Surely you must remember Yahoo! Mail? The more than 310 million people who still use it swear it’s the best webmail service out there, bar none. If you’re a fan of Yahoo’s email offering, you’ll be delighted to learn that the search firm today released a brand new iOS email client. It’s got the basic you’d want from an email app nailed: the clean inbox view with infinite scrolling, auto-complete for email addresses you type, notifications for incoming email messages, multiple message selection, swiping left and right for quick access to options, in-line images, search across folders and more…

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer  noted in a blog post that her company is also releasing today the Mail app for Android and Windows 8 while updating the web interface with speed in mind:

We’ve redesigned the new version of Yahoo! Mail with speed in mind – getting through your emails is faster than ever before. We’ve also made your inbox more intuitive and easier to navigate, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your messages.

And, because mobile is everything these days, Yahoo! Mail now has a consistent look and feel across devices.

I’m all for consistency and have a feeling that Yahoo’s new mantra could have a lot to do with Google streamlining the look and feel of their mobile apps across platform (Google+, Chrome and Gmail apps come to mind).

iTunes release notes:

Stay connected
• Access your inbox in just one tap
• Receive automatic notifications for new messages
• Quickly scan messages in your inbox with continuous scroll

Message with ease
• Auto complete email addresses as you type
• Simply swipe left on any message to delete, flag, move, mark as read and more
• Multi-select messages to organize your inbox faster

Get more done, faster
• Easily attach photos or take new ones while composing a message
• Preview photos right at the top of a message
• Search through all messages across all folders

You gotta love how the sliding panels are becoming a norm with iOS apps.

Yahoo! Mail is a free download for the iPhone and iPod touch. Android fans can download a version for their device over at Google’s Play Store while Windows 8 fans are advised to check the Windows Store.

I wish they made a universal binary supporting the iPad natively so here’s to the hoping that’s already on Yahoo’s features list for one of future updates.

  • Considering Marissa Mayer was the UI designer for most of Google’s products, it makes sense this is more streamlined. Yahoo did a good thing by picking her up as CEO.

    • Falk M.

      Preach it brother.
      You can definitely see where she’s coming from and going by the screenshots it seems like a beautiful app.

      • Agreed, but in order for “Yahoo!” to reinvent itself they need to change their name.
        Just like when someone says they used yahoo search engine to find their nearest blockbuster all on their WebOS powered phone.

      • Falk M.

        Don’t think Yahoo needs a new name.

        What I do think though is that MySpace needs a new name LOL

        Look at their layout, it’s actually beautiful and they are really serious about a new beginning, but… their name stuck… Worst decision ever, because everyone I know who knows what myspace is just associates “FAIL FAIL FAIL” with them. 😀

  • I love how it work
    It is really not a bad app

  • Why does everything have to be purple? 🙁

    • purple is the new “cool”

    • Falk M.

      It’s Yahoo!’s color.

    • Mark

      It’s actually look neat 🙂

    • do u have a problem with the color.. yahoo has always been purple……….

    • According to the founders of Yahoo, the original color was blue, but when they went to paint their offices, they were given purple paint on accident. Thus, Yahoo has been purple ever since. 🙂

  • The devil

    This is a good app but the problem with the old version, you can’t set it to manually to receive your mail. Is this one the same thing?

  • No one needs this app..

  • Mohammed Sahib

    Any reason why I should use this or Gmail’s app over the stock Mail app of iOS?

    • Falk M.

      Better design, maybe if you set it up this way: keep personal and business inboxes separate, …?

      • Mohammed Sahib

        Ok, why not. I was, and still am, really asking if they have any feature(s) that make me switch from the default app.

  • olympus

    damn, it requires ios6

  • Mark

    It requires iOS 6 🙁

    • Mohammad Ridwan

      Requires iOS 4.3

      • Mark

        I couldn’t download it, it says Requires at least iOS 6.0 something like that.

  • it actually looks nice. im stunned

  • Too bad I’m still rockin’ 5.1.1. It would’ve been nice to try this app.

  • Fizzy

    This looks just like GMail for iPhone

  • this yahoo app isnt available in Australian app store yet 🙁 why is that ?