This is kind of an interesting story. Apparently Facebook has launched an internal campaign to get its employees to trade in their iPhones for Android devices. After years of giving its workers Apple handsets, the social networking giant is urging them to make the switch to Google’s platform in an effort known as Droidfooding…

What’s Droidfooding? TechCrunch explains:

“Facebook is making a shift. Not just to mobile, but to a balanced focus across mobile through an informal program to nudge employees to Android. It was first mentioned by Business Insider’s Owen Thomas in August and I’ve since investigated. The campaign casually known as “Droidfooding”, a portmanteau of Android and dogfooding — eating your own dogfood aka testing your own products.”

The site’s Josh Constine obtained the above two photos this weekend, which depict posters that are reportedly hung around Facebook’s Menlo Park campus. The second one, a mobile marketshare projection chart by market research firm IDC, is particularly intriguing. It shows Android shipments outnumbering iOS 2 to 1 by 2016.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, as Google’s mobile devices have been out-shipping Apple’s for quite some time now. But it’s obvious that Facebook doesn’t feel like its current Android efforts are enough for the popular platform, so it’s trying to fix that. It says that a lot of its engineers are now carrying around both Android and iOS devices.

In addition to the mobile switch, Constine also scoops up another interesting tidbit, and it has to do with the company’s bug reporting. Apparently if an employee runs across a problem in one of the Android or iOS apps while testing them, there is a feature built into their internal software that lets them shake to report it. It’s called “Rage Shake.”

Anyway, what this all boils down to is that Facebook is going to start taking Android a lot more seriously. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see other companies follow suit. Because whether or not they like Google’s mobile OS, the platform’s marketshare is just getting far too big to continue to ignore or push to the side.


  • Just business. Facebook will probably launch a “Facebook AppStore”, a thing that they can’t have on iOS … (fortunately because facebook apps and games are the most annoying thing on facebook… )

    • Falk M.

      Yupp, pretty happy to not spread my app store (and hence DRM and updating) dependencies amongst a plethora of of stores.
      It gets really weird when you invest into manufacturer stores on Android.
      Or carrier stores…


    • MagicDrumSticks

      At least android gives you options. Everyone except you and te rest the fanboys on this blog realize that.

    • Tr1pTr0p

      If you look past your sterile and isolated iOS bubble, you will realize how Facebook apps are actually quite useful. Especially if you want to connect a certain service to your account. Soundcloud will, for example, automatically update your Facebook when you post a new track, etc. Very useful if you have different followers on both sites.

      • Yeah right… Only if you have a Facebook bubble that would be useful…

      • What kind of loser and social-less person goes to competing blogs just to trash a brand name? I guess you are enjoying the nice unemployment check paid by all of us.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        I’m not from the US (thank god), and I’m in college. Don’t like paying taxes? Go to Somalia, where a government doesn’t exist since 1991. Such a beautiful country, eh?
        What the hell are you even trying to say?

      • Fag

        Hey troller, why do you come here? Let me guess. To get insulted by all the apple fanboys?
        Buzz off fag.

      • charlie

        dumb ass, i’m using iphone too but android is number 1 smartphone in the your eyes dude!

      • Why the fuck would we go there? In the middle of nowhere seriously xd

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Example of a country with no government. Could not be any more clear.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Says someone with a Fag as a username. What a pathetic joke you people are…

  • Ignacio Irigoyen

    I mean, of course Facebook likes Android more, Apple will never let them share user information to sell to companies.

    • RarestName

      That does make some sense, but people who use Android tend to be more careful in handling the privacy settings.

      • You mean “tech” people using Android.

        Not general public at all… that are almost 99% of them. People have no clue about privacy problems with Facebook and Google. And the few that knows just a tiny bit… they just don’t care. They are pretty much very naive.

      • RarestName

        That’s true. I was just trying to make my comment look nice.

