Apple airs new ‘Hollywood’ iPad ad (update: Samsung, too)

Just in time for The Oscars, Apple on Sunday aired a new television commercial for the iPad during the Academy Awards broadcast. Conveniently titled “Hollywood”, the app via a “lights”, “camera” and “action” sequence takes us through a series of programs for filmmakers, as well as various movie and video editing applications from the App Store. And in line with the previous two ads, called “Alive” and “Together”, this one also has some interesting subliminal messages…

Some of the apps featured in the commercial include Apple’s own iMovie, Bad Robot Interactive’s awesome movie effects program Action Movie FX, but also Apple Maps and iTunes Store apps and clips from Hollywood action movies.

I love that virtual clapperboard app.

Samsung also aired its own commercial during the broadcast that features director Tim Burton, here it is right below.

Which ad is better, in your view, Samsung’s or Apple’s?