Apple’s new Maps application, which replaces Google Maps in iOS 6, has caused quite a stir in the tech community over the past few days. It’s been described as “inaccurate,” and “glitchy,” and many feel that it’s extremely inferior to its predecessor.

But the good news is, there may be light at the end of the tunnel. At least for jailbreakers anyway. Well-known jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich announced earlier today the he was able to get Google Maps working on iOS 6. And here’s the video…

Petrich tweeted out the above video earlier today along with this note “old Google-powered Maps mostly works on iOS 6.0 with a little trickery.” He goes on to say that the solution is still a bit “crashy” and cannot be distributed to the public yet.

Still, the fact that he has a proof of concept is good news. And we look forward to his progress. It just goes to show you what the jailbreak community is capable of. Here’s this huge problem (for some people), that could soon be solvable with a few screen taps.

  • it works fine with mine

    • ghettocowboy

      make sure you change it to driving mode, not walking mode

  • I have a feeling by the time this is released Google will release an official Maps app in the App Store. Rumor is they already have one in the approval process.

    If Apple tries to block them it will cause massive lawsuits, and deserving ones.

    • abujafer

      I don’t think they can sue Apple for denying their app… I do think it’ll cause a bit of an uproar, especially if people aren’t given a reason the app was denied.

    • I believe the Maps App Store app rumor was proven to be false a few days ago.

  • And we need the YouTube native app back too, please

    • Dlevi309

      already done my friend ! go to my twitter 🙂 @Pix3lDemon

      • Guest

        Nothing special you fucking n00b.

        P.S.: This was something pesonal, you may dislike this.

      • Dlevi309

        Uhhuh……….your still stalking me……..

    • Google’s app is much better than the old never-updated native app

      • It’s better until you try to use AirPlay, which isn’t supported in the new app.

      • Alec Vanek

        Who cares about airplay?

      • therealjjohnson


      • SimonReidy

        Only the tens of millions of people with an AppleTV.

      • therealjjohnson

        AirPlay works however slightly different from before. You have to mirror the screen and the use in full screen mode. Sucks cause its not the same but that’s the little “work around” so far

      • Bieberkinz

        Well, I do agree that the app has somewhat better playback but its fairly basic, I mean, I would’ve liked to see a setting for Playback Resolution, Reply to Comments, Top Comments, Thumbing Up comments, more organized Home Page, I get a lot of: YouTube Suggestions I don’t what. I mean this is GOOGLES app, the people who own YouTube! i was expecting something new on the table compared to the iOS native app. but Somewhat Better Playback, but just as basic as the iOS native version…

    • Kok Hean

      Poor dude is downvoted 18 times because people worship the new YouTube app. I prefer the old one too, not sure why.

  • Stormy08

    There is no denying that the Apple map application has problems (I haven’t use it myself but I have seen pictures and reports all over the net). But hey, Google has a significant headstart. Give Aple some slack, give them a chance to fix the problems. If they don’t fix the problems, then have a go at them later.

    • Fixing the huge accuracy problems of Apple Maps will take months if not years until it becomes usable. Many people use the Maps app very frequently and won’t have the patience for Apple to bring back a feature to the level it was just a few days ago.

      • Stormy08

        Let’s look at it this way: Apple maps WILL improve and the competition will make both Apple maps and Google maps better for users.

      • Noo. It might be good for users, but not for Google. Look at what Apple is doing to Samsung, HTC, Nokia etc.

      • Stormy08

        Who cares about Google? I only care about what’s good for the users. Of course it’s bad for Google. They will loose a lot of location-based searches and hence money.

      • No. That’s not what I mean. Apple being the bully, finding something to sue companies on; it will find something in the Google maps app that wasn’t patented, then patent it as its own invention, and sue Google.

      • therealjjohnson

        I used it last night to get to pick someone up from somewhere I’ve never been and then drove to a Kevin Hart concert and back to her house. Turn by turn directions worked fine for me. Even the reroutes because of the traffic Jams around the stadium. (Metro Detroit area) . I’m not having the same issues that it seems some of you are having.

      • Yeah I’m not having the issues that everyone seems to be having with maps. I deliberately used it all day Saturday just to see if I would have a problem and it worked flawless for me.

