Samsung Unpacked 2013 (invitation)

The South Korean conglomerate Samsung has confirmed that a major media event will take place on March 14 in New York, about two weeks after the currently-running 2013 Mobile World Congress wraps up in Barcelona, Spain. The company confirmed to Reuters that the press conference is a launchpad for a Galaxy S III successor, the Galaxy S IV.

Samsung Monday morning sent out invites to select members of the press to “come and meet” the next Galaxy at the March 14 Unpacked event. The somewhat reliable Jefferies analyst Peter Misek estimates Samsung’s enormous build plan calls for a hundred million Galaxy S IV shipments from a March-April launch until the end of the year…

According to Reuters, the press conference is filed as Samsung’s first U.S. launch of the flagship Galaxy smartphone in three years.

The news gathering organization quotes Samsung’s mobile chief JK Shin who said the company was inundated with requests from wireless carriers in the United States:

We introduced the Galaxy S III in London last year, and this time we changed the venue (to New York). As we were bombarded with requests from U.S. mobile carriers to unveil the Galaxy S IV in the country.

Samsung launched the Galaxy S III at a media event in London in May of last year. The phone moved 30 million units in five months and 40 million units in seven months, Samsung said. Apple unveiled its iPhone 5 in September 2012.

Both rivals have been slugging it out for the title of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer, regularly exchanging positions at the top. According to a Strategy Analytics survey, Apple during the all-important 2012 holiday quarter has reclaimed its top spot as the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S each outsold Samsung’s Galaxy S III.

galaxy s iv leak (sammobile 001)
A leaked image said to represent the Galaxy S IV.

The new Galaxy should arrive in March or April, ahead of Apple’s next iPhone refresh, the iPhone 5S, believed to launch around summer. Supply chain reports indicate Apple cut orders for components amid a seasonal drop off in iPhone demand.

The iPhone 5S is likely entering manufacturing in March. It should re-use the iPhone 5’s form factor while gaining a higher-resolution camera, a faster CPU/GPU via a new A7 chip and more. Apple and Samsung yesterday both aired high-profile commercials during the Oscars, Apple advertising apps for filmmakers in its iPad commercial and Samsung featuring director Tim Burton in its Galaxy devices ad.

Meanwhile, rumor mills have been steadily churning out tidbits regarding the Galaxy S IV. The fourth-generation Galaxy phone should have a 4.99-inch 1080p Super AMOLED display designed to outshine the iPhone’s 326ppi Retina display with a pixel density of 440 pixels per inch.

A quad-core processor is also being mulled, possibly even Samsung’s new 1.8GHz eight-core Exnoys 5 Octa processor with 2GB of RAM. Other features may include a better 13-megapixel camera, in addition to the existing S III capabilities such as wireless charging, LTE and NFC.

Samsung has built an iPhone-like hype ahead of the launch and Misek even fears that Samsung’s component and manufacturing needs will be so demanding that the upcoming S IV launch could pull resources away from the next iPhone.

Samsung is still a critical supplier of components for Apple products.

Invite graphics top of post via 9to5Google.

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  • Latrese

    Can’t wait to see what Samsung has to offer. The GSIV will decide what phone I upgrade to in June…

    • Same! 🙂
      If it is disappointing , I will just continue to use my iPhone 5 until maybe Galaxy Note 3

      • lol @ if….

      • only android phone like is the HTC ONE

      • CollegiateLad

        Sweety play nice

      • maurid

        What does that even mean?

      • Hyr3m

        Maybe try to have a cup of your first name and wake up to the realities of this world you live in…

      • Kurt


      • the reality is that android suuucks

      • Hyr3m

        I understand your aversion with coffee… stay sound asleep so I can do an Israelian shut-eye on you.

    • True that. I’m still deciding whether to upgrade from my 4S to the HTC One or the Samsung S4. The apps gap is closing quick. And honestly i’m so annoyed by ios 6’s utterly shameful battery life. It gets worse with each iOS upgrade!

      • Kurt

        Yeah the battery on my iphone 4S on iOS 6 sucks. It drops but not as bad as those who bought the 4S with the crappy battery life. My friend has one and it drops to 23% by 3pm. Thats insane. I was with her and we hardly used our phones that day.

        But Apple thinks that iOS with no features, software causing battery drain is somehow the “the most advanced mobile operating system on the planet.”