        A Fandroid would say something like this:

        “LOL atlese on the androids user noe how to changed apps privacy unlike the stupid brick for hipster isheeps lololol appel sux”

        An iSheep would say something like this:

        “yeah android sucks ass stupid iphone clone apple ftw”

      • That’s right. But just to be clear, take a look at “Google’s ToS”. They collect data even without turning on all the privacy settings. It’s their business model.. it’s where they get all the profit. Unfortunatly, most of the people look at the “ToS” and say: “Ain’t nobody got time for that…” 🙂

    • Tr1pTr0p

      What makes you so sure Apple doesn’t sell your information already? You have no idea how fucking sad you sound when you say anything that starts with “Apple will never…”! How the hell do you know what is Apple doing with your information and what will they do with it in the future? Stop lying to yourself.

      • As always, you have no clue what are you talking about. Google never updated the Google Maps on iOS because they wanted to get users information and Apple didn’t wanted that. That’s why Google Maps were very outdated on iOS. Second, was facebook. It took so long to get integrated to the iOS because of the same reasons, that’s why Twitter got the intregration much more faster than Facebook.

        Apple rule number one about Privacy:

        USERS can’t be forced to share their information. And ANY app that try that without users permissions, will be banned from the AppStore.

        As always, you don’t deserve any reply… because you’re just a trolling fandroid that almost everybody here knows.. but this info will be useful to others. /watch?v=39iKLwlUqBo

      • Ignacio Irigoyen

        Well, let me school you a little. Facebook sales your information, this is a well know facts.

        It is also a fact that Facebook will have more access to user information on and Android phone if the user is not careful about the privacy settings (this is not good or bad, still a fact)

        Apple until now has not been caught selling my info, again fact!.

        If you work on assumptions rumors, and other thing, do it for all of them, not the ones that fit your ideals, and fanaticism.

        I on the other hand stick with the innocent until proven guilty.

        In conclusion Just because you believe in something because you hate the brand it does not make it real, so look a little on your self before calling other people sad.

      • not taking any sides here. And i hate being fanboys. But didn’t you read how those 2 hackers exposed apples flaw of collection information and then apple apologized for that?

        He’s not all that ignorant my friend

        Btw i love my iphone 5 and 4s ..

  • Gary Kunin

    that is why i say f….. u face book. Hope in few year Facebook will be completely gone from face of the earth. I can stand them. Such a waste of time.

    • You*

      • Childish much?

      • I like turtles.

      • maurid

        Promoting the right way of speaking/writing is not “childish”.

      • Blahblahblah

        “childish.” *

  • The chart is a bit off I think because there is 425 million iOS devices

    edit: javierE186 is right its just comparing iphones, nevermind

    • javierE186

      Yeah iOS devices not iPhones, the chart is correct, since it indicates iPhone shipments. Now if it would have said iOS devices then you would be right, it would be way off the mark.

      • Cameron Brinkman

        Very true but even so it is probably counting tablets and media players as android. It is not apples fault it has a larger presence in those markets. And those are many other devices that can run the Facebook app. But still very true

  • Why is it that android fanatics call people who like apple products “fanboys” when they are just as much of a “fanboy” when it comes to android? Either way Facebook unfortunately is going no where and only reason android sells more handsets is price. When apple releases the cheaper version iphone these numbers will change dramatically.

    • Pavelbure

      They already have cheaper iPhones. The problem is they have to get rid of this false attitude of “apple products are always expensive” Plus having store employees push any pos android phone on as many uninformed people as possible does not help.

      I once had to explain to someone for 5 min. that their phone that says “samsung” on the back is not a iPhone. She kept telling me that the salesman told her it was a iphone. I felt like banging my head on the wall.

      • Lordthree

        Had the same experience. Dumb people are dumb.

      • iamnotfan

        Really ?,
        You Had to Explain for 5 MINUTES !

    • Tr1pTr0p

      There is a difference between a fan and a fanboy. An Apple fanboy will praise anything with an Apple logo on it regardless of how bad it it, while a fan has, common sense, intelligence and critical thinking skills.

    • If they get crazy with Apple fanboys is because they’re Fandroids.. otherwise they really didn’t care… but it’s funny because they never realize that. And I always love their “moralism” attitude…

      But.. who’s right? Obviously… FANDROIDS…. on a iDevice blog… lol

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Please explain how can I be a fandroid if I don’t even own an Android device? Enlighten me! I think you should also read my DISQUS bio.

