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TypeStatus is a new jailbreak tweak that has a special place in my heart. Why? Well, it’s because for once I can claim some sort of credit for its creation. A couple of weeks ago, I suggested, just on a whim, that someone create a tweak that allows you to see the “now typing” indicator for iMessages in the status bar.

A few hours later, I was informed that the tweak was being worked on, and not long after that, I had a working copy in my inbox. Folks, this is what makes the jailbreak community so special. It’s filled with uber-talented developers who have a knack for creating great things, and bringing ideas to life.

Truth to be told, I never expected anyone to take my request and bring it to fruition, but I’m happy that someone did. @thekirbylover of Hashbang Productions is the one I have to thank for making it a reality. I’d like to say I can take credit for this tweak, but the majority of the credit goes out to the mind behind the code. Check out my hands-on video preview of TypeStatus inside.

TypeStatus is an extremely simple tweak that allows you to see when one of your friends is replying to a message via iMessage. Normally, you have to have the Messages app open to see the little ellipsis (three dots …) which indicate a reply being typed by the person(s) on the other end of the conversation.

With TypeStatus installed, you can see this “now typing” indicator anywhere, without needing to be in the Messages app. That’s because the ellipsis indicator now resides in the iPhone’s status bar as well.

I know some of you are probably thinking that this isn’t absolutely necessary for a decent iMessage experience, and you’d be right. But there’s definitely something to be said about being alerted to a potential incoming message wherever you happen to be on the iPhone. You could be within a game, within an app, or on your Home screen, and you can still follow when a friend or family member is replying to one of your messages.

There’s a certain peace of mind that comes from knowing that someone is taking the time to respond to one of your messages, and TypeStatus makes this easier to track via a simple indicator icon located in your status bar.

Being the simple tweak that it is, you will not find any settings or options to configure once it’s installed. TypeStatus has already been submitted to Cydia, so you should see it appear on the default repos within the next day or so.

I’ve thrown out tons of ideas on Twitter over the years, and many of them have been heard, but to my knowledge, this is the first tweak that was created from scratch in direct response to one of my requests. If you can’t tell, I’m pretty enthused about TypeStatus’ development, and I urge you to give it a try once it hits Cydia. It’s totally free after all, and yours truly had a hand, albeit a small one, in its existence. Let me know what you think about it in the comment section below.

  • Cool

  • RarestName

    @thekirbylover FTW

  • Jeff sounds really excited to see something that he conceived. Can’t wait to see what his reaction is, if/when he has a kid……..

    • Jeff

      LOL. I’d probably just die.

      • RarestName

        “Man Dies After Receiving A Software Package”

      • sambuzzlight

        “kid” :p

  • Bite SMS + this tweak = AWESOME

  • Cool!

  • I love these simple tweaks, it sounds to me as a “caring” in the system ios, as did Apple put color in status bar depending on the app that is being used. I really like these simple utilities.

    Sorry for the English Google translate =D

  • mattkin22

    Awesome that one of your ideas influenced a tweak Jeff!
    It would be cool if IDB had some sort of “Tweak Suggestion Box” so that more people in the jailbreak community can spark some creative interest in developers…I’ve definitely got my fair share of ideas on how to make the Jailbreaking experience better, as I’m sure many others do who turn to this site for everything Jailbreak related. =)

    • sambuzzlight

      yes PLEASE

    • mattkin22

      @JeffBenjam:disqus …Or not?? 86+ potential tweak ideas up there ^^^, just sayin…

  • That’s neat, I’ll try it out.

    I have a tweak suggestion.
    I’ve been waiting so long for something to be released in Cydia for this, and I’ve tried a few different things using Flex patches. But no luck yet.
    Anyway, my request is for a tweak that prevents the Messages app from opening to the unread message. When you launch the Messages app, I’d like it to be forced to always open to the conversations list no matter what.
    Possible/already done?


    • Nick Giangregorio

      BiteSMS has an option for that 8)

      • How do you set it? I’m using the latest version of bitesms and can’t figure it out in the bite sms settings..

      • Always open to chat list

      • Ah I see. But nothing for the stock Messages.app ?

      • Nick Giangregorio

        Not that I know of ;p

  • I am scientifically proven to be truly the most popular living being in the universe. Will this address the issue on finding out who is texting?