  • Looks like copying other companies worth every penny even if they had to pay billions. Because now, all Apple blogs advertise the next Samsung phones…

    • Akshay

      looks like another iphone killer is in the making….s4 is gonna kik the S off the iphone 5S…apple rather not introduce the iphone 5s but introduce iphone…..10 which will also be a step below s4 …hahaha

      • Kurt

        lumia 920 is better than the iphone, htc one, note 2, sIII are all better. apple stopped innovating a long time ago. it was theirs to lose and they did.

      • Not sure what they lost as long they remain the top phone in the US, and thats by a massive 50% too.

      • Kurt

        you love iphone obviously. you should be demaning more features. having more features is a good thing. you should be saying ‘iWant this” and “iWant that” then, maybe the bloggers here will write articles saying what we want. and then put pressure on apple to innovate. iphone as it stands sucks. you may buy it, and other sheep buy it, but it does suck. android was worse, now, its much better. i dont see apple changing. that pisses me off.

      • Holy crap people. Relax. You are all fighting over your opinion of a piece of hardware. Be civilized, accept that no matter what you say, you won’t change the opposite party’s mind about things, and stop fighting like a pack of horny dogs trying to get a mate! If using the Internet is going to make you so angry that your doctor is going to complain about your blood pressure, STOP USING THE INTERNET.

      • Apple lost? The sales says otherwise.
        iPhone 4S and iPhone 5….just broke another record.

        Ok, we need more features.. yes, for sure. But I want QUALITY features, not crappy features available by third party apps like Android has. And with quality apps on iOS…I may say that all the missing features aren’t so “missing…”

      • max

        couldn’t agree more

      • max

        i’m wit you!

    • max

      This guy is a pathetic apple blind follower. With all your stupidity, why don’t you take you nose outta of apple ass. when apple copies its called innovation but any other company does it and its called copying. you have no objectivity.
      the biggest competition the iphone is ever had since it came out is the SIII. this is a good thing for us ios users. all apple does is copy from themselves year after year and you stupidly praise them for it at least the cheap plastic changes its form factor every year. can we say the same for apple?

      • Did you ever saw apple copying all products from other company? Apple owns their own ideias and get others, and mix them together… now Samsung copy Apple into all details… even a fucking dock connector! lol

        And morons like you can’t stand that fact… cloning competition is not innovation. Period. Deal with it.

      • maurid


        I’ll be patiently waiting for your pathetic answer.

      • iPhone, iPad, Retina Display on them, on Macs, thinner devices with high quality, OSX, iOS ecosystem, iCloud, Devices that can last 10 hours without charging… created new standards (again) that most of the companies follow (especially.. SAMSUNG) … a new kind of haters that can’t leave all iDevices blogs and websites no matter how they “hate” Apple. Do you need more or you’re so blind that you can’t see by yourself?

        2007, first Apple phone ever, fighting against thousands of brands that are here literally from decates, and they still try to make “the iPhone killer” and guess what? They never did. Apple are selling better than ever and what Apple can say?

        “we killed the Symbian, the Windows Mobile, the WebOS, bada, we’ve made Nokia almost bankrupt, we’ve made Android changing their path from copying Blackbarry to copy us, we almost killed BB, and totally killed on enterprise, we worth more than Google and Microsoft combined, and we are still here, serving as a model to other devices compare their devices with ours.

        iPhone vs…
        iPad vs…
        Macbook Air vs…
        iOS vs…
        OSX vs…
        iCloud vs…
        Siri vs…
        iPod vs…

  • M Last

    can’t wait to see what Samsung copied from Apple

    • I don’t see in anyway that the the galaxy s3 looks like a iPhone

      • Well the phone design is slightly different, looks like a more rounded iPhone… but the rest of the software keep copying Apple. S-Voice? Camera App? Message Bubble App? … I don’t think we need the whole list to get the point….

      • CollegiateLad

        Do you try hard to be a fucking moron?

      • mad bro?

      • max

        i think he does!!!

      • CollegiateLad

        Why are you using my name?

