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Say what you will about Samsung, but the company has managed to distance itself from the other Android device makers to become Apple’s greatest competitor in the smartphone space. The two of them, in fact, account for a majority of all handset profits.

So you can understand why we’ve been so interested in seeing Samsung’s new flagship handset, the Galaxy S4, which it just unveiled onstage at its New York-based Unpacked event. And as usual, we’ve put together a handy roundup of all of the highlights…

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Before we get into the phone, it’s worth saying a few things about the event itself. It was weird. Like really weird. The entire thing felt like a bad Broadway play with stage actors, cheesy jokes, ballerinas and tap dancers. It was easy to forget there was a phone at all.

But onto the S4. Turns out, most of the rumors were true. The phone looks just like the S3, but features a 5-inch Super AMOLED display with 441ppi, and it’ll ship with either a Samsung Exynos 5 or Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, depending on the region.

galaxy s4 3

Other specs include a 13 megapixel rear camera, 2MP front camera, and 2GB of RAM. It will come in 16, 32, or 64GB of storage flavors (SD card slot as well), with a 2600mAh battery, LTE support, and 8 built-in sensors including IR, temperature and pedometer.

That’s about it for the hardware. As for the software, the phone comes packed with dozens of features, from eye-scrolling to dual camera shoot and record. We’re not going to try and list them all here, but we figured we’d mention some of the more notable ones.

  • S Translator understands 9 languages, speech to text and text to speech. And it can even translate text from photos.
  • Dual camera support allows for the person taking a video or photo with the S4 to be included in the shot.
  • Eye tracking lets you scroll through pages by glancing up or down, and smart pause pauses videos when it detects you’ve looked away from the screen.
  • Air View is a touch-less interface that allows you to scroll through menus and content with air gestures.
  • S Health uses the S4’s 8 sensors to track your fitness progress—essentially it’s like having a Jawbone Up or FitBit in your phone.

Again there were actually a number of software features shown off during today’s presentation, and there’s probably several more that went unmentioned. If you want to get a more in-depth look, we recommend checking out The Verge’s coverage. It’s top notch.

And here are some hands-on videos for good measure:

Samsung says that it will start shipping the Galaxy S4 at the end of April, but no prices were given.

So, what do you think of Samsung’s Galaxy S4? Should Apple be worried?

  • so for Shamesung fanboys… about samsung beating iphone 5

    samsung is better beat the iphone 5 for real, iphone 5 is already 5 months old, if samsung didn’t showed something new it would be their sentence to decay, but a lot of features are useless, or maybe will cause fatigue, that hover thing on the
    screen looks good, waving your hand on the screen is not as practical as
    pressing “back” “forward” for example, but the sensors are a very good
    catch, lots of new possibilities.

    but what makes me think about samsung being not a product for me, is that they make fun of me as an apple consumer by saying “iphone bigger screen sucks”… few months later comes the “s3 MINI” WITH A SMALLER SCREEN… “iphone didn’t change!” few months later: “s3, s3 MINI, s4” same look design, last thing, they launch a new product almost every 4 months, wich means: “you spend A LOT OF MONEY on a device that will not last a year with its new features (I buy phones
    out-of-contract for myself).

    samsung is going to end like apple, but with less money, more customers that think about iPhones instead of enjoying their devices, and always thinking about that so called freedom of their system if the first thing the sales man do for its customers is to install an antivirus and battery setup???

    (why almost every person I see using an android phone have problems with the internal memory on their phones???)

    • Zero

      Then that’s means IP5 it’s still the best

      • Kurt

        Note 2 is better
        Lumia 920 is better
        HTC One is better

      • for me it is the phone that fits most of the things that I like to do with an electronic device, but I can’t say “it is the best!”, that depends on peoples needs, but for my needs it’s “yes”

  • Leo

    okay whats so special about this phone?? i thought it was going to rock the tech world.. FAILED!

    • Zero

      I saw the video, and the people didn’t seem that excited

  • That silver colored plastic bezel to make it look like metal. Yuck.

