google maps sdk

When Google released its standalone Maps app for iOS back in December of last year, it also seeded an SDK to select developers. The software development kit allows developers to integrate Google’s mapping data into their apps.

Today, Google has lifted the limitation, opening up its Maps SDK to all developers. The announcement comes alongside a nice little update to the dev kit, which now features ground overlays, and other new mapping tools…

Additionally, Google is also now bundling a sample app with the SDK that offers support for the company’s various APIs. Developers are given access to Google’s base map, including its extensive street data and hi-res satellite imagery.

What does this all mean to us users? Well, we should start seeing more apps with integrated Google Maps data. As noted by The Next Web, developers previously had to register and wait for approval from Google before using the SDK.

The Google Maps app received quite the response when it launched late last year. It was downloaded over 10 million times in its first 2 days, and it stayed in the #1 spot on the App Store’s Top Free Apps list for the better part of the month.

Of course, Google can only take part of the credit of the app’s success. The rest of it belongs to Apple, who replaced Google Maps in iOS last fall with its own in-house, clearly premature mapping software. And it’s still trying to recover.

If you’d you like to download Google’s Maps SDK, you can find it in their developers portal by clicking here.

  • Al

    No update for Google Maps for iPad?

    • pauleebe

      Yea we really need this.

      • Yes because navigating with an ipad is great

      • pauleebe

        Do I use it as often as my iPhone? No. But having the functionality would be nice.

      • Kurt

        if you want functions/features what the hell are you doing buying apple devices??

      • The question is, what are you doing on a dedicated Apple Blog site?

      • Kurt

        my phone is an iphone. my tablet is an ipad. but i want my iphone to get more features, and i want my ipad to get more features. its just hard to get them when apple employees come to sites like these and see dumb kiddies who say they don’t want features and say features are bad. i want more than an app launcher.

  • Siv

    Watch carefully Apple fanboys. This is what open source is all about. Maybe Apple has a few lessons to learn from Google?

    • Haha after that chromebook pixel release I cannot take google seriously for a while.

      • Kurt

        you’re just holding it wrong

    • How is this open source? This is an SDK specifically for iOS, what makes this any different than Apple’s iOS SDK? (btw not trying to sound mean, I’m just curious as to how you came to that conclusion)

  • to be honest i have found the perfect mapping nav combination on iphopne5 to be apple maps to search and locate and using the “navigate from maps” tweak to auto launch tomtom nav when am ready to go it is the best