      • Ok s-voice sucks so bad its not copying lol the, camera app samsung has more features and it just doesnt look the same, not sure what you mean by the bubble app “have a galaxy note 2 but the s3 and note 2 are like the same thing lol”

      • but but but… i agree they are trying to copy apple “cough cough galaxy note 8.0”

    • Boss

      at least they added new stuff only thing Apple really did from the 4S to 5 was made a bigger screen I was disappointed I really hope Apple make big changed with their next iPhone including changing the iOS

      • the iphone 5 is much more powerful in all regards than the 4S

  • iName

    More cheap looking shiny plastic.

    • Kurt

      its high quality plastic. and that plastic lets you take off the back and replace the battery. us iphone users have crap battery life and we cant replace it. we just run around sitting next to an outlet waiting for it to charge. but im sure you think thats a plus

      • its fugly, its a device you carry around, not a Desktop you hide at home. It matters to most people. iPhone crap battery life? only the Note 2 was shown to be better than the iphone 5, and logic tells you a giant phone = space for giant battery.

      • Kurt

        iphone 5 is fugly. all iphone fans said it. but once apple released it they changed and said “sexy oh oh oh’ but i “think different” and kept my original opinion. note 2 is better is so many other ways too. i hope apple copies the hell out of it. enough of the glorified app launcher. look at the iphone/ipad adds. they never show any features of ios (there are none) only show 3rd party apps. :-s

      • are you serious? “all iphone fans said it” you must be shitting me, most i heard was the best looking device. i heard “precious jewel” among them. My favorite youtube reviewers, even android users still say the iphone 5 is still way ahead in looks and build quality. Please show me your sources on who said the iphone 5 is ugly. Jeeze

      • Kurt

        which idiotic statement am i supposed to reply to? yes nearly every person on this blog said it was fugly. and they used your word of fugly. btw, my phone and tablet are from apples. i never owned an android device. i just am not a follower and think for myself.

        btw, why attack me personally. you are not apple buddy

      • Your an idiot and should kill yourself. If you read it on iDB u would have heard terms like, ” beautifully crafted”, “a piece of art”, “the Rolex of smartphones”. It is thinner, sturdier, better looking, and (if you read this site) 300% more reliable than a Samsung phone. Get off samsungs dick and check the specs hoe! I’m iPhone 5 owner/lover but cannot wait to see the S IV. It could be sick, and I hope it is. But don’t bash iPhones because u r on your moms family plan and she wouldn’t buy you an iPhone. Get educated.

      • You’re*
        Get educated?

      • Hyr3m

        xD “the Rolex of smartphones” -> Rolex watches are cheap and crappy and very simple Swiss watches. That’s a perfect comparison for the iPhone. It’s what people that know nothing about watches buy… it’s what stupid people buy to show off to other stupid people, just like iPhones!

        If you want a great watch go buy a Vacheron Constantin, a Frank Muller, an Audemars Piguet … or one from the other great Swiss watches makers… Rolex watches are for wannabees and ignorants show-offs, just like iPhones.

        Btw, most comments I read on this here blog about the iP5 prior release said that the two-toned back was really fugly and most people complained it was still the same stupid design as the previous 2 iPhones.

      • Im not sure how serious you could be when you decide to throw in “iphone 5 is fugly. all iphone fans said it.” Are you trolling or just the most butthurt android fan ever? Nobody ever talks about the looks on the Galaxy, you just take a cheap plastic slate looking thing to be instantly ugly and non negotiable.

      • Hahah the galaxy is cheap plastic, the S IV hopefully will be different, but seriously get off the galaxy’s dick, it sucks. Kurt go back to your boy band practice, and cam, kill yourself for using the word fugly. Secondly if people thought the black iPhone 5 was ugly before its release u wouldn’t have seen people modding their iPhone 4’s with iPhone 5 looking back plates. Seriously, the two of you should go out for coffee and fuck yourselves. U r both uneducated looking at your previous posts and really have no business on this sight.

      • Kurt

        “U r both uneducated looking at your previous posts and really have no business on this sight. ”

        excellent ‘educated’ spelling of ‘site’. its ok gay boy maybe your fag president obama will let your marry. rap is known for being homo music for those in the closet. stop flirting with me. iphone 5 is ugly…ugly…ugly hahaha keep taking it personal

      • 1. iPhone battery is way better and last way longer than Galaxy S phones.

        2. It’s pretty easy to replace the iPhone battery.
        3. If the Samsung Galaxy S phone had good battery, you won’t need a faster way to replace it.

        Cheap plastic for sure. High quality plastic = HTC and Nokia Lumia devices.