  • When I saw this article I clicked it and started reading it , automatically knew it was Jeff . Didn’t even looked at the author and knew right away . That being said , great article . That’s the beauty of the jail break community ! Loving it !!!

  • xBoomBastiKx

    You always get to try out these tweaks before they come out Lucky. I can’t write about any new news

    • CollegiateLad

      New news is good news

  • How do you make your videos???

  • Genius tweak lol

  • Nick Vaul

    Does it differ from Predicter?

    • Predicter uses a banner and apparently is unreliable (I haven’t tried it though). TypeStatus is a status bar icon and always works.

  • That’s actually really cool!! I may find myself looking at my phone even more now tho lol!! Can’t be a bad thing!! Great suggestion Jeff!!

  • Having the persons name in the status bar would be neat too, overlaying the clock.

    • D1M

      I agree. I’m sure it’ll be added in future updates. Or to atleast have that option available. As simple as this tweak this, it’s bloody brilliant.

  • will it drain my battery ?

    • Brandius

      Your Battery will not drain.

      • That was my only concern with this tweak…

      • Sebax2303


  • If someone make this for WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger I will use it. I totally never SMS or iMessage.

    • Right now I am making something like that for WhatsApp.

  • Jeff’s so excited that he elaborated ‘three dots in status bar’ into a long article 😛

    • Damian W

      Lol good point.

  • RAM usage? Performance hog?

  • If there is something similar for What’s App or Facebook Messenger it will be great – for me – as i use them much more than iMessage App. – Friends with diffrent O.S Platforms –

  • Anybody notice the iPod was in an iPhone 5 shell?

  • Sebax2303

    I really need an app that does the same thing that “Merge” do, but for iOS 6.1.3!! Merge has been abandoned sience iOS 5!!

    • Merge was not abandoned. iOS 6 compatibility is in progress.

      • Jeff

        I cannot wait.

      • therealjjohnson

        What is merge?

      • I can’t either!

      • Sebax2303

        Cool!! Really waiting for it!!!! Merge + typestatus = iMessage bbm killer!!

  • I think it may be worth noting that just because its a simple function tweak, doesn’t mean the tweak itself (it’s code) is simple.

    I do think this is nice and elegant and I reckon this will make a nice edition to my iphone

    • Jeff

      Yeah, that goes without saying. But you’re right, simple idea does not necessarily mean a simple execution.

  • Want this!! and waitin for it to hit the Store..

    • Jeff

      Should be soon!

  • Guest

    Link bait

    • Jeff

      You have nothing good to add to this discussion. At least back up your remarks with some proof. I’ll keep this, this time. Going forward I’ll delete nonsense like this.

      • Guest

        Link bait…Link bait…Link bait…Link bait…Link bait…Link bait…Link bait…Link bait…Link bait…Link bait…Link bait…Link bait…Link bait…hahahaha catch me if you can!!!

  • Now if only they could make this for WhatsApp. I’d pay for that.

    • xBoomBastiKx

      i recognize you from twitter, I’m MiltonZ3rd. I wrote about Predicter and TypeStatus yesterday over at iJailbreak and they released my SafariSwipez today.

  • Ian

    Jeff, what are you doing up at 5:24 AM? An all nighter or early bird? No, I’m not your mom. 😛

    • Jeff

      The clock was wrong.

  • triggerfiend

    predicter beat you to it, i like banners more than status icons. status bar is too skinyy abd can easily miss it, just my opinion.

  • Surenix

    That bubble in the status bar doesn’t look “retina”… smh

  • I bet it’s gonna be real nice when its release

  • techfreak23

    Does this work with biteSMS? I feel like it would conflict with the unread messages bubble…

    • therealjjohnson

      Works fine

  • Sebax2303

    Available Now!!!!

  • Simple and brilliant. Great job!!!

  • John714

    doesn’t work for me… I just noticed that the now typing status doesn’t even work on wile i have the iMessage app open… any one know how to fix this?

  • eisforme

    This tweak is awesome! I’m all for it!

  • gbnjfgh


  • William Melendez

    Libstatusbar was updated for iOS 7… you know that means. Typestatus is coming for iOS 7 ! Lmao 10 months later and here I am patiently waiting again!