You can’t blame Samsung for amping up its anti-everyone advertising as it’s worked out so well for them thus far. In this new commercial aired during tonight’s NFC championship game and subsequently published on Samsung’s YouTube channel, a bunch of hipsters working for a mobile games developer are depicted using Galaxy smartphones and tablets. In one instance, the clip highlights multitasking capabilities of these gadgets where you can set the video to play while continuing to browse the web or sort through your email.

Then the focus turns (mark 0:40) to one of the old guards who tells a young office chick that she won’t “consolidate” her phones because she has “a system”: her BlackBerry with its clickety-clack keyboard is for work and an iPhone with an ugly case is for home. The lady abruptly cuts off the younger colleague after her attempt to explain the benefits of the Galaxy S III: “Allie, please respect my system”.

The commercial is a bit weird and primarily targets the struggling BlackBerry (talk about beating the dead horse). There are more jabs at RIM and Apple in an apparent shift of strategy as Samsung takes aim at enterprise market. Oh, and what’s up with the unicorns and that guy from 30 Rock?

The commercial closes with the “the next big thing for business is already here” tagline.

Sammy also has a web site dedicated to the Galaxy S III and Note II in work environment at which at press time simply re-directed to the ‘Galaxy At Work’ Facebook page.

By the way, Apple has a similar web page for iPhones and iPads in business.


Apple is pretty much the leading mobile brand in many of the world’s top corporations. On top of that, developers think Cook & Co. will eventually win that battle. Samsung is admittedly facing an uphill struggle trying to persuade big biz to adopt their devices.

On the flip side, Samsung may only need incentivize these corporate buyers to make the switch. After all, the South Korean conglomerate is known for deep discounts on bulk device purchases whereas Apple is not.

With the economy like this, many businesses are looking to cut costs so perhaps Samsung has a shot here.

As for the ad, I’ve seen better from Samsung.

What do you think?

Is it successful in getting the message across?

  • I’m not really enjoying apple lately, but I missed the point with that commercial…

    • Alex

      +1 that ad didn’t make sense

  • The only bit where you know that this a about phones is at the end… Just another stupid ad that doesn’t get any point across untill it says what it’s about at the end
    Samsung look more and more foolish doing these ads

    • I didn’t even bother to finish it… I hope they know how to get to the point within… a minute… please.

      I will still stick with iPhone but I will go for Android tablet(100% not Samsung) because they(Asus) are finally at a reasonable price now.

      These days, when people use BB for work and iPhone/Android for personal, it is because the company doesn’t want to pay for the phone upgrade fee, most importantly, why would I use the company phone for personal call, sms, email…

  • Seems like Samsung knows BlackBerry 10 is going to be a threat so they’re not wasting any time trying to bash RIM.

    • i would take a blackberry 10 over android any dan day

  • MarcPhilippeB

    Such a stupid commercial. Who draws a unicorn with a stylus on their smatphone during work? Apparently you can’t use a samsung phone for real work, but for some hobby drawing pseudo-work. Samsung defenitely missed the point.

    • JaeM1llz

      Ummm somebody who works for a company that is developing a game based on Unicorns…… did you even watch the ad?

      • MarcPhilippeB

        I’m sure they’ve got a great target group ;p

  • Obsidian71

    still hard to figure out who is supposed to be “cool” in Samsung ads. I don’t think they know what cool is …in fact I know they don’t.

  • JaeM1llz

    Typical Apple fanboy responses “it doesn’t make any sense,” “it’s stupid,” “I don’t get it.” Just because you can’t grasp a simple concept doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense.

    • jilex

      i agree with the part that just for being an apple fanboy, a lot of people will say this is stupid without looking at it, but i don’t like the ” you can’t grasp a simple concept” thing.

      On topic, the ad is not that bad (they are developing a game based on unicorns, as stupid as it is, and it shows why the note is better to work with images, but also, i guess they are just overexploiting the concept of the dual screen :/ i have seen better from samsung too

    • MarcPhilippeB

      If you promote a phone that can be used for work you should promote it in a way that most people can identify with. And as a matter of fact, 95% of the people don’t work at in a small creative start-up developing firm drawing unicorns. (Even if they would, certainly not on a smartphone but on a paper or a responsive tablet!!) It’s not that I can’t grasp this simple concept, they just missed it.

      • JaeM1llz

        So you want them to make a commercial that shows how a smartphone can benefit someone who flips burgers for a living? Get real. It’s a simple concept, you’re just mad because Apple didn’t come up with it. I’m sure Samsung wasn’t thinking that people would be stupid enough to think “oh, this device is only good if you work for a company that develops unicorn based games.” They probably thought their audience would at least have the imagination to be able to apply the features presented in the commercial to their own line of work.

      • MarcPhilippeB

        Yeah maybe people are but believe me, most of them are not. And now think about who’s gonna use a smartphone for work? No, not someone who flips burgers. And noo, not someone who draws unicorns on it. People who do business, who have to stay in touch with their customers, who need a secure and stable OS which they could rely on. Long battery hours, convincing email solutions etc. etc. thats the areas they should focus on if they want to promote their phone for work and have a target market thats bigger than 5%.

  • I think Sammy is communicating that its Galaxy devices that use a security standard called SAFE are viable for enterprise. As a subtext, the ad also says one doesn’t need a work (a BlackBerry) and a personal device (an iPhone) because Galaxies are for both work and play. Or something 🙂

  • Clearly people don’t have the mental capacity to understand the ad.

    To the retards talking about drawing with a stylus if you actually pay attention they’re showing drawing on one displaying on all the rest of the devices- the live sharing of content. Definitely work related.

    The main point of the commercial is very clear. Their devices can be used equally for work and play. You dont need a work phone- BB and a play phone- iPhone anymore.

    I thought the message was very easy to get for someone with half a brain.

    • Glad for you, you are only one who has half a brain~

      Feel free to name any smartphone that use stylus.

    • MarcPhilippeB

      Everybody would have to use a Samsung phone with a stylus but that will never happen. So it’s a useless functionality they’re showing. That’s never gonna be implemented, half brainer.

  • I swear Samsung hires people to comment on sites like this one. They sound desperate to convince and pathetic in their attempt but always good for a laugh so thanks lol.

    • I noticed some of these comments are canned and get repeated, with minimal changes, on other Apple blogs.

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    One single word…beautiful.

  • Karl Kurtz

    Too much talk about unicorns. Apple’s ads are much more clear and concise. How many seconds til someone replies “stupid apple fanboy”??

  • A company whose motivation is jealousy aint gonna last long

  • I guess an apple device can do both the things as well, though iOS does need a lot of improvements.

  • Nvrhde

    Reminds me of
    I am Mac, I am a Pc

  • samsung his lame as hell

  • KimOi

    Weak, to bash 2009 phones against their 2012 phone. Samsung must be scared because New Blackberry phones are coming this month. (with far better security and a more advanced OS)

  • Falk M.

    That was one confusing ad…

    Sorry, Samsung, but even you normally deliver far superior ads…
    Back to the drawing board!