plus, u buy a phone and u need BB data plan to get something out of it. Crap! And the devices are not cheap either. My first BB was BB 7105. Second and last one was BB9000. It had wifi… Yay… I can only browse with that! Everything else was nada! Hope they changed this crap in BB10!

  • ios is getting abit boring but it still works very well, it does need some advanced features to keep the hardcore users but that is all software based. apple likes to release a few great innovations where as google seems to have its fingers in all the pies so to speak in an attempt to eventually make something that works very well, so they are two different companies, with two different work ethics.

  • I think BlackBerry should change, they do have no”mainstream” cellphone.

    For iOS: I would add an API and a special Store for enhancements to iOS(using codesigning and “package approval”). The point is that Apple has not been shown a great Packager, Cydia is awful! Steve Jobs would turn around in grave if they would add sth like this.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    I agree.. Mr. Ive blow us away…(finger crossed)

  • Steve Lang

    Well, Windows 8 ‘innovated’ with a brand new desktop touch paradigm quantum shift whatever, and people hate it- you don’t change just for the sake of change. That being said, in particular I actually like what Microsoft brought to their phone OS. At the very least, it would be nice for the iOS Weather app icon to actually show the weather for today, and other little things like that…

  • Chuck Finley

    I have to disagree with Android being only for the hyper geeky, my mum, bless her, is clueless with tech and she gets on with her Android perfectly fine.

    Admittedly BB10 is pretty slick, it has it’s faults but it’s got some nice features.

  • Thorsten’s ignorant and baseless comments have now turned his company from Blackberry to DingleBerry. Good job!

  • Ernie Marin

    BlackBerry still has a CEO?, I thought small businesses didn’t need a CEO.

  • I agree with you Christian, if Apple were to completely redesign iOS,
    most non-geeks would be very disappointed. While geeks (like myself)
    like to try new things, customize and jailbreak, “normal” customers hate
    change, they hate having to learn how to do things again or picking up a
    manual. It does need improvements and could take some cues from the jb
    community, but we don’t need a new OS.
    Also something else I’d like
    to point out is that Apple and its devices are so succesful because of
    the ease of use and the fact that they really don’t change too much over
    the years, so users don’t feel intimidated and can just pick it up and

    • OSX is the biggest example. Looks the same but it’s not.. it has a lot of improvements since the OSX 10.1 but still looks familiar. That’s how Apple rules. Changes are great, indeed, but sometimes changes can be fatal. It’s better to keep something that it’s good and works instead of trying to be innovative and screw everything. I believe in progress… not in “forced” progress just to say: “hey… we invented new stuff so we are innovative…”

      Apple = Smooth

      • I think it would be great to introduce a new UI, but give the user an option. Something like the DreamBoard jailbreak app.

        What Apple would do is create the new UI as default, but allow a person to revert to the older (or current as of right now) UI. By having it default, people would try to get used to it. With time, people will finally get used to the new interface.

      • There’s a reason why apple doesn’t do that. Because people will blame Apple if something goes wrong with those “extra UI” like Android has. Now if a person knows how to Jailbreak the iOS.. he knows how to use custom UI.. .and he knows that if something works badly…it’s not apple fault. Apple is just saving his reputation on that kind of stuff…

      • Agreed!

  • You know, I respect BlackBerry for keeping it real though. They’re honest besides the innovation part, plus, they show humble respect for Apple, which you don’t see much from a competitor. Although Apple has implemented FaceTime in 2010, and Siri in 2011, I don’t see a world of difference from 2007 – 2012 … Apple’s milked the cash cow, and I know that’s how these companies operate, but this is Apple’s definite chance to really step it up. I’ve invested plenty into Apple’s ecosystem, so I’m not threatening to leave, but my satisfaction will sure go down if I’m not introduced something fresh. Nothing too radical (I know all people do now-a-days is just want, want, and want some more) … but it would be nice to get a little something we weren’t expecting, you know? All that being said, Apple has one of the most stable, and easiest to use mobile softwares on the market (we all know this), and that’s why I chose iPhone. But of course, Android does a great job, and I do respect Google. Let’s see how it plays out in the next few months. Maybe, since BlackBerry was just giving a respectful critique, and not bashing them, Apple will heed the warning. I know I would consider it.

    • AMB_07

      Here sir, have my like!

    • One up vote for you!

