iPhone 4S iOS 6.1.1 Jailbreak

To the surprise of many of us, Apple released iOS 6.1.1 today for the iPhone 4S. Fortunately, @planetbeing has reiterated the fact that the evasi0n untethered jailbreak works with iOS 6.1.1 perfectly fine.

Living up to that promise, the evad3rs just a few moments ago, released their update to evasi0n with iOS 6.1.1 support in tow. We have tested out the jailbreak for ourselves, and can confirm that the process is exactly like the previous jailbreak process, except it now works for iOS 6.1.1.

If you feel like doing so, it is now okay to go ahead an update to iOS 6.1.1, and re-jailbreak your iPhone 4S with the latest version of evasi0n. One thing that must be kept in mind, however, is that the iOS 6.1.1 update will most likely update your iPhone 4S’ baseband. So, if you’re relying on some sort of unlock like UltraSn0w, it’s advisable that you hold off for the time being. Those of you who are factory unlocked won’t have a problem.

Check inside for the full tutorial and video walkthrough.

Video walkthrough

Note: Again, this tutorial is for the iPhone 4S only, because, as of now, the iPhone 4S is the only device to have received an iOS 6.1.1 update. This update is said to fix 3G performance problems which resulted in battery life issues. If you’re not experiencing any noticeable issues, it’s perfectly fine to hold off on updating and stay on your current firmware, as iOS 6.1.1 doesn’t add any new features to the puzzle. Also, before beginning, make sure that your Passcode lock is disabled.

Step 1: Update your iPhone 4S to iOS 6.1.1 using iTunes. Please avoid using OTA updates. You can download iOS 6.1.1 from our downloads page. Download evasi0n 1.3 from our downloads page and run it. Connect your iPhone 4S to your computer, and wait until the evasi0n app detects your device, and then click Jailbreak and let it run.

Step 2: Eventually you will get to the point where evasi0n will ask you to unlock your device, and tap the Jailbreak icon on your Home screen. This icon will reside on the second page of your Home screen, unless you have a bunch of apps on the second page, in which case it will be on a later page. Tap this jailbreak icon only once, and then you will notice a black page load and then go away. This is perfectly normal, just wait and be patient.

Step 3: Evasi0n will eventually report that the jailbreak process is complete. At that point, you may click the Exit button on the evasi0n app to close the app. the rest of the process focuses solely on your iPhone. Your iPhone will reboot a couple of times, and you will notice an evasi0n logo on a large white background on your iPhone. Again, just be patient, the jailbreak is almost completed.

Step 4: Once the jailbreak is completed, (right after the second coming of the white background with the evasi0n logo, you can unlock your device. you should see the Cydia logo on the second page of your Home screen. Wait a few seconds and then tap the Cydia logo to load Cydia. The first time you load Cydia it must initialize. After that, you will be taken back to your Lock screen. Unlock your device, and open Cydia once more to begin using it.

That’s it, now you have a jailbroken iOS 6.1.1 install on your iPhone 4S. Wasn’t that easy?

  • Oh Wow Finally Jeff its Here. ANd Thanks For the Tutorial 🙂

    • JaeM1llz

      Finally? The update was only released a few hours ago lol

      • Matthew

        He meant that Jeff is back from vacation and he is writing articles.

      • JaeM1llz

        Ahhh I see, put “its” instead of “is.” Thanks for clearing that up!

      • Matthew


      • Hey Thanks For Explain What I meant 🙂

      • Matthew

        You’re welcome!

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  • adam lompis

    Unfortunately I am thinking Apple did not patch the jailbreak because it is only an update for the 4S…similar to how The Evaders “waited” to release the Jailbreak because they wanted to find smaller vulnerabilities…Apple is not going to waste patching the Jailbreak just for one device. But I am glad we can still have happiness for all of the jail broken iPhone 4S’s

  • Any one confirm updating fixing battery problems? I have a iPhone 5 and have the battery problem. Dies in 6 hours when I never even used my phone. Really Disappointed.

    Looking forward for 6.1.1 update and hopefully the jailbreak
    Is still not patched.

    • my wifes phone i restored her iphone 5 to NEW and then rejailbroke and now no battery problems at all b4 it would last 4 hrs now its perfectly fine

      • Ah thanks I might restore tomorrow. I just don’t want to restore then a update comes out and have to restore and set up everything again.

      • smtp25

        yes but if you wait too long they might release 6.1.2 and close the JB exploits off, your then stuck with potential battery and 3G problems

      • Kurt

        4 hours? wow sounds like a typical iphone 4s with the battery problems people have. Glad my 4S is one of the good ones.

