A while ago we told you about StifleStand — an app for Windows or Mac that allows you to hide Newsstand without the need for a jailbreak.

Now there’s another option for hiding Newsstand, along with a host of other default iOS apps. Again, like StifleStand, no jailbreak is needed for this method either.

In the following video walkthrough, we’ll provide you with a demonstration of Rag3Hack, a new website dedicated to hiding stock iOS apps on any device, regardless of whether or not the device is jailbroken.

Note: Proceed at your own risk. Although this caused no harm to my device, I had no personal data on the device at the time of me using it. The “hack” does connect to additional server(s), so there is a possibility that this could result in some sort of privacy/security issue. With that in mind, we can’t outright recommend that you use Rag3Hack, but we wanted to make you aware of its existence, and show you it working in action. Check below for more details.

How to hide stock iOS apps with the Rag3Hack website:

Step 1: To use Rag3Hack, navigate to the following site directly from your iOS device: http://rag3hack.no-ip.org/. This should work on any firmware, for any iOS device, and again, you don’t need to be jailbroken in order to do this. If this site isn’t loading for you then try again later. It looks like the traffic from iDB may have crashed his web server.

Step 2: Once there, tap the “Hide Apps without jailbreaking” link, and read the instructions on the following page. Be sure to read the instructions thoroughly so that you have a solid idea as to how this works.

Step 3: Tap on the link of the app that you want to hide. Ensure that the app actually exists on your device. For instance, there’s no dedicated FaceTime app to be found on an iPhone, but you will find one on the iPod touch or iPad.

Step 4: A prompt should pop up asking you to Install.

Step 5: Tap Install, and you will be taken to the Home screen.

Step 6: A new prompt should pop up stating that it’s unable to download the application. Tap Done.

Step 7: The app icon in question should be blank, with half a loading bar. Tap and hold on any app icon to place your device into wiggle mode.

Step 8: Tap the x icon on the blank app to delete the app in question.

Step 9: After hiding apps using Rag3Hack, you can get them back by simply rebooting your device.

The nice thing about RageHack is that it runs right on your device. There’s no need to hook your iOS device up to either a Mac or a PC, as it runs totally independent, and doesn’t require any separate app to initiate the hack.

The links on the Rag3Master site point to items similar to the following:


If you navigate directly to: http://maty1400.ma.funpic.de/beta/Messages.plist, you’ll find a sparse plist file with a link to a delete.ipa file. It certainly doesn’t seem like the creator of the site, @ragemasta is up to anything malicious, but again, proceed at your own accord.

What do you think about being able to hide stock iOS apps like this?

  • Not working

  • that site wont load for me D:

  • Looks like the traffic from iDB may have brought down his web server. Sorry, but there’s nothing we can do about that. Hopefully he’ll have it back up soon. Apologize for that.

    • Ragemasta

      Made my day when It crashed from to much traffic 🙂

  • braiden

    THANK YOU FOR POSTING THAT i thought something was wrong with my idevice 🙂

  • I have used this and it woks great!

  • Any idea if this could of loaded Cydia , or a exploit . Just guessing

    • Jacob61916

      I don’t think it will work because you have to have the same properties as that before on the app

      • perhaps some work around in the future? A hole in an app that allows this to push cydia files in to its directory. EG a lame copy of frogger or raged pigeons or something. 😛

  • Jacob61916

    Omg you read my email 😀

  • braiden

    it was up but ran slow now not working again :/

    • Ragemasta

      Up now 🙂

  • This is great! Now I Can get rid of my folder full of Apple crap

  • There has to be a way from your router that you would be able to monitor the internet traffic and seeing what sort of data is either coming or leaving your device

    • Ragemasta

      There is its called wire shark

    • charles, wireshark.


  • DomPerignon1

    Jeff, the smartest thing you said was: “we can’t outright recommend that you use Rag3Hack.” Connecting my iPhone to a hacker’s server is something that I’ll never do.

  • Damn I wanted to get rid of newsstand so bad

  • My hotspotshield blocked the page it said it was an attack so dont do it

  • sambuzzlight

    how safe is this?

    • Ragemasta

      It is safe

      • sambuzzlight

        Good enough

      • No Whammy

        I just peed a little.

      • Ragemasta


  • Guido

    Hey guys I’m a friend from the guy that has developed this website and I’m testing it since a great time. It was a try to install Cydia but something happened and we discovered that it was possible to hide apps. It is secure. And he is having some problems with the website. We had more than 5000 accesses today and growing faster and faster. Please, just wait a bit and it should be working great.

    • No Whammy

      I always trust friends of people named Guido.

  • Ragemasta

    It no longer access other server all is run in the same place and yes this is safe

  • Guest


  • Philippe97

    I have an alternative : philippe97 .ca/app_hide/

  • i rebooted even twice but the appswon’t come back D:

  • Any way to get the apps back?

  • Guest

    I want to hide “Find iPhone”icon there is not on list.
    How can i hide it?

  • Hellobank00

    I want to hide “Find iPhone”icon there is not on list.
    How can i hide it?

  • Mimi Knits

    Well I would expect Rag3hack to say this is safe … DUH! But I had personal and VERY private info on my phone and how do I know that it wasn’t compromised? Am I just supposed to take your word for it??

  • You need to unlock your iphone first before you can do that

  • Susan Marcin

    This is pure BS, because once you turn your phone off the apps all come back when you turn your phone back on. What a waste time and load of shit. What is the point. I want the apps gone PERMANENTLY not just for a day!!! What’s the deal guys, pathetic

  • gavin

    I’m having the same issue. I want to restore a couple of icons. Did you find a solution to this?