      • Guest

        go kill yourself

      • lol

      • s0me

        snap out man

      • maurid

        Open your eyes and stop being so goddamn stupid and irrational.

      • Today I learned that facts are stupid and irrational things.

    • Word. This blog should not talk about Samsung or any other androids, Every time it does all these Fandroids troll aroud like stupid

  • PersianHawkes

    “Other features may include a 13-megapixel camera, wireless charging, LTE and NFC”. The SIII already has the last three features. Safe bet that the SIV will as well.

  • wow cool more BS android phones..

    • GalaxyNoteFTW96

      Jealous much? Enjoy your dual core processor with shitty ppi as well as that CUSTOMIZABLE app drawer 😛

      • Its funny that now everybody care about PPI … I really miss the old comments when haters said: “retina display..??!!” .. 300dpi, more than the human eye can see them… ” what a losers…we don’t need that… bla bla bla amoled hd oversaturated colors is the deal.. bla bla bla.. I like turtles…

        And, Android need quad-core devices to handle the same speed/performance of a dual core iPhone…? Tell us more how that is a compliment for Android…

      • Akshay

        looks like another iphone killer is in the making….s4 is gonna kik the S off the iphone 5S…apple rather not introduce the iphone 5s but introduce iphone…..10 which will also be a step below s4 …hahaha….for u specially…hahahahahahahahahahaah

      • I like your sarcasm… well done sir.. well done.

      • he is serious

      • I find it funny that Samsung lovers comments on an apple blog… Its like going in an apple retail store with a samsung galaxy..

      • Hyr3m

        When I walk past an Apple store and I’m bored (which is not that often) I like to walk in with my s3 in hand and ask a loser in t-shirt if they have something better than my year-old phone… then when the guy/girl starts to answer I just say “oooh, right, this is Apple, you only have shit… my bad!” and then walk out.

        I guess that explains my presence here… but it doesn’t explain why you commented on this post that has nothing to do with Apple…

      • ^^^great post

      • CollegiateLad

        Talk to me too

      • Jealous of android? jealous of samsuck er um samsung? …lol umm no… iPhone 5 is the most desired phone among humans .. the ionly phone that beats or kills the iphone is the new iphone..lolo

      • Apple users are jealous of Samsung because they can’t effort a Samsung phone.

        Said no one ever.

      • loooolololo FALSE

  • Tom

    The new s4 is gonna way faster than iphone 5 or 5s 1080p screen

    • Why, the iPhone 5 and 4S are slow? And you can predict the future 5S too? Uau…that’s amazing… totally buying the Galaxy S4 now…

      • ohh if the 5 and 4S are good enough then what is the need of all the people with 4Ss and 5s to upgrade to 5S??? lol….just look at what you are writing. Some retards are geting bashed again….oohlala

        Many of the people who read this site will still have 4S so are trying to say that they shouldn’t upgrade to the 5S when it comes out? Ohh yeah I forgot to mention that just a few months ago some morons like you were bragging that the iphone 5 is faster than the s3 (even though it is much older than the 5) and fyi the s3 on jelly bean is much faster than ip5 so leave the s4 cause its gonna flllllllyyyyyy

        I too thought like that. When the s3 came out i thought that how is it possible to compare a 8 months (iP4S) phone to a brand new phone and waited patiently for the iPhone 5 but when i saw the ip5 i was like “wtf has apple done!?!?”, I di=dnt ask for a phone which is just half an inch longer than my 4S, i didnt wait for that piece of crap. Truth is truth. Did you upgrade from your older gen to 5 just so that you can have internal spec improvement and an extra row of icon?? I didn’t, I bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which does have much more than an extra row of icons as compared to s3.

        And in a comment, you asked for the list of innovations done by Samsung:-

        *most of the iPhones, iPads and other iDevices feature Samsung’s components

        *what you got in the update to iOS 6 (the ability to open apps using siri) existed since S Voice was released

        *S Voice has never had any hiccups like not being able to show the local directions outside us or to say that Lumia is better than Samsung’s products

        *Nfc-does your iPhone 5 have one??

