Twitter today finally pushed out an update to its aging iPad app, sporting a major user interface overhaul focused around the newly redesigned profile pages with Facebook-style cover photo, expandable tweets with in-line photos, videos and web pages, full-screen mode and more. Gone are the sliding panels and photo streams are now displayed right below most recent tweets in both mobile apps and on the web. More tidbits right below…

According to a post over at the official Twitter blog, the updated app “makes it easy to keep up with the news you need to read, the photos you want to see and the people you follow”.

Tweets come alive in the new Twitter for iPad. Expand Tweets with a single touch to see beautiful photos, rich videos and web page summaries right in your timeline. Dive into the content with another tap to see the photo, play the video or read links from the web in fullscreen mode.

As for the new profile pages, Twitter explains in another blog post that they are introducing Facebook-style header photo on mobile apps for iPad, iPhone and Android or

New profiles also help you get to know people better through their pictures. Photo streams now appear below anyone’s most recent Tweets on iPhone, Android and iPad. Swipe through the stream to see the photos other users have shared or tap any thumbnail to view their photos in fullscreen.

And what about your old background photo?

While the header photo keeps your profile simple and consistent on iPhone, iPad and Android, you will also still have an additional photo – a background photo – on Upload a background image to complement your header and profile photos.

Here’s how Twitter for iPad 5.0 looks like.

Bottom line: Twitter mobile apps now look and behave more akin to their web app counterpart.

Unfortunately, as pointed out by The Next Web, you can no longer use third-party services to share images on Twitter. Instead, the refreshed app forces you to use Twitter’s own service powered by Photobucket.

Consistency is a good thing.

If you’ve updated your copy of Twitter, you may be looking for the account switcher option: it’s right here.

As always, Twitter is a free download right from the App Store for both the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad.

Unfortunately, the iPhone/iPod touch versions is still stuck with the old design.

Are you happy with the changes Twitter made to its iPad client?

  • Tried it and its really snappy. Thinking of switching back to the from TweetCaster to the official app after this update

  • Guest

    It’s nice, but there’s a lot of wasted space in the iPad version in landscape. Plus it really needs image thumbnails in the tweet list view.

    Not bad, but nowhere near enough to tempt me from Tweetbot!

    • wadjj

      landscape looks really shitty, huge margins look disturbing

    • rosssimpson

      it’s kinda good for scrolling though i think, it’s still an improvement on the old ipad version of twitter 🙂

  • just updated on ipod touch 4g and i can see Facebook-style cover photo on my ipod touch 4g.

  • christodouluke

    The old ipad app was better, the panels ui was one of the best I’d ever used on an ipad. Now it’s just a blown-up iphone app. I’ll be keeping the old one.

  • I don’t like it very much, I use 2 twitter accounts on my iPad, my wife’s and mine, on the last version, switching from one to another was just a tap away from the sidebar, now it’s complicated, and I feel that I’m logging off of the other account, just like the iPhone app (when I was using my wife’s iPod, I was thankful that it wasn’t like that on my iPad) this is what annoyed me the most. The second thing I have to complain about is the fullscreen webpages, in the previous version I used to scroll between tweets on my timeline while the pages loaded up because I’m not always on a fast network and sometimes pages and videos take a while to load, now I can’t do that, and that really bothers me. The third and last thing I have to complain about, is the overall look, I like the new profile page and the interaction bit but the rest of the app looks a bit ugly, like someone said before, it’s kind of a waste of space, and it really does look like a blown up version of the iPhone app. The only thing I really like, and the reason I updated was the option to get notifications when someone tweets just like on the iPhone app. Overall I regret updating 🙁

  • Well.. as for me.. I love browsing and updating my twitter account on my iPad.