A European court has banned sales of some Samsung Galaxy devices which violate Apple’s patent on flipping through photos on a touchscreen. Wednesday, the Court of The Hague limited the ban to Galaxy products powered by at least Android 2.2.1 and don’t use Samsung’s own photo gallery software.

Samsung reportedly must pay Apple $129,000 per day if it does not follow the ban, as well as inform the Cupertino, California company how much profit was made from sales of the affected Galaxy products sold since June 27 of last year. This is the second court case Samsung has lost concerning the photo gallery patent…

Judge Peter Block, who oversaw the decision, ruled against Samsung’s earlier argument made in September that it no longer sold Galaxy products in the Netherlands which violated Apple’s patent, according to the IDG News Service.

“The argument raised by Samsung at the hearing that Samsung Benelux does not sell the infringing products any more, cannot lead  to a rejection of the ban,” Blok wrote.

A refusal by Samsung to sign a declaration that it would not infringe upon Apple’s patent also was viewed negatively. A Samsung spokeswoman told reporters the South Korean electronics giant was disappointed by the ruling. Apple did not comment.

The patent in dispute involves how Apple users are able to peak at the next photo in a gallery by swiping the current image, a method Samsung has also used. Samsung’s own software ditched the “peaking” for a blue light that highlights the start of the next image.

Wednesday’s court decision is just the latest of several Dutch legal disputes between the two rivals. In October, the Court of The Hague ruled Samsung did not violate an Apple patent on multitouch. In January, the two companies will be back, this time to hear the court’s decision on a question centering on tablet design.

On Tuesday, Apple was awarded more than two-dozen patents on numerous technologies, some of which may come into play when the iPad maker once again faces off with Samsung in court.

Nothing better than a courtroom battle between Apple and Samsung to get a new year off right. Unless the whole Mayan Calendar thing is true, then all bets are off.

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    The Netherlands FTW! ❤

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    Apple wants to be the only company who sells phones, so it can finally apply its communist boring dated tiled OS on the free world.

    2007 is long gone. Wake the f”””” up. Your OS is not the bomb anymore.

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      Spoken like a true 11 year old

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    • If its not broken, why fix it? The experience with Apple devices is in the Application, let’s be honest, this is still a big let down on Android (fragmentation, lack of updates and malware all don’t help the ‘come on in, it’s a free party in here’ platform).

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        I disagree. My experience with android has been great so far. Maybe because I am a late adopter and my first Android experience happens to be on a fluid phone/OS combo ( note 2 and jelly bean).

  • apple wins no more argue !!!!!

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      Sharukan is a G**

  • Samsung… You get what you deserve. Maybe the amount will be more than anything some stupid judge from the UK awards you.

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    b!tch slap emm

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    Apple is such a bastard, really. Of-course if Americans run that crap company what else does one expect…

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