It’s a milestone day today. First, Apple announced it sold three million new iPads over the weekend and now South Korea-based Samsung confirmed it beat its own self-imposed estimate by shipping a respectable 30 million units of the flagship Galaxy S III handset. Previously, executives for the company publicly expressed hope to move that much units by year’s end. The Galaxy S III launched back in May so the figure amounts to an average of six million S III units a month…

Samsung basically added a cool ten million Galaxy S III sales in the last 50 days. Its execs early-September publicly set a target of selling 30 million S III units by year’s end. Ahead of the iPhone 5 release, watchers pondered whether Apple would be able to beat Galaxy S III sales and re-take its crown of America’s best-selling handset.

Apple sold 26.9 million iPhones last quarter. Samsung last year stopped divulging tablet and smartphone data for competitive reasons, but various estimates paint its smartphone market share as twice that of Apple’s.

In comparison, club Cupertino sold five million iPhone 5 units during its opening weekend. Apple’s latest phone went on sale on September 21 in just nine countries, rolling out in 22 more countries a week later. According to one survey, Apple’s handset surpassed Samsung’s flagship product in web traffic volume in just 18 days.

To share the exciting news, Samsung took to its official blog, where mobile head JK Shin compared the figure to the Galaxy S II, which shipped ten million units in five months.

The Galaxy S III continues to be a runaway favorite with customers around the world. Meeting this sales milestone in five months sets another record for Samsung, and we are extremely proud and yet motivated to continue to provide our customers with products that they love.

For the record, I just got my Galaxy S III last week. So far, I’ve been pretty impressed with its build quality and overall speed, even if Android doesn’t take full advantage of the underlying hardware.

Of course, I like the iPhone 5 better.

Are you surprised by this milestone for the S III?

  • iphone 5 is much better phone then any other phones !!

    • CollegiateLad

      I share your opinion. But this article is about Samsung.

      • i used to have an iphone 5, but then i realized how much im missing in android and quickly made the switch. I LOVE my new GS3. Been playing with it for a week and still havent discovered many of the features. Seriously your doing yourself a favor by switching to this epic phone. I got bored of iPhone 5 within 3 days.

      • Kurt

        of course you got bored. its been basically the same phone and same features for years. why do people stand in line for the same device they already have. have you ever tried a windows phone? I love winodws 8 for my computers. i’m sure this will take over the phone market.

        btw, one more day till we have a new president elect.

      • still rather an iphone that any android POS

      • Kurt

        dont get an android pos, get a good android phone, they are superior to iphones. i shouldn’t have bought the iphone 4Same. its buggy as hell, freezes, crashes, unresponsive, slow. all becasue i jailbroke it to get features since iOS is a featureless POS OS

      • CollegiateLad

        I love my iPhone 5. That’s ok, right?

      • I need to be jailbroken… lol i will only get the 5 when jb is out

      • samsung sucks though

      • Kurt

        their phones are better (overall) than the iphone and more popular.

      • Kurt we share many of the same views! in this instance, i again will say their is no point in educating iSheep. I myself was one before and really opened my eyes when i checked out android. Just relax and let Apple suck out all the money from their wallet…

      • Kurt

        most iSheep are libtards anyway. they are pretty sensitive these days as their racist president is going to lose the election to a religious person (we know how much liberals are bigots and have such hatred for the religious folk)


      • Kurt

        haha…you are quite smart i see 😀

    • Kurt

      no its not. its more of a basic smart phone. but thats a problem of the OS. apps are good but not the OS.

  • CollegiateLad

    Not surprised at all. One of the best Android devices of the lot. There’s Samsung Android phones and then there’s everybody else fighting for the left over scraps. I wish they would reveal how many they sold, not how many shipped.

    • ic0dex

      I’m with you on that, I really want to know how many phones people purchased and not how many they shipped to retailers. Everyone can say we shipped 30 million phones. With the iPhone 5 it’s a bit different because all the iPhone 5’s are on back order and no retailer has them in stock but you can walk into any store and they will have a Galaxy S III in stock.

      • Kurt

        ill help you…if they shipped 30million phones they sold a hell of a lot more than 25million

        btw, you don’t realize iphone 5 is a new device compared with the sIII thats been out for months. in a few months you can walk into any store and pick up a iphone 5 which looks basically the same as any other idevice for the past 6 years

      • ic0dex

        So tell me what’s the difference between the Galaxy S 2 and 3?

      • Kurt

        they are both better than the iphone…wait that isnt a difference. hmm

      • ic0dex

        Dude I played with a Galaxy S 3 and its not better then an iPhone 5. The S3 is just a phone for its time and that’s it, it’s only good for 1 year and in to the trash. Till today people are still using the iPhone 3GS/iPhone 4 but not so many people are using the first Galaxy phone right? The iPhone 4 has seen more OS updates then any droid will see in its life time. Apple has a better Eco-System then any cell phone company out there. Why do you buy a smart phone for you to change UI colors and say Oh my Galaxy could change colors but the iPhone can’t! You buy a smart phone so it can help better your life and not change colors and stupid icons or steal Apps from developers.

