FreedomPop iPad case

Skype founder Niklas Zennstrom-backed FreedomPop startup made waves with its Freedom Hub Burst no-contract wireless appliance that serves one gigabyte of free 4G data each month to up to 10 wireless or wired devices simultaneously.

Monday, Forbes reported that FreedomPop could unveil an iPad sleeve with 4G data via Sprint’s LTE network. A new report out today sheds more light on the matter: a FreedomPop LTE clip compatible with iPads is indeed due in the second half of this year. We’ve got more tidbits right after the break…

TechCrunch reported today that FreedomPop has raised $4.3 million in funding from current investors DCM and Mangrove Capital.

Additionally, the company rolled out its social data sharing feature which lets users request and transfer bandwidth with other FreedomPop members and people on Facebook and Twitter, in 50MB chunks.

This could be especially useful for families because a soccer mom is now able to transfer unused monthly data allotments to her son.

FreedomPop iPad (data sharing)

It’s a fair approach and frankly, all wireless data services should be like this.

In addition, starting today Freedom Pop is also increasing additional data rewarded for referrals from 10MB to 50MB.

9to5Mac was able to confirm with FreedomPop that the iPad LTE clip is coming in the second half of this year.

The blog has more in way of detail:

A few of the details we have on the product: it will weigh 2.5 ounces, offer 3G and LTE on Sprint’s network, battery life will be 6 hours, and come with FreedomPop’s usual free 500MB per month plan.

FreedomPop also noted it will connect up to eight devices, and it has been specifically designed for the iPad, iPad mini, and Samsung Galaxy devices.

FreedomPop also has a $99 iPhone case with built-in WiMax modems and free data, providing non-LTE devices such as older iPhones with speedy cellular connectivity. However, that gizmo appears to be delayed by the FTC, which took issue with its cellular radio being too close to the iPhone 4/4S’s cellular radio.

  • Justin

    Any reviews?

    • phatmanjr.

      actually there have been many good things said about them, sadly, you have to live in an area that they service, and I don’t, but if you live in a bigger city or right outside of one, it might be possible for you to.

      • Justin


  • Jessica

    ******ATTENTION****** PLEASE READ. To whomever is considering buying this product, beware! This is a scam!

    I am a young single mother living on a budget. In this day in time having internet is a must so I came across Freedom Pop and thought that they might be an affordable alternative to getting internet in my home. I order the Casual 2GB package @ $17.00 a month. Upon arrival I was very excited to use my device, hooked it up, watched a movie the device worked perfect then went to bed. The next day I went onto the website to see how much data I had used and to my surprise I had used the entire data plan! I thought that was a little strange but I went ahead and upgraded to biggest plan they offer 10GB. The next time the device was used my nephew came over and played his playstation online. The next day I started getting email after email “Freedom Pop has added $10 to your account” over and over again. I thought that was strange since I had already upgraded to the biggest package. When I looked at my bank statement Freedom Pop had charged me $131.59 in overage fee’s over a 6 day period, $70 in one day! And continued charging my account until I had insufficient funds. So let me reiterate people… I paid $100 for the actual device, $60 for the biggest plan, and now on top of that $130… FOR USING THE DEVICE 2 TIMES! I called the company and asked what the reasoning was for all these charges. They said that much data had been used because I “had a good connection”. The best they could do was refund me $40. Needless to say I will never recommend this product to anyone. You’ve been warned!

    • Ma’am, Freedom Pop is not meant to be used to replace your home internet. It is not a scam. The plans they offer are similar to those offered by the cell phone carriers (since they actually piggy back on the cell-carrier’s networks). The average HD movie on Netflix is ~4GB, and online gaming is very bandwidth intensive.

      I use it on the train during my daily commute to get some work done, and it works quite well for me (I haven’t been charged anything yet after the $100 deposit).

      • Jessica

        Like I said after 2 times of use i was charged $130 in overage fees. This company MOST CERTAINLY presents its product as an alternative to home internet. Omission and vagueness on your product is definitely something that needs to be pointed out.