        *S Suggest is something like a better modified version of the crappy Genius

        *S Stay- your phones screen is on only till you are seeing it

        S motion capablities-Pan icons across the screen (move icons fromk one screen to another) using motion; put the phone upside down to silencify the ringer, notifications etc

        *the ripple wallpaper-this one is quite fun love the sound and animation

        *3D animation while scrolling pages on the homescreen is a great function

        S Commands-while in camera, music player etc you can speak to the phone and it will capture an image, play the next song/previous song etc

        *uhh- one handed operation-for people like you (who i’m sure will complain that the Note 2’s screen is too big but will buy a phablet with the Apple logo) who have tiny hands, one handed operation exists to make you feel comfortable with the phone

        *Video player-when you open the default Samsung video player, you will find not just a list of your videos but will get thumbnails of them playing all together (check youtube if you didn’t get this one because I know that this is a little tricky to read and understand)

        *video player-did you know that on s3 or note 2, you can have a resizeable video playing on your phone while you use the phone

        *multi window-the note2 also features a multi window option, using which, you can use 2 or 3 applications simultaneously

        *ohh yeah did you know that there was Blocking Mode included in the software of s3 since launch which allowed you to stop getting notifications, alerts calls for a specifice time….all the features which were added (Do Not Disturb) in the iOS 6 update were already present since s3’s launch. Ha…..gottya apple…. it will take atleast 3-4 years to just list the things that apple copied from the s3 which were not even noticeable (that proves that apple devotes as much time to compy samsung as samsung devotes to copy apple)

        *in a call, on your iphone, you slide the slider up to have more options like Reply With Message and Remind Me LAter were available on the S3 since its launch

        the list will go on and on and now please don’t reply that “Who would read that?” or something like that

      • it’s funny because almost all those features everybody complain about them, because they suck, and the time that NFC will be standard, you probably have the Galaxy S5 or S6…. S-Voice looks like a retared SIRI cousin and yes, Samsung has great components, always had, that’s why Apple made them one of their partners. At the end, it was the only thing that Samsung was good, making components, it was the main reason why Samsung exists.

        But someday they wake up and realized that they could copy others with the same components, like they did with so many brands like Sony, Nokia… Apple. You should check their history first and talk later. Samsung CEO is one of the most corrupted guy in South Korea, but he’s protected by the same law because Samsung is important for that country… too many jobs…too many money for south Korea. But their deal is simple: Take advantage from their clients to steal/copy features.

        Look at Apple.. at least they own their own OS… now Samsung what they have? A bada that made the “badaboom” and Android, that’s made by Google and take advantage from third party addon’s! Where they can grab so many features without paying any cent to developers. It’s the worst open-source model ever, because its one company taking advantage from people to earn money. For features, android is “open-source” but if you want a OFFICIAL UPDATE you need to wait for your carrier or brand, and only if they want to give you that update… yes, that kind of BS that made me sick… works for you? FINE.. but what are you doing here then? That’s the point. If you were happy with your device, you didn’t need to wast time on a iDevice Blog.

    • not sure how much faster can you get than the iphone 5, even so, milliseconds dont bother me.

  • Michael Edwards

    I’m in a similar boat as most people. Eligible for an upgrade, but not content with the offerings of the iPhone 5 and waiting to see what the Samsung GSIV will bring to the table. However the new HTC one looks incredible as well-too bad I don’t think it will be offered on my carrier (Verizon).

  • 76 core 😀

    • Akshay

      cant read or wat..??? or has retina display made u blind …hahaha…it will either b 4 or 8 core….u m0r0n

      • 8 core is actually less powerfull than 4 moron

      • Hyr3m

        ignorance escalated quickly…

      • LOL? Youre kidding right? Nothing requires 8 cores, and the more thet you have core the less GHZ you have

      • Hyr3m

        Oh sorry I didn’t read you right in the first place. I thought you meant “8-core CPUs are actually less powerful than 4-core CPUs”.

        I see now that you meant the new 8-core CPU has less computing capabilities than 4 morons put together… which is true if we take the full potential of a human brain as reference and disregard the fact that these 4 brains are not used to their full extent…

      • and it still wont have basic smooth UI scrolling.. hahahah

      • CollegiateLad


      • Quad-Core phones does tasks twice fast than Dual-Core devices.
        “Fandroids theory”

        Dual-Core iPhone outperformed a Quad-Core Samsung in all benchmarks.

