You can’t blame Samsung’s marketing team for pouncing on Apple’s every misstep. Remember the Apple Maps snafu in Australia that led to the police issuing a public warning advising against using the mapping product because it incorrectly placed the town of Mildura in the middle of Australia’s Murray Sunset National Park? Seen at the top is a new display banner found on Sydney’s George Street.

A mud-soaked SUV and a sign that reads “Oops, should have got a Samsung Galaxy S III. Get navigation you can trust” really needs no description. The wrong data Samsung’s ad is referring to was supplied by the Australian government, iDB reported yesterday, and was incorrectly rendered in other mapping products…

Kudos to CNET Australia for posting these photos, snapped by Nic Healey.

Hopefully, Eddy Cue and his team get around fixing Maps sooner than later.

Frankly, the iPhone maker has brought this on itself.

Google-owned Motorola was first to exploit the snafu in the iLost ad for the Droid Razr handset.

iOS 6 Maps were not ready for prime time and the firm could have avoided becoming the subject of public ridicule in late-night talk shows and other people’s ads if it had delayed Maps until they were perfect.

Has Samsung taken the Apple Maps meme too far?

  • RarestName

    Does Samsung have their own mapping app?

    • Tr1pTr0p

      No. But it is still far better than what Apple’s got.

      • RarestName

        True. It may have worked fine for me (lucky me?), but other people are having problems with it. If I were a person living in a bigger country, I’d prefer Navigon, Waze or Google Maps etc.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Main issues I have with iOS 6 maps are due to language differences. The rest are just search issues where the dumb application simply cannot find certain streets.

        Once upon a time, there was a person Adam Reisner who did this and that, and now there is a pretty big street named after him. Note the suffixes: “Ulica Adama Reisnera”. (The street of Adam Reisner.) It is also referred to as “Reisnerova”. (Reisner’s street.)

        img339 imageshack us/img339/8159/20675341.png

        Now even though the street is visible on the map itself, the app cannot find it. To Google’s maps, on the other hand, this is a no brainer.

        Ulica Adama Reisnera
        img831 imageshack us/img831/453/img1136.png
        img856 imageshack us/img856/3929/img1139l.png

        Reisnerova Osijek
        img407 imageshack us/img407/8255/img1137.png
        img713 imageshack us/img713/2050/img1142.png

        Adama Reisnera
        img542 imageshack us/img542/250/img1138.png
        img822 imageshack us/img822/2148/img1141.png

        The same goes for almost all other streets. You have to enter the exact name as it is displayed in the application, or else it will not find it, or you will end up in Russia. Typing in: “ruzina ulica” for some reason takes me to Moscow, “ružina ulica” cannot be found, but “ružina” is correct. THAT is why I use Google Maps.

      • RarestName

        And that is why I am still using Google Maps too!

  • Sammy…let me tell you a secret… there’s a lot of GPS apps on iOS…that run fast and smooth without crashing the system, that makes the user remove the battery to reboot the device… sounds familiar?

    • Tr1pTr0p

      No, it doesn’t. Please clarify your completely unfounded bullshit.

      • Lordthree

        Nobody is forced to use Apple maps. There are FREE alternatives superior to google maps (which never even got turn by turn)

        People can just use Waze until its fixed, so it’s a complete not issue.

      • i use tom-tom

      • Unforgtunately, where I live, I rely on Google maps to show me the exact timing for public transit (bus, train etc.) roots from location A to B as a pedestrian.

        Where can I find that on iOS 6 so-called “alternative”? Or you saying public transit is now obsolete as Crapple no longer provides such feature?

      • Nokia maps, Bing maps and many others. Have you even tried searching for an alterntive before starting bashing others? What a loser.

      • Tardroid

        he’s a troll. avoid him.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        What an obsessed moron! Piss off!

      • Lordthree

        There are DOZENS of them, OR just

        You haven’t looked if you haven’t found any.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        I meant the second part of the comment.

  • *Sydney, just FYI

  • queen_ir3ne

    Samsung is one childish fuck of a company

    • and they make lame cheap shit

    • and apple isn’t? lmao. what a champ.

  • This really is fucked up…really fucked up.

    Someone was stranded in a national park with limited supplies for a long time because of a mess up which the Australian Government has admitted partial blame.

    I wonder if Samsung would be so smug to run this campaign if someone had died out there…. Fandroids, go.