  • Leo

    This will give apple hype!! samsung ran out of ideas.. good, good… 🙂

    • SoCoMagNuM

      lol…yes they ran out of ideas waiting for Apple to up the ante. stalemate

  • RarestName

    Haha imagine me upgrading from a dual core phone to an octo core phone.

  • Zero

    ANDROID FANBOYS, you should thanks apple for you to have that android phone, if wasn’t for apple, you will still see that google and the other company would still be in there cave homes ( google would not make anything amazing and the same other company’s)

    • Guest


      • Zero

        Really now tell me why, you being ignorance

      • Guest


      • Zero

        Really, now tell me why….. I guess you the idiot and doesn’t know about the facts about google, why did Google bought android ?

  • girish


  • girish

    I CAN SEE ‘APPLE’ macbook pro everywhere in the clips,, lol 😛 😛

    • exactly cause apple laptops are the industry standard for laptops FACT

  • lebboytech

    Someone please tell me what the hell you are suppose to do with 8 cores on a phone -_- like seriously you run processor heavy apps on windows with only 4 quadcore

    • Kurt

      a quad-core Arm SOC is is nothing compared to a quad-core x86/x64 SOC. But you’re an Apple fan boy. I don’t expect you to understand.

      • lebboytech

        Listen i have nothi g against samsung i just personaly dont like android all im saying is still what the hell are you going to be doing on your phone that you need an 8 core processor most people who by these phone are young like omg 8 cores gunna send some texts with it -_- plz

      • Zero

        I tell you with the 8 cores are for, since the OS runs soo Laggy and glitchy they need a very very powerful chip to control that compared to an Idevice that only have two cores still goes stable and have good battery life

      • ipad 4 and ip5 has dual core CPU and quad cor graphics.

  • lebboytech

    Most things that samsung puts in its phone make ask myself “why” like why would i swipe my hand pver the phone without touching it to go back on a browser i am making the same freaking movent like oh i cant go 2 inches lower and touch the screen

  • lebboytech

    Fandroid excuse for when someone comment negatively “you’re an apple fanboy” please just dont reply if you have nothing better to say

    • Kurt

      iPhone sucks.

      • Can’t exactly say iPhone sucks. It’s nice phone but I kind of tired of how Apple stopped innovating with iPhone and just create industry standard phones. I mean when all other phones have 8 mega pixel camera, Apple adds 8 mega pixel in iPhone. When every good phone have 1 GB ram they add 1 GB in iPhone. Same with LTE. And when every device have NFC or wireless charging, etc, Apple still is looking for a way to add these.
        On the other side other companies are racing each other to add latest technologies.

      • apple leads the industry they have the luxury or not having to do to much to get sales like other companies do…lol

    • dumbass fanboy…

      • Kurt

        Really dumbass fanboy…

      • lebboytech

        Point proven.

    • Guest

      Point proven

  • I had fun reading the arguments about grammar in the comments.

    How a possibly american tried to do the Grammar Nazi role today, little did he know…

    …His life was about to change.

    A reader with a username of Spanish descent corrected him..

    He started boiling himself inside out and replied with a well thought out comment that would put that guy in his place and shut him up for once…

    …but his bad luck was not over…

    another reader corrected him!!!!!

    and if you want to know how the story ends just read it!

    Grab popcorns.

    Disclaimer:All rights reserved. This publication was made possible by @dongiuj and felixtaf.

    • “Grab popcorns.” should be “Grab some popcorn.” ( I am British by the way )

  • Did I spy a flat silvet rectangular device with an Apple logo in the middle in the background of the hands on video… I don’t think you will see any Samsung chrome ok at a Apple event! 😛

    • lol i saw hat there is always an iphone around… cause iphone is the industry standard to beat than no one can beat…

      • Look again, it was more than an iPhone.

  • dan

    5 inch screen ! so the next galaxy s device is gona tie the galaxy note wit screen size ?