  • Tom

    I’m purchasing an iPad 3 online soon and I really want it to be
    jaibroken. Hopefully it’s still on iOS 6.1. What appends if apple is no
    longer signing iOS 6.1 and then i cant save SHSH blobs ? It’s old then.
    Be impossible for me to restore to iOS 6.1 again if something ever
    happened correct ? Or is their some way for me to till get the blobs and
    jailbreak even if apple is no longer signing them. Thanks

    • 6.1.1 its only for Iphone 4S

    • Matthew

      First, Apple doesn’t sell the iPad 3 they sell the iPad 4. Is that what you meant. Second iOS 6.1.1 is only available on the iPhoen 4S so yes it will ship with 6.1.

      • Tom


        i was just hoping they wouldn’t stop signing SHSH blobs to quickly or if they did what i would do

      • hi , i have 3gs on hand and i updated it on ios 6.1 can you guys give a tweak on cydia that i can bring the app sync, ultrasnow .for it. cydia hackulo wont work any more. tnx

  • Arnold Espinal

    If you have jailbreak on 4s w. 6.1 already installed do you have to restore first before you upgrade to 6.1.1?

    • cnoTe4

      No. I updated didn’t have to restore but lost everything with jailbreak.

  • Remember back in the day where all you had to do was click “make it rain” on spirit and limera1n jailbreak 🙂 good old times

    • Kurt

      I prefer jailbreakme and seeing people jailbreak iphones at apple stores 🙂

      • But when they did that, Apple blocked the website I think.

      • Kurt

        Only on the last one, and it took them a while to do it. But people got around it by using a VPN if I remember correctly.

      • RarestName

        They used personal cellular hotspots.

    • rafal

      For the people who wants to unlock ATT phones, go google attiphoneunlocking, they unlock any model and firmware up to date. I did mine there, took me couple hours.

  • WAS WONDERING IF THE CYDIA TWEAKS STILL WORK ON 6.1.1 anyone test it yet and can confirm

    • FabianPVD

      Been having no problems so far. IntelliScreen X, Ayecon+WB, SwipeSelection, DismissMyKeyboard, FolderEnhancer. Will post more later.

    • cnoTe4

      The few I have installed are working fine.

    • There were no major changes to the OS so I would guess that all the tweaks working on 6.1 will work exactly the same on 6.1.1.

  • ExRoot

    I am having seriously hate this jailbreAk. I don’t hate off the walk tweaks. About 12 of the most popular and no themes. I get many crashes that are frustrating and inconvenient. My son won his dens pinewood derby last night and I could not take a picture. Camera app kept crashing. I had to ask someone with a point and shoot to snap a pic for me. EMBARASSING and frustrating. Today I on the way to sons bands rehearsal and motion x would not open. Had to pull over and do a hard restart. Cursing the entire time. It’s constant. Apps don’t open propey etc! A nightmare. All my tweaks are compatible. I hate it. Missing my 5.1 4s.

    • tubek

      go and buy Android

      • Kurt

        excellent idea

    • Liam Mulcahy

      Don’t have as many tweaks installed

      • Kurt

        Why jailbreak then

      • ExRoot

        Exactly! I don’t have tons installed for that very reason. I was fine with 5.1. Not digging the monster effort I have put forth. Had issues from the beginning.

    • I had some camera issues at first, quitting as soon as I’d try to take a picture. Updating BiteSMS fixed it the first time, and some other update fixed it the second, and it’s been fine since, knock on wood. Keep checking Cydia for updates…

      • If its really that big of a deal just restore. My iPhone 3GS constantly crashed with this jailbreak, but I restored and now everything is fine.

      • ExRoot

        I have been updating Cydia tweaks over the last few days. I think I’m just going to start over.

    • Kurt

      This jailbreak has sucked. There has been so many problems with this one and the even the 5.1.1 jailbreak. At least no white icons in this jailbreak but so many other problems worse. My message app takes 3 crashes to finally stay open. I’m glad to have my weather app back. That sucks your camera app crashes. Download another one asap. Or try updating to 6.1.1 and jailbreaking with evasion 1.3. Thats what I’m going to do tonight. I hope it will fix the problems I’m having.

      Never owned an Android device before but more and more I dream of the day I’ll have one!

      • John156

        I’ve never had any issues with this jailbreak. I have bitesms, springtomize, winterboard, sbsettings, activator, dietbulletin installed. I haven’t had an issue yet.