  • Tr1pTr0p

    Mac versus PC??? You people got fucking amnesia? Damn hypocrites. When others do the EXACT same thing… “Those childish morons!” But no, no, no! When mighty APPLEEE does it, it is perfect, magnificent, meaningful, insightful and simply amazing. What the heck is wrong with you??? Seriously…

    • go and suck on your daddy’s cock and take you silly apple hating post with you

      • but so will you knowing that you’ll never get one from a female

    • RarestName

      I think people are mad because they don’t want Samsung to become a company with too much pride like Apple.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        They’re both already arrogant as hell.

      • but apple is better

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Pathetic sheep.

    • You come to troll in an apple site… What the heck is wrong with YOU? Seriously…

      • sad android user

      • droid4life

        Its funny how youu say apples maps are better than android but yet you use tomtom and.everyone says apple always make good if not the best products and yet apples maps were a fail oh and fyi i used to be a blind isheep befor i switch to android and guess what im a happy android user

      • Poor little android goat! Do you even know how many products, that google made, have failed and were so bad that there is not even comparison. Look up some history you sad person 😀

      • droid4life

        im not a goat but i like android more than apple and by u say that to me means thta your a fanboy and apple makes tons of failed perojects they just never release them

      • droid4life

        May be becuse u all make samsung look bad and becuz it involes android

      • Tr1pTr0p

        I’m trying to remind you hypocrites how Apple isn’t any better than Samsung when it comes to this, because you apparently forgot.
        By the way, the link in my bio would like you to click it.

    • You do know that the police issues a new statement, saying that google maps “samsung maps” are dangerous too. During APPLE’s commercials, the things they said were true. Samsung ads are just childish and makes people laugh at there attention seeking whore nature 😀 LOL.

  • chjode

    A pro-Samsung article? On iDB? Must be Christian again.

  • Qiren_94

    Yeah, keep talking Samsung, while Google does everything for you.

    • RarestName

      Apply cold water to burned area.

  • Ray V

    Too funny

  • off topic…but shouldn’t it be “should have GOTTEN…?”

    • RarestName

      Thought the same, but maybe it’s Australian slang. Google time!

  • So mature eh 😉 Can’t sell as many as iPhone so diss them very nice.

    • its there strategy , always bring weakness of enemy to public and make your product superior, i dont blame them , apple also did same PC.

  • Sidney??????

  • Miketyler

    I didnt know that idownloadblog was worth this much… 3,077,687 crazy

  • Samsuck keeps poking the Lion (or Mt. Lion), and it’s getting dangerously close to getting it’s balls bitten off. I hope Apple’s HDTV becomes reality and bring something crazy new to the table and eat up more of Samsuck’s profits by pissing on their TV biz.

  • umm samsung can do and say anything it wants and more humans will aways choose iphone over android phones FACT

    • droid4life

      Sure thats y android has more user tan IOS users and that is a FACT

      • And yet, not even a single phone sells as much as the ONE might iPhone and that is is a fact. More than 50% web traffic from iOS (FACT). Selling shit should not be counted towards the sale number .LOL. better luck next time you noob.

      • droid4life

        Iaint no noob fyi i develope apps for androd and apple

  • Lolz, still? Even after the new notice, that the police issues today? 😛 That one backfired on samsung really bad 😉

  • Apple should just buy TomTom and be done with it, Samsung comes preloaded with Navigon which is GPS’s is basically TomTom’s bitch anyway.

    Apple has a bank chock full of cash, just pull out the chequebook and be done with it.

  • its spelt sydney

  • Techpm

    Google Maps are also showing wrong streets in Australia and they also got a police warning. Maybe Samsung should look at their own stuff first.

  • So much for safety, new post, ‘Google maps are dangerous too.’

  • Greyhound Mom

    It’s funny how it doesn’t make it into the news that Australia was the one that provided Apple with their maps data, so it was Australia’s fault! But that doesn’t make it into the news though

  • Megavidsnetwork

    They’ve become little children fighting over toys. Imagine Thomas Edison patented light bulbs. No one would be able to make better ones. Android has a lot of features and can be modified. Apple, though it doesn’t have many features and can’t be modified on its own, has quality. Android IS better than iOS when there is no jailbreak. But with a jailbreak, iOS becomes better than Android. Now this is just my opinion.