        I use an iPhone, iPad and a MacBook to better my life because we’re in the future bro we have to be more productive then ever to survive in this world. I guarantee you your droid device is never going to evolve into a better phone you’re never going to get crucial updates.

      • Kurt

        i dont own any android device. never have. my iphone and ipad suck. they constantly crash, freeze, so slow, unresponsive. thats what you get by jailbreaking a crap OS. that apple claims is the BEST MOBILE OS IN THE WORLD. idiots they are. iOS is ok.

        ipad doesn’t get any more support. at least with android you can still upgrade it on your own. not with any idevices. iphone was the best smart phone hands down. now? no way. the OS sucks

      • ic0dex

        “my iphone and ipad suck. they constantly crash, freeze, so slow, unresponsive. thats what you get by jailbreaking a crap OS.”

        Stop jailbreaking and you wont have any of these problems! People jailbreak and start adding all these stupid tweaks that they don’t even need and then complain because their iDevice does not work correctly.

      • He didn’t even mention android 4 lol.

      • The S3 was to compete with iPhone 4s and the S3 still lost to that old iPhone.. the S3 is the only really popular android phone there is ot of all the 10000s of different android POS phones out there…

      • ic0dex

        Thank you!!! Apple only has 3 phones on the market but yet they sell more then an stupid Droid, and when I say sell I mean sell not ship to a store and say we sold 30M phones. Please explain to me why every iPhone gets sold out and falls on back order but yet this does not happen to a Droid device @kurt178:disqus Why? Because every Droid phone is like a one time use Kodak camera, use it and then right into the trash.

      • Dan

        You are just arguing semantics. All of this is subjective. You prefer Apple, he prefers Samsung. Both are excellent phones and it really comes down to what you want out of the device. You say that you use Apple products to ”better your life”.
        In my opinion, my Galaxy S3 does a better job that my iPhone ever did. I had the choice of getting an iPhone 5 or a GS3. I wanted more than 64 GB of memory and a larger screen, would the iPhone 5 be more suited to that task ?
        It all comes down to what you NEED. I find it ludicrous when people start flaming in the comments section about who has the better phone…

      • Kurt

        how did anyone give you a thumbs down for that comment.

      • Now you exhibit the qualities of sheep.

      • Kurt

        shut your mouth. you are always fighting with people. that why you dont have friends on here. be kind and be respectful and people might even like you.

      • CollegiateLad

        Go to AnandTech and check out this difference. Try not to laugh.

      • lol ^^^this curt dude is not mental stable… the iphone is the number on phone on earth… they sell out in 10 mins when ever the apple store gets stock in.. S3s will always sit on shelves…lol

      • yup cause demand is much much lower for those android POS phones.. S3 has been out fro ever now too..

      • Kurt

        wp8 is still better, smoother than the ios. and the best thing, its not a glorified app launcher, it has lots of features only ios could dream of

      • ic0dex

        And what are those features? Everyone keeps saying that so I want to know what they are?

  • The thing is apple and Samsung are eating everyone’s lunch. We will see how Microsoft does in the next quater

  • I owned an s3 for a couple of months (my first experience with android) and I absolutely loved it but I jumped ship because having owned every generation of iPhone since the first gen I felt that iOS had gotten a bit boring for me even with the jailbreak but because I’ve been with my iphone for 5 years I missed it and got rid of my s3 and am now regretting it a little but mainly because there’s no jailbreak available on the iPhone 5, I wonder how many people (if any of course) have switched from iphone and to the s3 because of the lack of jail breaking options at present on new apple hardware and how that has helped boost samsungs sales

  • I’m surprised no one has mentioned that one of the prime reasons Samsung has sold so many is that they are free on a comparatively cheap £25 a month contract.
    Seems to me that Samsung just wants to flood the market with them.

  • No wonder Sammy shipped that many S3’s have you seen all the marketing they’re doing for this phone. NBA games are being sponsored by Sammy, almost every train station in NYC have a S3 ad. Sammy is looking more and more like Apple nowadays and this phone is as much hype as any iPhone. I know a few people (mostly females) that say they want an S3 but don’t know about the features or anything about Android for that matter.

  • Talking of a shit phone at the mo i’am printing a job for the S3

  • iNfAMOUS70702


  • yea wen the phone is $99 in amazon and $129 in other plases u make the math

  • TheDarxide

    I don’t think it’s a real ‘milestone’ to use shipping numbers. My wife is on her third Galaxy S3 because of a problem of the system randomly deleting her photos. She did not “BUY” three Galaxys, but was “SHIPPED” three.