    • BoardDWorld

      My thoughts exactly, but rememeber they bring out the small version too, right after rubbishing iPhone for being too small.

      • dan

        well funny thing the were talkin trash abt apple when they released the iphone 4s ! they were sayin its the same as the 4 wit the lo0k ! lo0k now the s4 has the same lo0k of the s3 which sucks ! I like the iphone cz it lo0ks fancy ! I hate plastic fones !

  • genXhippie

    I own a jb iP5. That being said, Apple’s so called “retina display” is a frickin’ joke now, comparing to the competition high-end phones imo. :/ Move your ass Apple, screen and camera wise.

    • the display on the iphone 5 is till an award winning display and beats the competition in color saturation and natural image quality… yes it is still small but tats just apple style..

  • twited21

    I don’t actually like the phone that much shame they don’t do it with the windows os android really puts me off getting one but I do like a lot of the new features especially the photos sound picture thing it’s great I love it

  • hahaha dear apple , and rapple fanboys , some of your people come on android blogs and troll , thats why i’m here ,first of all samsung is beating appl’s ass , that too in your own usa , so i guess thats a proper answer to how stupid and rubbish iphones are , and you guys say about lagging , when your phones lag , you cant even pull out the battery , plus android 2.3 can beat ios 6.1 , so the point of OUTDATING you guys mention is ya’ll own insult , and yes iphones have the same ui since 2007 , so whats new? huh? , android has evolved in years , and iphones are still on dual cores while android are in the age of quad cores and 8 cores and stuff …here in india , our droids run on 2ghz processors , no hard feelings mates , but its like a kindergarten quarrel , ios is good for ya’ll android is good for us , so quit this fight , PEACE <3 android <3ios

    • RarestName


    • ipad4 is the best performing tablet device on the market FACT… no android tablet even comes comes to it at all… it as dual core CPU and quad core graphics and runs circles around every android device out there

      • heres the thing , numbers count , you sir may not have used note tab 8.0 , its a real ipad mini killer , and as for ipad 4 ,motorola xoom (mind u even on 3.0 is better) and samsung tabs do perform better especially the nexus 10 tab is a beast or the asus nexus 7or even the transformer prime , which we even have optional keyboard of , i am not a samsung fanboy , but yes i just belive android is more delicious than ios p.s wow apple fanboys cant stand my comment that they deleted it , bravo for your isolated insecurity 🙂

  • Hell yeah apple had better come up with something better or it ll be RIP4 the

  • arkadiush14

    pretty nice phone, but there’s one problem… android.

    • exactly that what i always say… android get some nice hardware specs but then the crappie android IOS just fuks it all up…sad..

      • SoCoMagNuM

        the android IOS?….lol i agree. sounds like a closed sourced android device. id hate that too. luckily galaxy s 4 along with ever other android device are open-sourced and offer freedom of a customized experience out of the box.

  • Ahmad Danial

    don’t understand people. Phones are a tool. They are for communication.
    I have used s1, s2, s3, 3gs, 4, 4s, and a 5. They all do the basics
    very well. I have a tablet for handling th ebulk of my email and such,
    and a computer for doing actual work. Why does everyone want your phone
    to do everything. The screens are not big enough to replace a computer
    or a tablet, so why complain when they don’t.
    I personally use Apple
    for my tablet and phone. Why you might ask. I just had my phone replaced
    by Apple in less than 3 days counting shipping. They paid the shipping
    both ways. I used my backup 3gs in the mean time. If I drop my 3gs now
    that it is out of warranty, it costs me 11.00 for the digitizer. It
    costs like 18 to 22 for the lcd. I can replace the 4 or 4s for less than
    30 for both. Since I repair phones for people as part of my living I
    have the parts on hand anyways. The Samsung anything costs a fortune to
    just buy the screen.
    I have also been inside both and think the soldering and components are better inside the Apple products.
    replacing the screens and such on your Android tablets and see the fuss
    involved. I can do my Apple tablet in about 20 minutes start to finish.
    am a big fan of the Open Source world, and thus love Android, but they
    are not geared towards business users. They let anyone and their mother
    produce crap software.
    People claim that is the beauty of Android,
    the right to choose. This is also the curse. If I install something on
    Apple (Not through Cydia of course), it will work. It might not do what I
    want, but i will not have to format my phone to get rid of it either.
    others have stated, the scren is huge. Why do you need that. Get a 7in
    or 10in tablet. (I think 7in tablets are stupid personally).
    I do
    think that Samsung builds a good phone, I just don’t think they really
    stack up. I have both in front of me as I write this.
    Samsung Galaxy (Any Model) = Really cool toy that does quite a bit.
    Iphone/Ipad = Tools to be productive and make money.