      • Kurt

        Good for you. I used to have great experiences with jailbreaks. But the last one and this one has been a headache. This one isn’t as bad as 5.1.1 though. `

      • Do a fresh install of iOS 6.1/.1 and then Jailbreak and restore your apps etc. Willing to bet everything will be peachy.

      • Kurt

        I will be updating to 6.1.1. I’m heading home from work now and I’ll update and then jailbreak. I hope all goes well from here on out!

      • Chuck Finley

        Have you never considered that it might not be the jailbreak’s fault, but maybe your fault for installing tweaks that aren’t compatible yet?

        Seriously, be more of a self-entitled prick please. You don’t sound like enough of a douche yet. It takes time for the entire jailbreak dev community to update their tweaks so that they’re compatible with the latest version of iOS, you need this magical thing called patience. This happened when the jailbreak for 5.x and 4.x were released. You can’t expect every dev to magically click their fingers and have fully functioning versions of their tweaks about one/two weeks after the release of the jailbreak.

      • Kurt

        Hello Mr. State the Obvious. Really it takes time for the entire jailbreak community to update their tweaks. Whoa, call the liberal news quick, we got another commentator ready for MSNBC, CNN! haha f-idiots these days


      • Kurt, the only thing I have to say is that I restored all my cydia packages with PKG Backup, and the experience was awful. I then restored 6.1 and did a fresh Jailbreak, then installed cydia packages one by one, noting when a tweak (like Infinidock) was causing problems, and removed it.
        I now have over 100 extensions installed and the phone is running faster/smoother than it was on 5.1.1

      • Kurt

        I updated to 6.1.1.and installed the tweaks one by one also. And so far it cleared up my problems. I couldn’t use some tweaks like “Any Voice” as it crashed the OS when invoking Siri. But so far, after the update I’m a happy camper again. Nice to hear someone else fixed their problems also~

      • Ronald Weaver

        Yeah f$ck Pkgback up right now!!!!!!!!!!

    • yeah my camera app did same yesterday…
      was solved by restarting iPhone
      but there are always bugs even in official Ios too
      but they are different, see there was a 3g bug made by 6.1 os…
      sadly nothing is perfect, we can just get close to it

    • smtp25

      I hope English is your second or third language because that crap was barely readable and you hassle a free jailbreak that required skill in the first place.

      • ExRoot

        Screw you! They were typos that ram amuck with auto correct! Guess you don’t agree with my ‘not liking’ the JB so you to find something on my end to criticize. That tends to happen when comments stray from the HERD.
        Asshole just for the hell of it huh?

        Your comment was the rudest f’ing comment I have ever seen on this board.

      • smtp25

        You could have taken the time to correct them

        Wasn’t just for the hell of it – you bitch about something that is free, could at least have some respect for the hard work others have put into it

      • ExRoot

        Go back and read my comments! I was the one who commented to those who were bitching about there being no jailbreak which we had no right to do. This is something different. The fact is it is out. It is installed and though it is free I am having issues. I have the right to sayps it’s in my end v

      • Kurt

        It was rude and check out Chuck Finley’s comment to me. It’s above this one a few.

        People on this board have a lot of hurts and they take it out on people here to boost their fragile little egos.

      • ExRoot

        FYI…..Though not as blatant as my errors in my original post, I would suggest you go back and read your own post over the last few days. If you want to be picky, you may want to correct you grammatical errors.

    • Ronald Weaver

      Its not the Jailbreak its the packages. A week or two from now they will be all sorted out. I know it sucks but hang in there. I have multiple devices and my main ones are still back at 5.1.1 for that reason. I updated a few of my devices and wished i didn’t yet. Oh well we live and learn.

      • leart za jmi

        i am still on 5.1.1 and i am glad, this jailbreak is not good, probably due to the own ios problems, but this jb sucks, sorry for the team who worked a lot

  • Manalee

    fantastic i done this…but now how may i can unlock my device?????

    • Just slide to unlock. lol

      • Manalee

        rubbish answer ,,,,,I am talking about unlock carrier

      • You didn’t get my “LOL”.

      • Manalee

        so what u mean when we jailbroke it will auto maticaly unlock ? we can use any sim card? or i need to istall ultrasnow etc?

      • Every iphones are locked on lockscreen. You have to slide to unlock your device. That’s what i meant.

      • Manalee

        clap 4 u man :p

  • Jex

    Should other iOS device user avert using 1.3

    • Why would non-4S users want to use evasi0n 1.3, when it’s only for the 4S?