      • Because I didn’t even mentioned your name on this comment and you have replied to me here

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Oh I wonder who were you referring to by “fanboys”… Hmm…

      • Lordthree

        Look at your avatar nimrod. Derp. Get a life man.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Look at my damn bio and previous posts, smartass.

  • hopefully the next software and iPhone will be a drastic change that’s good for the company to make it raise these shipments stats.

  • The graph may as well be showing the number of variants of android that need tested. I think that’s the real problem Facebook is having. You only really need 10 people to test iOS. You need 400 people to test your android app. The flier even asks for “model”.

    • Tr1pTr0p

      And what the hell do you think 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and 5 are but different MODELS! Your understanding of the testing process is embarrassing.

      • And you’re embarrassing yourself, trying to be clever and have no clue what are you taking about.

        XCODE is the answer. Developers know what im talking about.

        Android? lol… HUGE mess. A lot of screen sizes, different CPU and GPU, different carriers with different Android versions, different drivers, different cameras, different roms, different user interfaces… every brand has almost 50 different devices that’s why you see a lot of people “crying” on “WHY MY DEVICES IS NOT COMPATIBLE SINCE HE HAS THE LATEST ANDROID VERSION?” …

      • Tr1pTr0p

        I’ll keep this short.
        What is your solution to those problems? Mess, different screen sizes, CPUs, GPUs… Everyone simply using iOS devices? Well, that was the case until recently, when Android started to take over. And look at iOS now, compared to Android! Stale, boring, old… THAT is what you get when a product rules the market – lack of innovation.
        Logically, the next step is an operating system made for OEMs, but with limitations. (Unlike Android, which is completely open.) And what is the product? Windows Phone. So did it take off? Kind of, but it’s nowhere near iOS, let alone Android.
        Conclusion? People like CHOICE! Who would’ve thought!

      • “Android, completely open.”
        I died here.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Good. It was nice talking to you. Now rest in peace.

      • Lordthree

        Your post are pure comedy. I laughed till my sides hurt. Wtf don’t you get? Android is cobbled together stolen IP. It’s not even real Java for Christ sake- its a janky have run time! The entire experience is laughable and yet they hock it off to you apple haters and you act like you’re righteous

      • Tr1pTr0p

        I don’t give a shit what it is, as long as it gets the damn job done. And yes, it gets it done a hell of a lot better and faster than iOS!

      • Lordthree

        What job is that? Rofl. You android junkies act like you’re geeks cause you ‘tinker’ with your ‘open’ platform. Fact is, there isn’t anything android can do that you can’t do with a jailbroken iOS device (aside from NFC and other hardware limitations) easily. Thing is, it take’s a little more work to tweak iOS (not much) than android. Android is for noobs, fake geeks, wannabes, posers. Get over yourself and your hacked together, stolen, IP-infringing, embarrassingly stuttery, janky, ugly, android.
        People get android phones cause they either a) hate apple, or b) are too cheap/stupid. The web usage statistics are all the proof you need.
        Get lost troll. Get a life, get a girl, get something better to do than troll iOS blogs and get hundreds of -1 rankings.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Android junkies? Retard, I’m an Apple user! When you individually interview a group of Android users about those things, then and only then you get to say who Android users a) and b) are. Until then, shut your stereotypical fucking mouth! So if someone refuses to pay the expensive Apple tax for features that person will never use, then he/she is automatically cheap or stupid? I could eat a letter soup and shit a better argument than that. Seriously, go fuck yourself!

      • Lordthree

        You mad? Insults? Really? I’m not going to read your shit profile or your post history. I doubt you’re a real Apple user.
        I’ve been using Apple since before I could walk (aka, before you were born) but I can’t say they’re infallible. Lion sucks, mountain lion sucks, ping sucked. Those are minor, but fails.
        You come in shitting all over Apple, declaring them boring, and insult the regulars that post on a iOS blog- but you expect to be treated with anything other than amusement? You’re a child. You’re angry. You think you know wtf you’re talking about but sadly, you’re a confused, screaming child- just regurgitating the same old sorry talking points that all the Apple haters spit out. I’m done with you kid. Get a fucking life. Move on, move up, grow a brain.
        If you want respect don’t come to an iOS blog and insult the regulars with you’re piss poor, goofy, backwards PoV. F Off.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Real Apple user? What, your kind has invented another type of Apple users, the imaginary ones? I’m writing this on an iPhone, just for your information. Trust me, I wouldn’t even bother reading all the retarded conspiratorial religious bullshit you people post here if I didn’t own iOS devices and if I didn’t care about news regarding devices I use.

