This web app tells you if your device can be jailbroken

If you’re a frequent reader of iDB, then chances are you know which iOS devices and firmware can be jailbroken. We are always quick to announce when a new jailbreak is released, and every now and then we even do a “state of the jailbreak” post to bring everyone up to date.

But for casual readers, or novice jailbreakers, device eligibility is not necessarily common knowledge. That’s why mathyr, Peter Em and mofodox decided to create JailbreakStats…

JailbreakStats is a simple web app designed to tell you whether or not your device can be jailbroken. All it needs to know is the make and model of your device, and what firmware it’s on.

Once you give it this information, a quick tap of the ‘Check Status’ button will tell you where you stand. If your device is jailbreakable, the app points you to our jailbreak page for help.

This page, which we’ve been adding to since 2008, is one of the most comprehensive jailbreak resources on the web. And it contains everything from background info to tutorials.

But back to JailbreakStats. The app itself is delightful. It’s simple, accurate, and isn’t too bad on the eyes either. If you’re interested, you can try it out for yourself by clicking here.

What do you think of JailbreakStats?