I’ve been known to give jailbreak developers a pass when it comes to developing what many deem as “worthless” tweaks, because I know that there is always someone who will find a tweak to be useful. The latest such item to teeter upon this fine line is Fake iOS 6 About — a jailbreak tweak that allows you to fake statistical information about your device.

If you’ve ever wanted to pretend that your device could hold a million songs, or that you reside on a carrier not available in your country, then Fake iOS 6 About is the tweak for you. In most cases, many will feel that such a tweak is worthless. I’ll be totally honest with you; this time, it’s hard not to agree with those sentiments.

Installing Fake iOS 6 About places a new preference pane in the Settings app. Venturing to this pane allows you to configure false information about your device. You can change the number of Songs, Videos, or Photos. You can even configure a fake carrier or Bluetooth Mac address, which is sort of a bit on the random side. Needless to say, there’s not much usefulness to be had here, but it’s something you may be able to use to fool naive friends.

Head over to Cydia’s ModMyi repo if you want to give Fake iOS 6 about a go. It’s free, but you’ll need to be running iOS 6 in order to use the tweak.

Will you be taking it for a spin, or do you plan on sitting this one out?

  • jose castro

    Whats the point…. seriously why even bother making a video jeff.. Worthless

  • Miketyler

    Why would anyone want to do this… I think they have reached the max of great tweaks

  • Shakur Ali

    We need iphone5 jailbreak soon plz

  • jose castro

    Jeff your losing you touch

    • How so

      • jose castro

        the videos are getting lamer and lamer. this video is a good example.. who is there right mind as a jailbreaker will use this tweak. it doesnt do anything that WOW’s .. would you? . i like his videos in general but lately its been lacking.. you might a well make a video called “the lamest tweaks of 2012″/

      • Except the tweak that he is reviewing in the video is not is fault. He just reviews tweaks that comes out in Cydia.. He doesn’t really nitpick.. Unless you want 1 video every 2 or 3 weeks for good tweaks…

        Look at this on /r/jailbreak: http://www.reddit.com/r/jailbreak/comments/14urji/mapsopener_open_links_in_the_new_google_maps/c7gt0bp

      • That’s not his fault.

  • seyss

    best tweak ever.. for those who can’t use MS Paint

  • Ace

    Wtf lol

  • Matthew

    Is he really on iOS 6.1?

    • jose castro

      maybe the beta 4

  • C’mon guys, give Jeff a break. There are not many jailbreak tweaks coming out lately as many people have upgraded to the iPhone 5 or have updated to iOS 6. We all want a jailbreak but we have to wait for it to be worked on. I think part of Jeff’s job is to do videos of jailbreak tweaks. If there are not many new tweaks to cover then he doesn’t have much he can do. Either way he is second to non when it comes to videos and breakdowns of new jailbreak tweaks. I’m sure once a jailbreak is released he will have pleanty of new videos for us, not just ones of tweaks that serve no purpose. Don’t blame Jeff for the lack of new tweaks. Either way, happy holidays to all and here’s to hoping a jailbreak for iOS 6 is released soon for all of us.

    • There are many, MANY more tweaks coming out. Choosing this was his choice.

  • Anwar

    We need any JB

  • edo yaldeh

    What we need is apple inc. to work along with cydia and make apple more open

    • The closed platform, stable OS and good security is why Apple is so popular. (and why WP will sell better than Android over a few years)

  • iOS5 not supported?

  • But, IOS 6 is now available for every apple device in free. So what does mean to use this tweak, it’s worth…

  • Stop disparaging every developer who makes a tweak that you don’t find a use for. If you keep this up and developers read it, you won’t get any ‘useful’ tweaks anymore

  • Guest

    You’re basically just teaching people how to scam others on eBay and Craigslist by making their device look like it has more storage than it really has.

  • topcricket

    i need one option that could change my available memory.