      • Lordthree

        You mad? Insults? Really? I’m not going to read your shit profile or your post history. I doubt you’re a real Apple user.

        I’ve been using Apple since before I could walk (aka, before you were born) but I can’t say they’re infallible. Lion sucks, mountain lion sucks, ping sucked. Those are minor, but fails.

        You come in shitting all over Apple, declaring them boring, and insult the regulars that post on a iOS blog- but you expect to be treated with anything other than amusement? You’re a child. You’re angry. You think you know wtf you’re talking about but sadly, you’re a confused, screaming child- just regurgitating the same old sorry talking points that all the Apple haters spit out. I’m done with you kid. Get a fucking life. Move on, move up, grow a brain.

        If you want respect don’t come to an iOS blog and insult the regulars with you’re piss poor, goofy, backwards PoV. F Off. 

    • charlie

      but still Android is the winner on this earth….don’t make any statement if iOS can’t beat the greeb robots

  • The thing is Facebook may be switching but the thing is that Facebook may not be here in a few years. It is just reaching its peak. Android may be their choice for an amazon like AppStore/ ecosystem. But the thing is Facebook like google depend on ads and most people hate those ads and will look at other ways of sharing info if given a good platform. For the time being maybe this is just old uncle google using its wallet to do/ force people to switch. Not the first time and not the last time. Will be interesting to see if this “campaign” works. Specially when it is “optional”

  • The only reason why Android is out shipping iOS is because its much easier to get an Android phone than a iPhone.

    • And because there are a billion and one different types of androids, I’m sure if apple have other companies its OS iOS would be right up there, give android OS to only one hardware manufacturer and then do a comparison

      • Hyr3m

        Dafuq are you on about ?

        Apple chose to be a loner, that’s their strategy… if you think another strategy is better (sharing their OS with other manufacturers) that means you think Apple is stupid (and I couldn’t agree more).

      • Fatal

        You’re a moron. Apple makes an absurd amount more per iPhone that sells than Android or the manufacturer. For every phone they sell, they obtain both partie’s profits. This is why Apple doesn’t need to sell nearly as many as Android in the mobile market and Windows in the PC market. Please go back to your little fairyland over at Android Central.

      • charlie

        read the fact…even in US android win the sales, are you blind??come on did you see american music award??you see on their hands?apple or droid?

      • Hyr3m

        You’re completely off the point Fatal. I was simply stating facts…

      • daas88

        They make an absurd amount of money per device because they overprice everything, and because people will blindly buy all they sell (even if upgrading doesn’t really make a difference) just because of the brand name.

      • EpicFacepalm

        This isn’t really true.

        Other companies will want to change UI. If Apple allows that, Welcome to the developer nightmare #1

        If not, then imagine, there will be iDevices with different CPU, Ram, Cellular Chip, Camera,  Screen etc.
        Welcome to the developer nightmare #2

        So why the hell developer nightmare decrease the quality, you ask, I know…
        The answer is simple, cuz ‘The Apps’ are the most popular reason for buying the bloody iDevices. If you make developers’ lifes hard, most of them will be unable to bring the same experience to all customers. Thus, will decrease the quality.

        And back to the nightmare #2 reasons, this will also affect Apple’s image badly, because Apple has been producing its own hardware, and sofware in a monopolistic way since Apple II.

