4 Pointless Jailbreak Tweaks For the iPhone

Every week, there are many new jailbreak apps and tweaks released on Cydia. Some are very good, and some are absolute game changers like IntelliScreenX, Blutrol, and others. Some aren’t exactly groundbreaking, but add great functionality to your device like Snappy5. Others are run of the mill, and some are just downright head-scratchers.

This post is dedicated to the head-scratchers. The tweaks that leave you wondering why? How? And reek of absolute pointlessness!

Every so often we’ll create a post that highlights some of the most pointless jailbreak tweaks of the moment. We present you with the first batch of four…

First and foremost, let me just preface this by saying that almost no jailbreak tweak is entirely worthless. I’m sure that there’s someone out there who was looking for a tweak exactly like the ones below, and rejoiced when they found it. See my stance on so-called “worthless” tweaks for more info on that.

No Uninstall


You can do the same thing in a more secure fashion by going to Settings > General > Restrictions and enabling the “Deleting Apps” feature. In other words, you don’t need a jailbreak tweak to do this, and it’s much more secure this way.



How many times will we see a tweak that allows you to place something different on your “Slide to Unlock” bar? Seriously, we’ve seen plenty of this. The madness has to stop.



Same as above. There are probably about half a dozen tweaks that do the same thing. And why would I want a notification blocking my screen when I take a screenshot? Who in their right mind would want something that slows down their iPhone experience like that? Wait, don’t answer that.



Not only did I have problems with this crashing, but in retrospect, the logic behind this tweak is seriously flawed. So instead of having an unusable phone with a dead battery, I now have an unusable phone with a live one?

Granted, all of these tweaks have some redeeming qualities, and as I stated, none of them are 100% worthless. Still, I would never use any of these on a day to day basis, and I doubt any of you would as well.

Was I unfair with my assessments, or do you think I was spot on? What other tweaks would you add to this list if you could?