Facebook Messenger 2.3 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)Facebook Messenger 2.3 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 005)

Facebook has just updated its Messenger iOS app with a few new features and “other improvements and bug fixes.” The new Facebook Messenger version 2.3 is all about enhancements to group conversations, says the social networking behemoth. It contains one feature I’ve been yearning for ever since the program’s debut on the iPhone: you can finally name a group by tapping on the top of your active conversation.

And just like Facebook’s main iOS client (and a growing number of other third-party apps for the Apple platform, for that matter), you can now get to your active group conversations by swipe left, which reveals them in your sidebar. I’ve included a few screenies along with other nice tweaks right after the break…

Search across group conversations is now also supported. You can look up your group conversations by name or by friends in the group, which will come in handy to filter the messages from a specific person in a thread with a bunch of participants.

Facebook Messenger 2.3 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 004)
Sidebar items now include your group conversations as well.

As noted by Mark Gurman, Messenger now comes with a brand spanking new icon reminiscent of the graphics used in beta versions prior to the app’s initial release.

This is what the new icon looks like on my Home screen.

Facebook Messenger 2.3 new icon on home screen

However, as of this writing the old icon still shows up in iTunes. Perhaps Facebook inadvertently included icon graphics for app designers in this Messenger release?

Another note to Facebook: how about replacing those 320×480 iTunes screenshots with taller iPhone 5 versions?

Unfortunately – and this is becoming annoying already – the app still doesn’t support iPads natively. If you’re jailbroken, Jeff has a handy step-by-step guide on unlocking the iPad interface.

As of recently, the app’s iOS and Android users in Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Brazil, Bulgaria, Egypt, India, Ireland, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Philippines, Portugal, Thailand and Saudi Arabia can exchange instant messages for free or at heavily discounted data rates.

Free VoIP calls via Facebook Messenger went live last month for users in Canada and United States, but there is no indication when this feature might get rolled out in other markets.

You can download the new Facebook Messenger free from the App Store.

  • I have it on my ipad mini with retinapad. make is better

  • “As noted by Mark Gurman, the icon is internal only so end users won’t get to see it.”

    Someone explain this to me.

    • The icon shown above is actually supposed to be for the graphics designer/testers. The actual icon should be the old one, but they forgot to swap it back I guess.

      • ElementalBliss

        Thought it was a bug on my end. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • Yeah so fuck any iPad support, right guys?

  • G

    Really though Christian, you’ve been yearning for the title change feature? Tapping the title now does exactly the same thing as pressing the ‘i’ button in the corner. This addition is redundant

  • the app is not working on my iphone after i update it..

  • Paul

    Is there anything that this app does that you can’t do via the regular Facebook app? Why have both?

  • The new icon was nice, but there’s a new upgrade that replaces it for the old icon.

  • Jeffrey Yeo

    Notice the icon had reverted after the latest update

  • the app is NOT working for the iPhone 4S… fix it!!!

  • does this application work in all phones that has an android software?