        I know a lot of people are buying iDevices because they really think that it is the best technological device you can buy despite the price. Unfortunately Tim Cook’s Apple seems to be unable to bring innovations. The balloon has blown…

        *Gets Popcorns*
        haters gonna hate

    • Lordthree

      Sprints doing buy one get one free on galaxies again. People get them but don’t use them for interwebz

    • charlie

      that means Android is th best smartphone ever dude….keep your head up for Android

  • Guest

    There’s a very simple explanation for this. Android does not have the market share numbers claimed by companies like IDC and NPD. Their stats are based purely on guestimations and not hard numbers.

    If Android did have the market share people say it does, there is no way ios would have such a lead in online usage. People with smartphones browse the web, otherwise what on earth are they using their phones for?!

    It’s time Android OEM’S started revealing their actual sales stats instead of letting waste of space companies like IDC and NPD pump up the numbers for them. But them again I’m sure the like the fact that it makes them look

  • thedarkknight80

    Android open system and FREEDOM ( yes freedom) is the future of mobile .

    And for those people who are saying that Google will track your phone , well, in one simple check-box on my phone settings, i can just not allow it to do so .

    I’m FREE to choose what i want , do what i want and make my phone UI look how i want.

    I wanna live in a free world, not in a communist OS that is outdated !

    So when Facebook is promoting Android, they are promoting FREEDOM .

    • Still wondering why a “Open… Freedom… OS” need root access to remove crapware installed by Google or Carriers…

      “So when Facebook is promoting Android, they are promoting FREEDOM”

      Dafuq…? Facebook is one of the worst companies ever… that even when you delete your account (or just a photo) they still have them all on their database!

      Seriously… you describe very well what I’ve said in other comments. Totally cluess about Google and Facebook profit model. There’s no such thing called “freedom” or “open” in business! They only call if “free” because the product it’s you. They earn money WITH YOU and not with the products directly. You’re the product that they sell to other companies.

      Read Facebook, Google and Apple “Terms of Services”. Seriously… “communist OS” lol… do you know what communism is, at least? lolol…

  • When I worked at Microsoft I use to dog food so many app for iOS. It wasn’t un common for employees to do that. I had Many apps before the public saw them.

  • Lordthree

    It doesn’t matter what the android market share is if iOS accounts for 85%+ of all mobile traffic. Extremely dumb, shortsighted move. Facebook is on the way out anyway.

  • twited21

    Don’t know about any of you but the Facebook iPhone app has been awfull of late
    It was fine before they rebuilt it a few months ago
    But now it just keeps crashing and freezing

  • Well this is just plain stupid. Am I the only one to realise that the iPhone only consists of iPhone but Android consists of Motorola, HTC, Samsung etc., thus leading to more shipments?

    • Well I guess I’m the only one to realise.

  • iamnotfan

    I Hope there is only few pepole in this world , Who hate Competition in Mobile OS, as a User.

  • Fag

    Why do people fight on iDB like someone is fucking them up the ass with an iPhone or android phone. Relax bitches.:/

  • Mohammed

    How do even compare andriod to ios?
    This is like comparing LG ,SASMUNG,HTC GOOGLE to apple
    The only reason andriod is selling more devices is that they have partnership with good mobile phones companies
    + andriod phones are available in much more countries
    Like here in saudi arabia i can find an andriod phone even in the supermarket !!!!!
    But to find an iphone i have to search 2-3 days for it

  • Tom

    Maybe Facebook should sort out their lame bug laden iOS app before moving on to sort out an Android app.

  • Dan

    So much hate. It’s just a damn phone people. If they both get the job done, who cares??? I recently moved from iPhone to GS3 since it had the functions I was looking for in a phone.

    My wife wanted other functions, so I suggested she buy an iPhone. Both great devices! I currently still have an iPad and don’t plan on switching to an android tablet since it does what I need it to do.

    IOS/Android are both good platforms, it all depends on what the user wants out of it.

  • It’s about time. Maybe Facebook for Android will stop Crashing as often.

  • Why would you make your employees do that? You know they don’t want to be forced into using android when they LOVE their iPhones!!

  • iphone is the number one phone on earth… FACT end of story

  • Cameron Brinkman

    It is probably counting tablets and media players under android. It’s not apple fault it has a much larger presence in those markets. Adding that it is about on par sells wise with android. Plus all those devices can run the Facebook app so more devices can use the app for iOS then what was on the chart