      • Don’t worry my eyes are ok. It was a joke. People from other countries have diffrent sense of humor 😀

  • Akshay

    looks like another iphone killer is in the making….s4 is gonna kik the S (a$&) off the iphone 5S…apple rather not introduce the iphone 5s but introduce iphone.6..7……10 which will also be a step below s4 …hahaha

    • U said it twice… I guess ure typing from a galaxy would explain it all ;0

      • he has a friends and they both keep thumbing down everything

      • JamesR624

        No. There just happen to be other people on here that aren’t fucking morons.

        Every time I see someone claiming something bad about the Galaxy phones, it always sounds like they have never used ANY android phone before. They’re all pulling shit out of their asses.

      • tggt00

        here he said S (a$&)

    • you are not well are you!?

  • Akshay

    looks like another iphone killer is in the making….s4 is gonna kik the S off the iphone 5S…apple rather not introduce the iphone 5s but introduce iphone…..10 which will also be a step below s4 …hahaha

    • “looks like another iphone killer” ummmmm iphone only gets killed by the new iphone.. android always sucks and so does samsung

  • Akshay

    my comments about s4 being better than iphone 5s are getting deleted…hahaha …i guess idb site owner is jealous of s4….hahaha

    • no .. its just that you are crazy… we are protecting you from you..

      • JamesR624

        How cute. It’s always fun to watch Apple fanboys squirm whenever they don’t have any real comebacks.

      • Kurt

        because our phones are no longer the best, they lag far behind. I feel like the only one who only has iOS devices, never had an android device but can admit that my phone and tablet is no where near the best. These kiddies should beg IDB to write articles that push pressure on Apple to innovate. Show how where we are lacking and what is needed.

  • Everyone always compares iPhones and the galaxy’s insides and they are different things. iPhones don’t need overpowered insides to make the os run smoothly. The galaxy on the other hand needs overpowered insides to make android run smoothly. I’m not bagging on any phone here I’m just saying people always compare the insides when they need to take in account of the OS it’s running.

    • CollegiateLad

      iPhones lack features that’s their problem. But who care. We have SSJ (Sexy Steve Jobs!)

    • ” to make android run smoothly” that never happens no matter how much power they put in

  • CollegiateLad

    SSJ (Sexy Steve Jobs) for the win!!!!

    • i hope you are

      • CollegiateLad

        Male here. I just live him. You have a lot of the qualities as him. You speak your mind. It’s attractive. Send me a pic!

  • Raj

    Other crap is on the way!!!

  • chjode

    An upcoming Samsung event? Christian better buy a bib for all the drooling he’s going to be doing on iDB over the coming weeks.

    • Kurt


  • Todd

    Everything has it’s flaws. IMO The S3 is better then all iPhone. but I realize that people use both devices, the iPhone design is not the greatest, aside from size, it’s almost the same design from the iPod. and it grew from there, that’s why iPhone is a beast now, and selling more then just phones, everything is coming out with stuff iPhone compatible, and it’s smart. I love the Galaxy because it’s sleek and slender. so I feel it looks a lot better. but stop knocking each other, not worth it. both are great, and at least no one’s on here saying BlackBerry is the bestest.

  • This is going to be a biased comment, so uhm *DISCLAIMER* I guess. Two things I’d like to bring up: First of all, more megapixels does not mean bette quality, I’d take better optics any day. Secondly, quad-core or eight-core?! Quad-core I can understand but eight-core is ridiculous and will hit the S IV’s battery life big time. And lastly, 326 ppi vs. 440 ppi: you won’t even notice the difference in pixel density. I’ll admit, an iPhone with a slightly larger screen would be nice, and a better iOS is DEFINITELY needed. Apple better step it up with the 5S (although the hardware won’t change) and iOS 7. I see competition as a good thing, though, as it will push each company towards making better products. Galaxy S users and iPhone users will both benefit.




    • bw00ds

      Yours is just a silly post.

  • This blog should not talk about Samsung or any other androids, every time you do that all the Fandroids troll aroud like stupid

  • Meh

  • Uriah Romero

    I will definitely be keeping up with the event to see what new things Samsungs puts in the new Galaxy, since I can’t be there. I hope that the 1080p display rumor turns out to be true. I’d love to have a full HD display to watch my live and recorded shows on while I’m commuting to work at DISH. The DISH Anywhere app lets me stream my shows everywhere I go, and I think it would work perfectly on a new Galaxy.