    These are just my thoughts. Companies actually pay me for my opinions
    as a consultant. I could go on and on about it ,but my most basic
    points are made above.

    P.S. I thought this was supposed to be news about the
    Iphone/Ipad/Ipod, not Galaxy phones. Most posts seem to be about Galaxy

    No I do not use Apple as a computer. Windows(Yuk) and Linux serve me far better for my tasks.

  • Rill1

    although there are some beautiful things in s4, which is the difference between one Footwear and one S4 (5inch) lol.

  • THE new HTC ONE is 10000Xs better than the S4…

  • ExRoot

    Now that’s innovation. Apple is not even close. The comments here are amazing. Some say no change from S3. Are you kidding? My iPhone with software is basically the same exact phone as it has been since version 3. Talk about boring! The innovation from Apple came when Steve walked onto the stage the first 2 years of the iPhones intro. All that is now gone. They kept telling up we didn’t know what we wanted. Well things have changed. Apple still thinks it knows best and prefers to move at a snails pace because they know just putting an S in a ‘new’ version sends the herd wild. This is rediculous. Some of you people are so brainwashed.

    • SoCoMagNuM

      i try to tell them but they just cant seem to get it. I too once was an All Things Apple fan. Then I seen the LIGHT. I took a chance and actually tried something new and fresh from my own personal experience. I was tired of the cat and mouse chase with Apple just to get functionality out of my phone that I expected from a smartphone. I plopped $200 on a Galaxy S3 and havent regret my purchase. The phone is amazing. The features of android os and samsungs touchwiz interface takes all those restrictions I had with iphone to another level. Phone is a beast out of the box and I dont feel the need to root the device to get functionality i expect from a smartphone. unfortunately I cant upgrade until january so more than likely ill have to pass on the GS4 and wait for the next iteration by then…even if its just an hardware upgrade…its worth the wait. i like how people here said that the presentation was horrlble. i guess they prefer Apple enthusiastic powerpoint presentations lol. then went ahead to say that no one will use any of those features….just gimmicks. Samsung basically said “oh really? let me show you” they not only announced the new and improved features but demonstrated them live for everyone to see. again…beats Apples keynote presentation 10-fold.

  • Look I am using my Samsung without touching it (2cm from the phone) 😀

    Look me taking a picture with the front and and the back camera at the same time, (how useful)

    Look my Samsung Galaxy s4 with quad-core processor, but is stil laggy! (example:notification center)

    Look me I am paying 699 euro’s for a (plastic) phone!

    I am just joking….

    • SoCoMagNuM

      I look at comments like this and i just sit back and think………he mad lol.

  • Maybe next year will get all those cool features and bigger screen

  • The share menu has a little look of the iOS6 share menu.. Wow, revolutionary! The air gestures are quite amazing, though.

  • SoCoMagNuM

    I just thought of something (things Apple fanboys say) “All Samsung, SAMEsung, etc does is copy from Apple” “The Galaxy S Series are garbage” In this case…if the GS4 is so horrible then damn the iPhone must be trash. GS4 does everything an iPhone does and some. Why? cause they copied off of Apple and took it to another level. All hail inferior iPhones!

  • triggerfiend

    s4 might lag but androids can overclock with a simple app.

  • H5ire

    1 more laggy galaxy near planet earth..!! xD