It would seem that we’re now in the heart of what some folks call the jailbreak season. Apple has just released a new iPhone, iPod touch, and a major update to iOS. And as usual, this has really shaken up the jailbreak scene.

When will the new devices be jailbreakable? What about iOS 6? We’ve seen a dramatic increase in these kinds of questions recently. So we figured it was time to give everyone an update. Here’s the state of the iOS 6 jailbreak…

Can iOS 6 be jailbroken?

For the most part, the answer is no. Newer A5/A6 devices cannot be jailbroken on iOS 6 due to the fact that there are no bootrom exploits for them. And even for the few older devices that can be, the outcome is crippled. It’s tethered, meaning you must re-jailbreak the device on every restart, and you have to manually install Cydia.

But for you adventurous types, the following devices can be jailbroken on iOS 6 using the Dev Team’s Red Sn0w utility:

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPod touch

If you’re interested, we have a complete tutorial on how to jailbreak iOS 6 on these devices, and it includes how to install Cydia. But again we don’t really recommend it. The Dev Team says that this version is really for developers only.

When can we expect an official release?

This is probably the most common question we get, as well as the most difficult one to answer. We don’t know. We know there are a few folks looking into it, but we’ve heard nothing as far as current progress or any kind of release date. Last year’s iOS 5 jailbreak took about three months after release. But that may not be the case this year.

The forecast, however, looks pretty good for folks on older devices. For them, iOS 6 is already jailbroken, it’s really just a matter of coming up with an untether, and waiting for developers to update their Cydia packages to be compatible.

And even on newer devices, the outlook isn’t completely dismal. A few weeks ago, a group of Dutch security researchers hacked an iPhone 4S at the Pwn2Own competition in Amsterdam using a Safari bug. And they say that the vulnerability hasn’t been fixed in iOS6. So there’s at least one notable exploit in the new firmware.

What else do I need to know?

Not much, really. The state of the iOS 6 jailbreak is quite simple. There are a couple of devices that can be jailbroken on the new firmware, though we don’t really recommend it yet, and all newer A5 devices cannot.

You might also find these links handy:

As always, we’ll pass along any new information on the iOS 6 jailbreak as soon as we get it, so stay tuned.

  • Real Term

    JB for IOS6 is dead. Just move on with your life. Get yourself a SIII if you really need a smartphone.

  • JomanJi

    There is an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6…….HOWEVER, you need to complete a survey (for example Unjailer) or purchase it πŸ™

    • ben

      They are scams. Fakes. Don’t fall for them.

  • Is this article outdated or something??? The iPhone 5 was jailbroken within 15 hours of its release, just a matter of waiting for public software now.

  • Bob Cross

    ok, so much if jailbreaking an a5 device on iOS 6, but, can a a5 ipad 2 on ios 6 ever get back to iOS i have the shsh for 5.1.1…and would be happy to get back to 5.1.1 on my iPad 2

  • imran khan

    will it be untethered jailbreak on iphone 3gs old bootrom?? please help thankyou

  • I will admit I’m a bit impatient and not thrilled that I can’t jailbreak my 4s yet. This is how spoiled I’ve been when we r usually greatful that our ingenious hackers can present a speedy turnaround with newest firmware. I’m whining YES! Just needed to vent-but MUCH MUCH appreciation to ALL of you FREE hardworking brainiacs! What would we do??? Make sure you DONATE they are well worthy of it!;@)

  • disqusted

    This article is like maybe two weeks old, but the info is already outdated. redsn0w 0.9.15b2 (or b1) is a working tethered jailbreak, and it installs Cydia automatically, it’s no longer necessary to do it manually. So they’re inching closer, especially on pre-A5 devices. The old school 3GS already has an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6. I’m sure the iPhone 4 and similar generation parallel devices will be soon, and first… which is why I have decided to stick with my trusty iPhone 4 and not upgrade to the 4S, and definitely was not planning on upgrading to the iPhone 5. It has paid off in the JB area, if nothing else, as it is the last iPhone to use A4 or less chip.

