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  • More importantly the jailbreak should ( I hope drop to day ) drop today..WOOHOOO

  • Bhutan Samchi

    I don’t need all of above, just need JB lol

  • from Kenya and i am waiting for that Jailbreak…..

  • Matthew

    15% more.

  • Falk M.

    One does not simply release an article on funday that doesn’t have a jb download link.
    (unless such a news story already got published)

  • I said before that (jb) won’t be released in Sunday and that is what happen

    • It’s still Sunday here in the UK and its still Sunday morning in the US.. When they say Sunday it always means US time

      • I know that but as you see the bar is 85% and it never increase twice a day . so that mean its need more time more than day maybe two days to be finished .
        I hope to release this bored (jb) this ٍSunday but That was what I think .

      • Luna Gillian

        Progress doesn’t happen in a linear line, meaning it probably won’t go up by the same amount each time. I’m sure they’re just tweaking and getting little things done, the big chucks that take longer are hopefully done by now. Try to be optimistic

    • There was a tweet by MuscleNerd about what will you be doing and something about the Super bawl , that kicks of at 6.30 ET time

  • Whenever I open iDB, I expect a video demonstrating iPhone 5 Jailbreak by Evasi0n from Jeff.
    “Hello ladies and gentlemen, finally the long awaited Jailbrek has been released. Here’s how to jailbreak your iDevice on iOS 6” 😀

  • Bhutan Samchi

    98% done.

  • It is almost monday here. I can’t wait anymore! 😛

    Not sleeping today I think 😛