  • AMB_07

    The restrictive iOS ui is fine but the 100% customizable Android ui is a mess? No I’m sorry please throw me more reasons to not take you seriously.

    iOS’ ui is simple and no one in their right mind would doubt that. But what’s overly simple quickly becomes dull. Back when I had only the iPhone 4 I quickly got sick of the ”desktop” interface (some guys like to call it springboard but it’s really a desktop). Linear grid, 12 apps max. in a folder, etc. But fortunately for me there was the jailbreak and the many possibilities it had to offer and thus my iPhone became cool again.

    Point is the iPhone ui is crap without a jailbreak and the necessary tweaks. But Android allows for way more customization than iOS right off the bat without the need to modify the OS in any way and you call it a mess? It’s a mess if you don’t like someone’s else layout but for someone like me who takes care of it, Android is miles ahead of iOS.

    I respect Apple’s contribution to the industry but I still maintain that iOS is in need of an overhaul. Don’t be in denial, deep inside everyone here wishes that because Apple is sitting on its ass right now and not doing crap.

    The iPhone’s or even Apple’s success today in overall is not to be credited to Apple, not at all. It is the hardworking developers who made iDevices the great success they are now and they, only they are carrying those platforms, not Apple. The jailbreak developers have also carried the iDevices to success, after all Apple blatantly stole their ideas to incorporate them into their OS which ironically is the only reason why iOS 5 was the best update so far.

    • Well said buddy. But I don’t understand why they call iOS the simplistic OS when compared to Android. I found android easy and simple to use. I mean, who would get to know that you have to double press the home button to open the multitasking tray?! Of course, one eventually understands but how does that make it simple? On Android, I have to keep pressing the home button and the multitasking tray appears; which is a lot easier to understand for an average user. Then comes the Notification Centre, how does Apple expect me to remove individual notifications? By tapping on them?? Lol. On android, I just have swipe or right to remove the widget. What is the point of Notification Count on Applications (the number in the red badge)? Why not simply give the required information in the notification centre. What is the point of having wether and stock widget in the Notification Centre? Sure it gives handy iinformation but why not simply put toggles to enable or disable wifi, mobile data etc? Who cares, anyways I can have a stock and wether widget on my homescreen?! The great Apple App Store…omg what do I NOT pick on this? I get an update for an app, no notification in the notification centre; just an ugly red badge. And did anybody know that on the Play Store, you can put applications on automatic updating (the system will update an app automatically). So many times, I see an update and just clicl the update button and then realise that tje update is not stable and want to go back to the older version…there is an uninstall update button for that on the Play Store. With android, when you click on the update button, the Play Store downloads only the additional files that had just been added or the files thar had been modified. This saves time and money spent o. the internert. Don’t fanboys get bored of the limited number of apps in the folder rule? These days most Android smartphone makers have added the ablitiy to add as many apps as you want in a folder. And even if you don’t have the facility, you can just check the play store. Fanboys buy the new iphone, wait six months to get a jailbreak and then change the keyboard, the look of notification centre, use winter board, get better multitasking drawers, sb settings, nc settings, barrels, torrent client and much more. On android you have the customization to download all this without jailbreKing/rooting. Like the look of Windows Phone, just click download on the Play Store, want a different keyboard, download it; want to change the page swiping gestures, click install. Everything is that simple.

      • you can also swipe on iOS to remove notifications

      • AMB_07

        Just tried, didn’t work. Are you using a tweak?

      • nop, didn’t use any tweak. when the notification appears on the top, if you swipe, it disappears faster than the “automatic”

      • AMB_07

        Err, is there a video of it somewhere? I’m seriously having trouble here lol.

      • felixtaf

        These are the things YOU dont like about iPhone/iOS. There are millions of others who buy iPhone not bcoz they are fanboys. But they love the OS and the Phone. Not everyone jailbreak their iPhone either. You better know that. You buy an android phone in US, it comes with 15-50 carrier based apps… Most of them are not useful (bloatwares) and you need to root to uninstall or freeze them. I have a Razr maxx, with ICS I deleted 39 apps and with jellybean nearly 20. Also in iOS, you sync your phone to computer, you get all your apps. you can install it anytime without internet, but in android? U may have the apk for a game, but u need 500Mb-1Gb of additional data to be downloaded ONLY via wifi. With iCloud, u can restore ur device with no issues, but in android? The negatives you pointed out are mainly UI based or customization based. Not EXPERIENCE based. Restoring from icloud and installing an app is EASIER than android.