    At the same time, there’s no rush for me to see an iOS 6 JB for the A4 devices– why? Well, the OS itself is crippled for the iPhone 4, so drop the 3D maps, Facebook integration I can truly live without; I’m growing tired of the “socialize every single thing you do in life” trend. It was cool for a few years, now it’s just invasive and I’m missing the days where privacy was “in”. I mean, at what point is it just gonna be “I’m currently curling off a steamer in the bathroom, here’s a link to the FaceTime feed”?! Disconnect. What else… oh, PassBook. The app that is completely empty on everyone’s phone. Not missing it. And whatever else is new, it’s obviously not important enough that I even can recall it right now.

    In fact, to upgrade to stock (un-JB) iOS 6 firmware would be a huge step back for me. I’ll gladly run 5.1.1 JB for months and months if it meant sacrificing any one of my now indisposable tweaks! Just when you get antsy about an iOS 6 JB– think to yourself for a moment… what exactly does iOS 6 add, again? Particularly, what does iOS 6 add that I cannot add to 5.1.1 with a tweak or app from Cydia?!

    I think the answer is pretty much– nothing, really. Why am I so anxious to upgrade and JB that? Just my perspective. Not much is being lost for those happily running 5.1.1!

  • Orpheus808

    Hell, I’m not a Jailbreaker and they are about to lose my business. I’m just a guy who loved iOS 5.1.1 and dearly regrets “upgrading” to iOS 6. I am about 3000 miles away from home and I depended upon Google Maps to get around and FaceTime to stay in touch with my 5 year old daughter. Those were the two primary apps I used. They were my lifeline. Now I can’t use my FaceTime App (won’t connect) and the new maps is for shit. I tried to downgrade, but Apple is no longer signing. Apple has pissed me off by taking a huge dump on something that was working just fine the way it was. I loved my iPhone until I upgraded. Now I hate the fucker. Loyal customer lost, bitches.

  • Orpheus808

    The second a Jailbreak becomes availble, I’m using it. I wasn’t a Jailbreaker before (I was happy with the factory settings) but I am sure as shottin’ a Jailbreaker now! Apple only has itself to blame. Shoulda listened to their customers from the word go. Steve jobs would be pissed.

  • Ok then we start buying android devices.. So easy no iphone5 I’m gonna,sale my iPad on eBay right now.. Do the same .. We cannot change the world directly but we can still choice how to change our private world.. Sell iOS device all together.. And look the disaster πŸ˜‰ good luck

  • Brett Shirvani

    I have an iphone 4S running on IOS 5.1 . im unable to jailbreak or upgrade to 5.1.1. Is there any solutions for me?

    • Gregory Surels

      You can upgrade to shitty IOS 6. Why can’t you JB it ? And what solution are you looking for ? Why not stay where you are at ?

  • Jigar

    I have iPhone 4 and want o update iOS 6 version on my cell
    Here in India they update ios6 without jailbreak if we want but my question is this wether it will affect my phone when I download the apps from app store or it will work normally

  • I hope someone is working on an IOS 6 Untethered jailbreak, or maybe I’m getting my hopes too high ?. I’m ready to never update to ios 6 on my JB Iphone 4s, if there is no Jailbreak on it

  • Seriously I Need to Be Jailbreak To Get Cydia Why IPhone 3GS IPhone 4 And IPod Touch Can Be Jailbreak? I’m Useing On My IPad 2

  • Lol don’t you feel stupid now?
    iPhone 4S AN A5 device is untethered jailbroken on ios 6.0

  • Jin

    hi can you install a jailbreak that runs on io5 on an ios 6 ipad?


    can i jailbreack my ipad mini ios 6.1 and how

  • anthony

    Best move by apple so far. Hire the guru of jaibreaking, close all the loopholes and shut the jb community out. Best move ever, to shift some of the customer base to android ..most likely benefitting Samsung.