  • I’m just curious, what would really happen if you touched your device when it says not too? I screwed up the jailbreak on my 3GS and when I opened my phone, nothing happened.

  • Is there any way to update and keep installed tweaks?

    • Install OpenBackup from Cydia before you update. Use it to backup all your Cydia tweaks into iCloud. Update and restore your phone then install OpenBackup again and click restore. Works like a charm! I just did it today!

  • Anyone actually able to download Ayecon from the BigBoss repo?

  • As usual the video tutorial that explains everything thanks Jeff !!!

  • Nitinsavaliya

    If I update through OTA , can I still able to jailbreak ?

    • Liam Mulcahy


  • S models for life, Give me that complete experience packed into the latest model iPhone and future proof it a bit! Quad core for the 5S? Let’s hope!

  • smtp25


    1. did factory restore to 6.1.1

    2. restored from icloud backup (just contacts and stuff)

    3. JB with evasi0n 1.3

    4. installed appsync

    Weather works, no reboot issues (never had them tho) – so maybe it was never appsync breaking weather in the first place.

    EDIT: tried weather again after reboot and it still works – on 6.1 with 1st evasion it broke

  • “One thing that must be kept in mind, however, is that the iOS 6.1.1
    update will most likely update your iPhone 4S’ baseband. So, if you’re
    relying on some sort of unlock like UltraSnow….”
    Since when is iPhone 4S supported with Ultrasnow on any known modem firmware??

  • punkkido

    when it says unlock your device, and tap the Jailbreak icon on your Home screen, the jailbreak icon do not appear?? can anybody help.,.??

  • This is weird: When updating my 4s with 3G issues through Itunes directly, my PC crashes (bluescreen), When downloading only 6.1.1 either through Itunes or through IPhoneDownloadblog: ditto.

    When finally finding one, Itunes says: wrong firmware:

    ( iPhone4,1_6.1.1_10B145_Restore.ipsw)

    what’s going on????

  • David L

    My jailbreaking only gets to stage 2 then fails citing “Could not connect to AFC” or “Could Not find Directory”

  • Who else is having the issue that evasi0n is trying to remove the cydia package every time you try todo something in cydia?

  • Adam Daieh

    I did mine using WWW.JAILBREAKHOME.COM and its great! Very easy and simple steps.

  • discusthis

    is there a way of avoiding the baseband update for iPhone 4S (currently JBroken) running 5.1.1? Does it break Gevey unlock?

  • sorry to sound thick but he i go anyway…how to i backup my jailbroken 6.1 4s and then install 6.1.1 …i know the rest after but its the before i not sure of.. had to do a full restore from 5.1jb to 6.1 itunes update ,then jailbreak last week , lost all but up and running on 6.1 but i want to try 6.1.1 but this time the easy way… thanks for any help yours ctusaint

  • I’ve just done this new jailbreak for 6.1.1 (don’t know why, my 4S worked perfectly fine on 6.1) and now I have some really strange booting problems. It takes about 3 times longer to boot (apple logo flashing on and off) and sometimes it boots just like a semi tethered jailbroken device does. Any suggestions guys?

  • is it ok if i had itunes running?

  • Robiboy

    No I’m getting the icon of “jailbreak”. I’ve tried like 3 times.

  • Robiboy

    Do not get the “jailbreak” on my home screen.

  • Sasha Sanders

    this was so easy! especially with these step by step tasks.! everything went exactly how it was suppose to go and i loved every minute of it. i would recomment this software to anyone with an iphone.! lol.

  • is

    my evasion cant detect my iphone.

  • majk

    sry but i have question.. when i turn iPhone off (with jailbreak) how can i turn it on? 🙁

  • Arslan Akhlaq

    Hello i have jail broken my iPhone 4s but when i insert my Sim it ask for activation. How to remove the activation process, I also tried the emergency call process but un-vain… plz help

  • I’ve followed these steps and completed the jailbreak, however, nothing works! I have most of the Installous alternatives but no apps are installing and no cydia tweaks are installing.. I learned that I had to install AppSync for 6.x but even that won’t install and I’ve tried a bunch of different repos.. What should I do? Please help.

  • honest_20052206@yahoo.dk

    does this jailbreak work for ios 6.1.2?

  • AJ Marsillo

    when ever i use evasi0n it closes everytime

  • What’s if you don’t have iOS 6.1.1?

  • أمير الحلو

    ممكن سيديا