    • ghettocowboy

      everyone is giving apple a slack that’s why they buy iPhone in the first place

    • Heinz B Tomis

      that chance have apple passed when they killed my public transport and bike icon in the map app , i could survive lots errors but killing transport public and bike in map , is so arrogant. when i choose the bus icon i am directed to app store , where i threw a money out of the windows , by downloading a transit planner i thought was worldwide , because usa was hidden in the display.

      Use google maps in browser isnt so good as old google map app in the former Ios 5,11 . so if its not changed soon so my bike , train busses return to my iphone map then the iphone 4S will be my last Iphone and i will buy a Samsung or HTC

  • dfgnetjj

    mess with the maps later, work on the jailbreak

  • dfgnetjj

    mess with maps later and work on the jailbreak

  • The maps are not as bad as everyone is making them out to be. Seriously. But I do think they need work, so Google should make a maps app for the iphone. And you know what I hate? all the people saying “Steve Jobs would have NEVER done that”. Uhm he’s dead we don;t know what he would have done. For all we know he could have been apart of the plans of ios 6 before he died.

  • So, how’s that Google versus Apple thing working out for you?

  • mao

    You are intelligent! cell

  • I’m not sure why everybody is slagging apple so much. I have been using apple maps since iOS 6 beta 1 and to be honest I’m happy with them and turn by turn worked for me perfectly. Sometimes even better than Navigon. The only problem are satellite maps outside the 3D areas but I don’t really need that and if I do, I use google maps in the browser, which works ok. I’m also sure that Google will release their own app soon and everybody will be happy in the end…

    • It works perfectly for you, but it does not work perfectly for others. Google already submitted the app, it is up to Apple to approve it. Sooner, the better!

      • pegger1

        Google hasn’t submitted it. They haven’t even created it yet.

    • SimonReidy

      Its people internationally that are suffering with the change the most, or people in big cities that relied on transit directions, or street view to find places.

      Remember a lot of people internationally have been using Google Maps on a daily basis for years on the iPhone, so its understandable to feel like its a downgrade when the replacement app drops features they have been accustomed to using every day.

      I think Apple will get there with Maps, but until they had finalised mapping data internationally (the street data comes directly from TomTom in the US so its not as bad) it should never have been rolled out beyond the USA. Coming from personal experience its a joke how bad it is in Australia and UK looks to be similarly as bad.

      I’m looking forward to this tweak from Ryan.

    • John Clancey

      Lucky you, but there are people living outside USA or outside EU and maps are rubbish or better to say, does not exist for some countries!!!

  • I think this time apple messed up by removing google maps and replacing it with something that looks rubbish.

  • Google Maps have been live from 7 years. How can Apple even think that they would be perfect as them?

    • Kurt

      arrogance…hence why high school boys/girls working at apple stores are called “geniuses”

  • I use TomTom. I get from point A to point B, with inordinate options. I couldn’t care less about this maps war–both are deficient.

    • Wesley Jonathan Marcolino

      You will when you passed through point F, point Z, point A (again) and arrives in a point B that actually is point C. How can you use a Map you can’t trust.

      • Silly, I use a map I can trust and that inexorably leads me to the proper location–one that never fails me on long trips, sojourns to cities, etc. That was the point. 😀

  • I like maps in iOS 6 better that google maps

  • I’m glad that tomtom took over, well sort of.

  • g1ToTo

    Apple’s iPhone 5 Maps now: half-a$$ version
    Apple’s iPhone 5S or 6 Maps: “innovative” version with magnificent improvement.

  • I’m so glad I didn’t jump the gun to IOS 6 on my 4s and lose my untethered JB. It’s nice to open Cydia and bask in the greatness that is Jailbreaking. 🙂 🙂 I’ll wait until the suffering ends and the new IOS 6 JB begins.

  • No Whammy

    This…or one of the 8 million other map apps that uses Google.

  • redroaster

    OK, so we’re traveling in Europe, going everywhere from the heart of Paris to the remote countryside of Spain, flawless Google maps giving us turn by turn. Then this iOS 6 message release message comes up, and I casually download it. Well, we’re EFFED, thank you very much Apple for the Stone Age, and don’t tell me that things will get better in a few months. iPad has lost a lot of luster in a big hurry.