      • AMB_07

        I’m not going to argue with you here but 15-50 carrier apps??? wow what lame-ass carrier are you on? I’m in canada with Rogers and on my gs3 theres was like 8-9 apps from them. also they can be easily disabled with no root necessary. Personally i think iCloud is only good to backup your contacts documents and settings, i don’t buy into the whole cloud storage thing.

      • felixtaf

        Its Verizon. TMobile does the same thing too… And whether its lazy ass or lame ass carrier. iPhones dont come with preinstalled bloatwares! Speaking of your network, not all the networks allow uninstallable bloatwares (I mean without root). And iCloud – Jus for my device’ apps & settings backup and restore (Am not into their cloud storage either).

      • AMB_07

        Really? then I’m lucky to be able to disable those apps, i feel for you man! Yeah thats something I always liked about the iPhone and really admired how Jobs stood up to the carriers for that. Hopefully that will never change and Android will be free of it someday…

      • felixtaf

        Rooting is a boon in android. I dont think Google will stop carriers from modifying android. Googles answer will be – “No bloatwares – Buy Nexus”. Love my Razr Maxx though…

    • Without the great tools, OS, framewoks, API’s, consistency and rules that Apple made, plus the AppStore that doesn’t fragment the stores and changed everything, where developers can earn more money than they could on smartphones. So… saying that apple can’t be credit to iPhone success it’s just stupid.

      • AMB_07

        First of all it was never part of Apple’s plans to incorporate such a unified store when they launched the iPhone. When the original iPhone launched you only had the stock apps and Apple wasn’t planning to let developers side-load apps.

        But then Cydia came along and what do you know….. Apple creates a App Store. As for the rest of the stuff you mentioned, that’s all the developer’s work, not Apple’s. Apple has pretty much been acting as the police of the App Store and nothing more. That does have some good sides but it’s mostly bad as it limits developer’s freedom at times.

        I do have to agree with the money opportunity thought, but I still maintain that Apple’s success today is to be attributed to the developers mostly (if not alone). So please be careful before calling anyone/anything stupid. BTW the same can be said about Android (among other reasons).

      • first of all, I didn’t call you stupid. I just said that its stupid saying that iPhone success cannot be credit to apple.

        second, it was steve jobs who didn’t want apps in the first place, but then he realized that he was wrong. As you can see, Android is the so called “open” and “freedom” system to developers, and yet, they all prefer iOS.. the so called “closed one…” guess why…

        1. Top Dev tools / 2. Profit / 3. Better Framewoks/API’s / 4. Less piracy

        So, moral of the story… Apple model works fine.

      • AMB_07

        iOS platform is more “stable” than Android and its easier to make Apps for it that would work accross most devices. Of course there are apps on Android that you would only dream of seeing on iOS such as apps that modify stuff and emulators. Point is with Android theres close to no restrictions but there’s no denying iOS has the strongest selection due to popularity.

        And you still fail to show me why Apple should be credited even 10% of its success. The appstore itself is an idea taken from hardworking devs.

  • he is right but umm.. blackberry is obsolete,,lo sooo.. he can go to hell with samsung and android and tmobile

  • AndyDontCare

    I grow really tired of these “obsolete interface” arguments. I sometimes prefer CLI. I don’t like Windows 8. I also don’t like Android’s way of doing the mobile phone UI. It boils down to preference. Blackberry: just die already. If iOS is obsolete, then why are you guys at the bottom of the barrel agonally breathing?

  • Iphone N9

    For me the last innovative phone was nokia N9 with it’s swiping features and polycarbon housing. I try all JB tweaks with swiping to make my iphone 5 feel like the N9.

  • I don’t think that Apple will radically change the UI on the iDevices. The simple rows of icons may look boring and dull, but it is one of their biggest assets. If you had used an iPhone in 2007 for a brief time and then never used another idevice till today, you can still pick up the latest iPhone, iPod or iPad and still have no problems using it. For general users, this is a boon and the primary reason that people don’t have any friction when buying new iPhones or iPads or even upgrading to a newer device. Try doing that on an Android, even worse switching from company A’s version of Android to company B’s version of Android. It’s a pain to say the least.

  • “Android is an UI mess.

    It needs lots of customizing because Google in its attempts to replicate the Apple experience……”

    Fanboyism at it’s finest, ladies and gentlemen.

  • Isn’t the new BB OS icon driven as well? Just like Android. And Windows. And OS X. Icon driven.